My Centerpiece Inspiration?

Ever since I began conjuring up the decor for the wedding reception, I've been having dreams of these...
...oooh yes - cylinder vases

At first I was thinking of just have one at each table with a single stem submerged in water, which I knew that I could do myself as I don't have a large budget for flowers...or anything else for that matter. I've since been on the hunt for cheap cylinder vases and seemed to have found the best deals over at ebay. One day I was in Target with my mom and decided to show her my idea: ...yea, something like that. Then I began to think that perhaps this look will be a bit boring and that it would look a bit more interesting if I did three vases per table at different levels, like this:

{photo borrowed from Events On A Budget}

I then also came up with the idea that the arrangements would be even more interesting if every container contained an arrangement that was slightly different. Of course I had to run this by my right hand man Sonia (one of my bridesmaids) who loved the idea and then drew up this little sketch for me while we were at work:

(sidebar: Sonia is currently paying back a $40,000 loan from art school - here we can see that money was well spent, lol)
We wanted a better idea of how it would look on the table, so I pulled up pictures from my venues website and we did this:

...yes...I can see it


Mindy said...

You have some great ideas!!! Good luck with the wedding!

Goldie said...

I love the new blog look and I'm loving those centerpieces, you can not go wrong with's so romantic and intimate!

Wedding Corner said...

I like the cylinders centerpieces.
My sister-in-law had something similar to that and looked really nice!


T. E. C. said...

That's hilarious!!! But I love it! I think it's a great idea!!!


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