Day 1 Down...

Today officially marked the beginning of my weight loss journey and boy did I start with a bang. Now on the Jenny Craig program todays meals consisted of the following pre-packaged Jenny Meals:

BREAKFAST: Pancakes and an apple

SNACK: Cookies & Cream Bar

LUNCH: Beef Chow Mein with a salad

SNACK: A Banana

DINNER: Chicken Carbonara with salad

DESSERT: A smores bar

...doesn't sound like a "diet' does it? I love Jenny Craig! I get to eat all day and loose weight, sounds like my kind of party.

Not only am I now controlling what and how much I put into my body, I am getting active once again - today was out of control:


* 1/2 an hour on the tredmill

* 3 laps around my block

* push ups

* crunches

& finally

*leg lifts

Drill Seargent Fiance was definently in full effect today as he is helping me get my act together. This is the only time in his life where he is permitted to raise his voice at me or tell me what to do - so of course he loves it, lol. He was tough but he kept me motivated and I have to say that at the end of it all I felt really good.

So now that Day 1 is over, I've decided that I will do a monthly update on my weight progress. My weight is not something I usually talk about with people, so this is a major step for me. I would also like to say thank you to those who have left words of encouragement or inspiration for me, it really means a lot.

There's no turning back now!


T. E. C. said...

Day 1, Day 1, Day 1!!! You did your thing on day 1 chile!!! Way to go!!! And yes, your meals sounds delicious!! And I'm so happy you have the support of your FH!! You deserve to be happy so go for it!!!!!

AmyJean {Relentless Bride} said...

One day at a time. I've doubled my workouts... and that's been helping a lot. I couldn't control my food intake (lol), so i doubled...and now with the double, i'm actually eating better too. Very odd! LOL ! YAY FOR US!! :)


Brenn said...

I tagged you with a Fabulous Blog Award!

Still a beginner so not sure the right way to do it but you can copy it from my blog.



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