2008: The Perfect Storm

So today for New Years Eve I spent the day in bed watching movies while my fiance was at work. One of the movies that watched today was THE PERFECT STORM which I've watched millions of times but can never remember the ending - do they survive? do they get lost at sea - I always forget!

But as I snuggled with my blankey watching the movie, it really made me think about this past year.

2008 was a rough year for me - I've been beaten by the waves, felt as though I was lost in the middle of the life's ocean with no one to help me, almost drowned and have wanted to give up.

However, if there's one thing that I've learned this year, it's that sometimes I just have to ride the waves and let them take me where ever they may and at other times I have to fight my way out of the stormy waters to take a breath. Like the waves of the ocean, I can't control everything. Somethings I just have to leave in the hands of a higher power.

I've accepted some aspects of my life, while other parts of it I'm determined to make better in the New Year. For example, for the New Year I WILL loose the 20lbs that I gained this year b/c that's just ridiculous! One thing I'm going to stop complaining about in the new year is money - I cannot control the economy. Although things aren't what they once were, I still have a roof over my head, a bed to sleep in at nice, and I'm not starving.

I am a totally different person that I was last New Years and this time next year I will be married. Life is about progression...I'm slowly making progress. This year I decided to go to makeup school despite not knowing anything about makeup (this time last year I didn't even know how to put on eyeshadow), and now my freelancing business is slowly developing and I've landed an assistant position at one of the most elite makeup studio's in Fort Lauderdale. Another goal of mine this year was to go back to school - it took some time, but in October I was back behind my desk with my head in the textbooks.
The highlight of my year however was having my boyfriend propose to me. I will never forget that moment at my mom's Mothers Day dinner when he announced that he had "something else to say", turned to me and dropped down to his knee...he really shocked me - he's not good at planning anything much less a surprise.
I'm ready to leave 2008 behind - I'm ready to graduate, become a wife and continue growing as a woman. I'm ready for more adventures, more business and planning my wedding.
I wish you all much health, hapiness and success in 2009 - please be safe tonight...

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T. E. C. said...

No wonder your so good at inspiring me, you always say the right things. That was beautiful and do well written. Sometimes we do have to make strategic choses about our battles and choose which ones to fight and which ones to ride out. It seems you have learned a very valuable lesson in 2008. Many Blessings for an amazing 2009!!!!!


Yes girl, I'm ready to tackle 09 - I feel as though many good things are going to come to me, it's all about positive energy

Wedding Corner said...

Happy New Year!!
Wishing you a wonderful 2009.
As JBride mentioned, it is all about positive energy. Just keep thinking positively and you will accomplish everything you wish for.


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