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Living in South Florida, I have a limitless amount of beautiful venues that I can choose from - however, my budget isn't limitless. Being on a budget, it's been a bit of a challenge to find a unique space that will not lead me to bankruptcy. Just when I gave up and was planning on eloping, I stumbled upon this venue while surfing the internet. I called as soon as their office opened, and made it over there that same evening. I loved it...and fell even deeper in love when I found out that I could actually afford it.

I can't say that I always knew what kind of wedding I wanted, but I just knew that I wanted it to be something unique. People go to tons of weddings in their lives and wanted mine to actually stand out. I'm not the kind of girl that likes to blend into a crowd. I wanted to create an experience for my guests while still staying as true to myself and my fiance. I truly wanted this day to reflect the both of us.

While searching for a theme I tried to keep it as authentic to us as possible, finding things that we both had in common. The first thing that came to mind was our culture as we both from the island of Jamaica. I then created my theme of Carribbean Luxe. With this in mind, the day I found this location was literally a breath of fresh for the both of us. We couldn't believe that only 20 minutes away from us was this gem in the middle of nowhere:

Here is a look inside of my tropical garden:

For a reasonable price I have access to the entire property but will have to hire my own catering, rentals, etc. The ceremony will be held in a garden that has a waterfall as a backdrop - cocktail hour will be held in a tiki hut which has fun elements such as a pool table, fooseball, lounge furniture (finger foods will also be served) - we will then move a big garden where the dinner and formalities will be held under a tent - finally we will move to another tiki hut for dancing the rest of the night away (this tiki hut has a bar, which will be perfect for replenishing guests). I can't wait for share this experience with my family & friends. I'm sure they will be a bit freaked out driving up to the venue as I was, since it's off an unpaved road LOL.

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Isis said...

The venue is gorgeous! Certainly takes the mind to a place of the Caribbean and calmness. Congratulations!


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