M.I.A in the M.I.A: Weight Loss, Makeup & More

It's been just over a week since my last blog post - it seems like longer, and it seems as though I've lived 10 lives since then. I don't know, it seems as though there are way more important things in the world for me to be doing than planning my wedding - I've been extremly unfocused as of late.

First off, my weight loss journey - Month 1 is officially over and here are the results ::drumroll please:: I've lost 8 lbs and 3 inches total. Go me! My goal was to loose 10 lbs for the month, but I can't complain. I'm even starting to fit into some of my jeans again. I might have to retire the one jean that I was wearing at my heaviest, lol. They've gone a long way but I think I've pushed them to the limit. I actually bought them at Forever 21 for $12.00, and they were a stretch denim so they grew with me, but I think they're officially done. That was the best $12.00 I ever spent.

Last night I had the opportunity to work with my boss Nikol at a cosmetics seminar that she was hosting at her boutque. It was so much fun and all the women were really sweet...check out this awesome spread of "healthy bites" that Nikol's mom put together for the event... Everything was so good especially these - "caprese on a stick" as I like to call it, lol:
For the event, Nikol chose two products lines from her boutique and explained why she loves them and how to use them. Last night it was all about Susan Posnick (the finest mineral makeup) and Mama Mio. In attendance were representatives from each company that basically gave a background of the products and explained it's significant in the market place. All the guests were able to play with the product and were then able to purchase them at the conclusion of the demonstartion as well as have cocktails and socialize.

It was truly a fabulous event...
As far as my wedding goes...the deposit has been made on the venue but nothing has been done since them. I found the dress that I want at my workplace but I haven't ordered it yet because...well I don't know. All my Florida bridesmaids have gotten their measurements to me, but the girls in New York have yet to visit any bridal shops (I think it's because I'm not there to harass them about it, lol). My fiance has yet to have found work since being laid off (DAMN YOU BUSH) so not much else has been able to get done.
Oh yea! My fiance and I met with a photographer last weekend. She has an awesome personality and the price of her packages are great - but I can't say that I'm completly in love with her work. But if all else fails...I guess I have to go with her. Her work is good, but it's not incredible and as artistic as I would like my wedding photos to be. I'm having a hard time trying to find photographers and videographers in my price range. So God knows how long it's going to be until I find someone who meets my criteria that I can actually afford.
Not much else has been going on as far as the wedding. I feel like time is running out on me and I'm gonna end up doing a mad dash at the end that I was trying to avoid. Hopefully things will all work out.


AmyJean {Relentless Bride} said...

That is great on the weight loss! GO YOU!

Wedding Corner said...

What a nice event!!
Congratulations on your weight loss.
Good luck to your fiance.


Thanks ladies


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