Rants on a Saturday night

A client came in the shop today that I worked with a few months ago and randomly said to me, "You've gained weight since the last time I saw you"...yes, thank you for reminding me because I didn't notice that I couldn't fit in any of my clothes anymore! I thought to myself "Wow, what would make someone feel as though that's the right to say at that moment?" I mean, is there ever an appropriate time to say that to someone? No! I will say this - she's lucky that I sell wedding gowns and not food, I will leave it at that...
A few minutes later while she was still in the store, my co-worker showed up for the afternoon shift and said "Wow, you look like you're loosing weight - you like great!" (sidebar: she doesn't know about my diet and exercise regime so it was an unbiased remark) The customer then looked at me, I shot her a " Bitch don't look at me" kind of look, which resulted in her remaining with her head down for the rest of the time she was there - so rude!
I also had a customer today that spoke down to me and was quite rude, so I handed her over to another sales associate. I mean, I know I'm barely five feet tall and the pitch of my voice is that of a 8 year old - but I'm a grown ass woman - don't speak to me as though I am your child. Often times they think I'm some fresh out of high school girl, or maybe this is my little weekend high school job, but they fail to realize that I work to pay my bills and that I have a fiance of my own that I could be at home with who treats me like a queen and not like a toddler.
UUuuuhh people got on my nerves today!

In other news...I'm pissed that I've been engaged for a almost a year now and nothing has come of any of the planning - everytime I get somewhere, the plans fall through. I've really tried...over and over and over...but nothing! No venue - no food - no photographer - not even a concrete date - nothing! What is going on? I'm stuck in some sort of terrible wedding dream that I can't get over...I can't seem to get over this non-bridal wall standing in the way of planning my wedding. Finally when it seemed real and I had my deposit ready to go this damn recession snatches my fiance's job away - great! & might I add that there is like no work out there...this is ridiculous. & and get this, when he went to pick up his last paycheck, his former boss asks, "How are the wedding plans going?" - WTF - R U SERIOUS? Really? How does he think they're going - they're not, they're not going anywhere - there are no wedding plans - there's nothing but a desk filled of wedding magazines, a folder full of ideas and dreams that don't want to come true. Something in the Universe is working against me! But why me? Dammit - I'm more pissed off than THE PISSED OFF BRIDE and more broke than BROKE ASS BRIDE!!!!!

What else is pissing me off? ..............................................................................................................................oh yes! My school! They're so annoying - I'm in the process of trying to graduate a few months early. I'm sick of driving 45 minutes to get there, I'm sick of the security asking me for my ID when he sees me 73y7838 times per day and I'm pissed that the parking fee has been raised from $45 to $75 for no reason! Do they not know that we're in a recession? I'm going to remind them on Wednesday when I go back to school, b/c that's BS and just not fair to students. Nothing has changed in the parking lot for the fee to be raised that high. I'm going to the President of the school! Why not?

Ok I think I'm done for now - I'm going to a 1am movie, I don't know why but it better be good! GOOD NIGHT PEOPLE

(nOTE TO SELF: DO not blog when pms'ing)


Goldie said...

sending some cyber hugs your way. i'm sorry you're having a bag day. i hope you enjoy your movie!

T. E. C. said...

Chile', That's the best time to blog!! :-) Drink some hot tea and try to have a better day tomorrow!!!!


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