You Gotta Help Me (Again) Jenny

If you've been keeping up with my blog you know that I've been having "issues" with my weight for the past couple of months. At first it was about the way I looked, but now it's becomming about the way that I feel - I'm always tired and going up a flight of stairs is like climbing Mt Everest. I keep saying that I'm going to do something about it and today I did. After moving from New York where I walked everywhere and moving to Florida where I drive everywhere I gained a little weight. My friend had done Jenny Craig and had fantastic results so I tried it as well and it was amazing! Slowly but surely the weight melted away and I was back to my normal weight. However in the past year between getting engaged, the recession, returning to school, etc, my weight ballooned drastically. I only have one pair of jeans left in my closet that fit me, and my tops are screaming for help. Yesterday at school as I stood on line to pay my tuition, I caught a reflection of myself - I had no idea who that was looking back at me. I'd made the decision since last week that I was going to go back on the Jenny Craig program, but that was the last kick that I needed.

I showed up at my appointment today with the same conselor as I had the previous time that I did the program. First things first...time to get on the scale. I had an idea what weight I was. Everytime I hit a certain weight, I know it's time to get a little more active and watch what I eat more. I stood on the scale I saw the number hit that number...but it kept going...and going...10 pounds over what I thought I weighed which meant that in the last year alone I've gained ::drumroll please:: (and be prepared to pick your face off the floor)...30 pounds! I've gained 30 pounds in less than a year! Where was I when that happened? I don't have a scale in my house so I had no idea, I just knew that I couldn't fit in my clothes anymore. That was a shocker, I couldn't believe the number that I was staring at.

But the good news is that I am doing something about it! I am ready to get healthier and active once again.

The wedding is definently a motivation for me, but it is not the reason why I am going to loose weight.

I know that I am not the only person going through something like this, so I will use my little blog here to share my weight loss experiences and progress. I know that I will loose this weight and keep it off. I will not only be at my goal weight on my wedding day, but I will maintain a healthier lifestyle. I know this program works for me so I'm excited about having more clothing options from my closet in the next month or so, lol.

I start tomorrow - WISH ME LUCK!

{photo taken from American Idol video clip...yea you know you loved Sanjaya too}



Thank you for the encouragment ladies!

Wedding Corner said...

Good Luck!!!!
Don't forget to share the progress...

T. E. C. said...

YYyEEeAAAAA!!! Good first step for you! We are very proud of you!!!! Keep up the good work and I know you will achieve your best!!! Many Blessings with your task!!!!


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