I Met My Wedding Planner & A Venue Trip

Yesterday, my entourage (mom, dad, sister & family friend) all made a trip up to my (future) wedding planners house to finally meet her in person and go over the details of her proposal. As soon as I arrived at her house I knew I was going to like her, it was so quirky and filled with many little personal details. Her dogs barked after I rang the doorbell and I waited a few seconds in anticipation to see if she looked the way I pictured her in my (stalker) dream - not at all. I introduced myself, she did the same and we shook hands as she invited myself and my family inside. We sat at her dining table carefully going over ever detail or what she planned on doing in order to ensure that all aspects of the wedding come together over the next few months and that my day will go smoothly. I have to say that we all (my family) felt a sense of security and relief after speaking to her. Our meeting also further solidified the fact that I will need someone to help me put all of the little details together as I just don't have the time to do it myself, or the expertise. Before we left, we also viewed her portfolio as well as her references, thank you cards and emails from couples that she has worked with.

As we left her house, she pointed us in the direction of two venues that she thought I might like. We thanked her for her time and headed over to see the sites - one of which I absolutly loved.

Earlier in the day, I took advantage of my father being here for two weeks and brought him over to the church that my fiance and I will be married in. The coordinator allowed me to take him into the sanctuary and of course he loved it just as much as I do. I plan on putting my deposit down either the end of this week, or sometime next week depending on when I have the time to make it back out there.

From there we headed over to our 1pm appointment at The Maxwell Room, an historic resturant I wanted to check out for the reception. On the drive over I realized it's only like a 5 - 8 minute drive from the church - perfect! My dad and I loved The Maxwell Room, and the prices were actually pretty reasonable. I took a few (horrible) pictures while I was there, that don't do the place any justice. They were also in the middle of taking down Christmas decorations, so it was a little messy - but that was fine.

Good news - after 4 days and 3 nights my fiance is back from New York. He missed all of yesterdays activities but I was so happy to see him. While he was gone and I was dying of boredom, I took the time to create 3 color story boards one of which I'll choose depending on which venue I end up with - all of them fabulous of course.

09 is rapidly approaching and I'm so excited about the progression that seems to be going on here lol. Deposits will be made to both the church and the wedding within the next few days - HOLY @#%* I'M GETTING MARRIED!!!!!


AmyJean {Relentless Bride} said...

Ohhh so it sounds like you found a winner! HOW EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Dream Ring said...

CONGRATS and welcome back!

T. E. C. said...

It look so beautiful!!! I'm so happy for you on making some progress that makes you happy!! Congrats!!

Wedding Corner said...

Wonderful news!!


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