My Usual Saturday Night Rant: BOOTED!

Wow - I believe this is the 3rd week in a row that I've done a Saturday night rant, I guess it's going to be a usual thing. Apparantly people like to work my nerves on a Friday or Saturday, so here we go:

If you've been following my blog you know that in the fall of last year, I decided to return to college to further my education. This January I started a new batch of classes, one of them being Advertising II. On the first day of class our final project was explained to us - we had the choice of working in a group or individually, but he preferred for us to work in groups of about 3 or 4. Immediately I knew that I wanted to work alone, not because I don't think to work as a team but

1. I didn't know anyone in the class as I just returned to the school

2. B/C I didn't know anyone I didn't want to pick random people without knowing their work ethic - I know I put my all into everything

3. The fact that I had part 1 of the class in 2006 meant that I was going to handicap the group because this project picks up where part 1 of the class left off


4. The groups pretty much remained the same since Advertising I, so everyone was already used to working with one another

I told my teacher that I wanted to work alone so that I could go at my own pace since I have a lot of catching up to do - he says it's ok!

The second week of class after lecture, he tells us that we can now break into our groups. As I'm getting ready to go to the library to do research he tells me that he found a group for me. Uuumm...I didn't want to be in a group, but I figured I'd make the best of the situation, as long as I wasn't going to get less than A, I didn't care.

I introduce myself to my group members and we got straight down to business. We seemed to work well together and I felt confident that perhaps working in a group wouldn't be so bad. I'd also mentioned to the girls that I was a re-entry student so I had taken part 1 of the class about 3 years ago. Most of it seemed to be common sense, so it didn't seem to be an issue at all. We agreed that all the group members would email their project information to me and I would type it up and bring it in on Thursday. I did my part of putting all the information together and did a hell of a job at it.

Thursday rolls around and I simply could not make it to class. I was so tired that I cried. I have school full time, 2 jobs, and the night before I had been freelancing doing the makeup for a photoshoot - I was burnt out - I just couldn't make it. Knowing that I was responsible for bringing in the project I made sure to email my group members as well as my professor explaining that I wouldn't be able to make it to class and attaching copies of the homework to all the emails. All the girls would have to do is print it out. I even called them to make sure that they received the email before class in order to turn in the work - they said it was fine.

Around 5pm when I knew class was over, I called the girls just to check on them and make sure everything was fine - no answer.

This morning I check my email and saw the following message from my professor:

After speaking with your group, we need to change your final project assignment. I think there may have been some communication misunderstandings. It will be better for all at this point to have you work independently. Having not been in ADV I and now missing a day early on, is causing a problem. I'll modify a project for you to enable you to work on your own. I don't want you to worry about this, it is difficult stepping in a group after they've had the advantage of working on the project for a full quarter. We'll modify the project so you will be able to handle it. Others in the class are working alone as well. We'll talk next class.

So in other words, I've been booted from the group? I don't know if they felt that I did something incorrectly on the project or misunderstood something that they wanted me to do, but they gave me the boot! Not one group member called or emailed me to perhaps discuss with me any corrections that may have needed or clear up a misunderstanding that we may have had as far as the format or wording of the project. Now I know why no one answered their phone after class. I'm not a confrontational person, I don't have any hard feelings towards them but it's kind of like breaking up with someone through their friend and not really explaining why...kind of junior high school. I highly doubt that missing one class was huge factor!

Did they think I was going to be upset or cry if they'd spoken to me about not continuing to be the group? I have worse problems than that - like trying to figure out how I'm going to pay for this wedding, lol.



jlc said...

I'd ignore them. Then again I'm a non confrontational person.

Ok now for what I REALLY wanted to post...... your comment had me laughing out loud. You are hysterical. I love it!!

Let's see some pics! :)

Brenn said...

I'm in the boat of fuggetaboudit. It's not worth the effort and aggravation. You never wanted a group and groups don't graduate. You get a degree not your group so do you girl and move on!

bridechic said...

These--believe it or not--are bumps in a long road ahead. Focus on your wedding. In two years or so when you rock the ad world . . your class experience will be pretty hazy . . .

Glad I found your blog.


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