My (Now) Usual Saturday Night Rant: Confessions of a bridal sales girl

Today at work, I unfortunately had a run in with a Brideszilla. In the two years that I've been working in bridal I've had to deal with a lot of different personalities. I have some great customers but occassionally I do come in contact with some women who are a bit...should I But nontheless I give service with a smile and usually by the end they're in love with me - I've melted the coldest ice queens.
Today was brutal - we were busy all day! Bride after bride, one after the other, lifting gown after gown, dressing the brides, undressing the bride, showing swatches, showing samples, bringing out catalogs, searching in the closet for shoes, answering phones...By 3pm I was tired!
We had a client who ordered her bridesmaid dresses a few months ago, the dresses arrived this week and somewhere in that head of hers, she decided that a Saturday evening (our most hectic time) would be a great time to bring in her bridal party to try on the dresses. Our boutique is only 1000 square feet with two dressing rooms - a large room which we usually use for brides and what that is probably a quater of that size. Normally when both fitting rooms are in use, when the client is down we move them into the big room and put the waiting client into the smaller room - a simple rotation.
So the client...let's call her "Sandy" is waiting quite a while for a room to free up so that she can have her bridal party try their dresses on. As the room was being cleared out I walked over to "Sandy" and told her that in a few moments I'd be able to move her into the smaller room, she asked why she couldn't have the big room, I then explained to her that the other bride was there before her and so she would have to get the small room. As I walked away I heard her say something smart to one of her bridesmaids, I ignored her and kept it moving as I was trying to keep the traffic flow moving as smoothly as possible.
About a minute or two later, I gather Sandy's dresses and told her that I could now get her started in the smaller room - she snapped at me telling me that she wanted the big room and couldn't understand why she couldn't get it. She started raising her voice at me and speaking to me in a way that I couldn't believe - I blanked out at that moment so I don't even know what she said. All I knew was that she disrespected me in such a way that I had to walk away from her because if I hadn't I would've conducted myself in a less professional manner that would have left her embarrassed in front of her friends and children. I walked away from her in the middle of what she was saying and let my boss know that I wasn't going to continue working with her because she completly disrespected and belittled me - I wasn't going to put a smile on my face and try to make her life easier. I guess by the look on my face my boss knew that I was really upset, so she finished up with her - I was fuming! I really wanted to let her know what was on my mind - no one has even spoken to me like that.
She spent about another half an hour in the store after that all the while avoiding eye contact with me, yet apoligizing numerous times to my boss about the situation - but never once did she come to me.
I do not get upset easily, so the fact that I was so angry let my boss know that this woman had really stepped out of line...I haven't been so mad in such a long time. She kept apoligizing loud enough for me to hear her, but not directly to me - her excuse is that she's just "a moody bride", not a mood bride but another B word.
I know brides get stressed out especially when it comes down to the last couple months or so but...I DON'T CARE! I hate when brides come in and they feel as though their problems are the most important and that their wedding is going to be a disaster because their dress is the wrong shade of ivory - get over it. My try my hardest to make my brides lives a bit easier, but some brides just need to get over themselves. "Sandy" was sooo out of line - she's so lucky that I'm an educated and well poised woman, because I do have her address and credit card information - there's nothing like a bridal sales girl scorned, lol.
At the end of the day "Sandy" is a B and she will always be there whether or not she's planning a wedding. She was one before and she will be one after...but not with me.
I did have some really great clients today though who lit up my day and made me laugh until my stomach hurt. I love knowing that I am apart of a brides special day by helping her purchase the most important aspect but the bridezillas need to stay home!


Globetrottingbride said...

UGGGG that is such an awful story. Glad you survived. I hate when people act like that. It's just so rude!


She was out of control, but I'm not the one marrying her so whatever - I feel bad for her fiance! lol


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