Bridesmaid Files: No March of the Clones For Me!

I have a total of 9 girls!

A matron of honor

A maid of honor

& 7 bridemaids

& of course they aren't all in one place - 4 here in South Florida, 1 in Orlando & 4 in New York

Initially I planned on all of the girls wearing the same dress but the more about it, the more I thought about it didn't seem right. With so many girls, there are various sizes that range from a size 2 to in the 20's. I found a collection of great dresses with styles to compliment the body types of each girl and I think they're going to be pleased.

At this point I'm working on getting the prices for all the dresses so that the girls can have them by the beginning of January. I plan on ordering the dresses in May, so that will give them enough time to put their money together. I'm requesting the measurements from the girls so that I can order the dresses from my job. With so many girls all over the place I want the dresses ordered and being shipped to only one place.
Here is one of styles that I've selected in the color that I plan on ordering:


Wedding Corner said...

hahaha and I thought I was the only one with bridemaids everywhere... I am currently in CT and have bridesmaide in NY, FL, TX and believe it or not... Brazil :-) I am sure when time comes everything will work just fine.
The idea of having different dresses with different styles for each girl is great.
I love dress in the picture. The color is beautiful.

Cyd said...

Oh my word! I AM IN LOVE WITH THAT DRESS! Seriously, it is so gorgeous.


I love it too - however I was a little apprehensive about b/c I thought it may be too risque for the church setting, lol, but I think I have a girl who can play it off

T. E. C. said...

Hey girl!! What a great blog! You never cease to amaze me :-) Your blogs are going to get me in trouble at work because I find myself always checking in to see if you have something new! LOL Anyway, I am in the same predicament. I have the same number of assignments but mine are in Atl, Detroit, Oklahoma, and Dallas, TX. Your ideas give me something to go on.....shipped all to one place, check.....compliment body type, check....decide on the same dress or different dresses, check......Thanks for the advice. I had not even began to think about dresses but I know I need to start. I've been avoiding it!!


I think its better to ship everything to one shop - all you need are the bust, waist and hip measurements of your girls and usually they can always call the shop and give a credit card over the phone- plus I want them all ordered at the same time.

I got an early start on the bridesmaid dresses because of the economy - I want them to have enough time to save up (although the prices aren't killers).

I took notes on which dress would look good on each girl, but I gave them the opportunity to give me their top two choices - luckily the same one I picked for everyone is the one they want! lol


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