How Being A Slacker Saved My Life

I knew that I had a 3 week vacation from school, but somehow along my days spent in bed instead of in the books, I somehow came to the conclusion that I only had 2 weeks vacation and that I would be returning to school today. Mentally I wasn't prepared to go back to school today, and I really wasn't prepared for waking up early. I thought I had an 8am class, then something told me to check my schedule online, and I realized that class was at 1pm, not 8am (yes, more sleep for me).
Then I woke up this morning dreading going to class - I just wasn't all there today. All of a sudden I remember that I had some business to clarify in the financial department at school and that I couldn't attend class this week until I faxed them this information. For some reason though, I couldn't find the paper and I can't really say that I was interested in finding it. Finally I came to the conclusion that I would skip my 1pm class, but make it to my 6pm - I knew I'd be good by then.

All day I had been in contact with my financial planner via email trying to get this all sorted out so that I could attend class this week. My fax machine wasn't working, and I wasn't going to drive to Office Depot to pay a couple cents to send it off. By this time it was about 4pm and I was loosing hope that I'd make it to class for 6pm.

Finally I gave up! I asked my financial planner if I could just bring the paper to her tomorrow in person around 5pm so that I could make it to my 6pm class. Not even a minute later she emailed me back saying "There are no classes tomorrow, school doesn't start until next week" - ha I knew it! If I hadn't been a lazy bum today, I would have driven 45 minutes to school and wasted my gas only to find out that there were no class - how stupid would I have felt? Lol. If I had sent my paper in on time, I would have showed up at school today wondering why I wasn't fighting someone in the parking lot for a spot.

OOOOOhhh weeeeeee - an entire (extra) week off that I can spend at home with my fiance (since he's home too - see blog below) - it's like vacation! Today I was thinking that we should take a quick vacation. There is a cruise company that does day trips to The Bahamas (which we've traveled on before) that is only charging $30 per person due to the fact that no one is traveling - we just might take advantage of that this week.

As far as the wedding, we are still planning on getting married this year - at the end of the day it's not about "the wedding" but instead the fact that we want to marry one another. One of the venues that we were considering in the beginning has an extremly affordable package for daytime weddings...

For a lot cheaper than anything else that we looked at we can have buffet (instead of the sit down dinner that we planned on), our cake, linens, chair covers (which I'm not really a fan of, but who cares at this point), cocktail hour, a chocolate fountain (which I really want for some reason) and check this out...a candy bar (oh hell yes). We'll see what happens - don't cry for me Argentina, I am still getting married this year - how's that for thinking positive?


T. E. C. said...

Girl that is too funny! Not "oh hell yea" to the candy bar!! You're hilarious!! That's good that your staying positive!! I'm so happy for you!!! My FH and I are jealous of your $30 cruise. We wish we could go!! Oh, and the site looks beautiful!!!

AmyJean {Relentless Bride} said...

I totally want the chocolate fountain too :)



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