Law of Attraction: I will be married 11.07.09!!!

I will be married this year - I will have the wedding of my dreams - and life is going to be great!
Positive thoughts only!
In an effort to attract this into my life I've even created a manifestation board. The board consists of pictures of all the things that I want to come true on my special day - the venue that I hope to have, the decor, the bridesmaids dresses - everything. I've made copies of my little board and taped them to walls all around the house - the bathroom, the pantry, my bedroom, and even the front door so that I can see it before I leave the house. The more that I can see the visual, the more I can place myself in the pictures and see myself on my wedding day.
Today I even made an effort to track down the bridesmaid dresses that I want for my girls - they were absolutly fabulous! I can't wait to see my cousins, life long friends and sister all dolled up and fierce. I have to say that seeing those dresses absolutly put me back in the mood to start planning once again. January is comming to an end and I noticed that I hadn't posted ANYTHING about planning my wedding thus far in 2009, because there hasn't been any planning at all since news of my fiances job...or rather, lack there of. However, I'm confident that things will turn around for us soon and the wedding plans will be back on track.
Positive thoughts only!
Everything will fall into place...ask, believe, receive...
& as proof that anything is possible...

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T. E. C. said...

I am so happy for you girl!!! And proud of you for setting your mind to be made up that you will only have positive thoughts and the Lord will work everything out in the end!!

Stick with it!!!

"........all things are possible with God." Mark 10:27


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