UPDATES: Bridesmaids & Weight Loss

Originally, I told all my bridesmaids that the deposit for their dresses as well as their measurements had to be completed by March 1st. All my Florida girls have given me their measurements but no deposits while the New York girls and my cousin in Jamaica haven't done either one. Feb is going to be over in two seconds and one of the girls is just getting message that I sent on Facebook to all the girls and doesn't think she can meet the deadline. One of my cousins is pregnant and hasn't had her baby yet, so I can't order anyway.
The reason for me having the dresses ordered so early is that it usually takes 3 months for them to be delievered to me at the shop and I was hoping to have them by the summer so that I could bring them to the girls in New York when I go up there in July or August. By getting it to them that early, they have more than enough time to get any alterations that they may need.
WEIGHT LOSS: HHHmmm, how do I begin? Well...I lost 8 lbs last month but this month...lol. I've fallen off the wagon. Hard. Not only have I fallen off the wagon, but I found a match, lit it, set the wagon on fire, and watched it burn while I laughed at a safe distance. My Jenny Craig meals were on that wagon by the way. It was going great, but it's just too expensive with all this wedding and life madness going on right now. My fiance has yet to find a job since getting laid off, so I pretty much guilty and stupid giving away some of my paycheck to Jenny Craig so that I can loose weight while I have real problems going on. Once he starts working again I should be good to go, but at the moment I've hung up the phone on Jenny.
The good news: I haven't had any junk food
The bad news: I'm hardly eating anything, because I'm always on the go between work, school & wedding stuff and as stupid as it sounds, sometimes I forget to eat. It'll be 4pm and I'm like "Wow, I haven't eaten all day!"... that's not good for me at all - I have to work that :/
WORK: I'm very excited to have two dates lined up with the makeup studio this weekend and the following Saturday. In addition, my boss recently launched an event planning company and I get to work as her assistant doing Day of Coordination for a wedding. I can't put into words how excited I am. I really like working in the bridal industry and eventually I plan on launching a company of my own within the field. Except for the occassional crazy bride that I have to deal with at the bridal dress shop, I love doing makeup for weddings and I'm looking forward to getting my feet wet with event planning. I have two jobs in the bridal field and I can't get enough of it - I think I've found my calling, I just have to be patient to find my own little niche...skys the limit!
RELATIONSHIP: The fiance and I are doing great - it's finally just starting to hit us that we're getting married, lol. We're still arguing about laundry, but I really don't think that's going to change anytime soon (unless we win the lottery and I hire a laundry lady) I'm sorry but, laundry is just not my thing - well the folding and putting away part at least.


Goldie said...

Congrats on the good news! Sorry to hear about your weight loss, but you're still going to be a beautiful bride. I love how you're taking everything in stride and still enjoying the moments!

Cyd said...

It took a bit of wrangling to get the measurements for my girls, too...we were definitely a tad late getting things ordered.

I almost died laughing when you said you lit the wagon on fire! :-) Glad to hear the two of you are doing well and looking forward happily despite the layoff. Best of luck to him in finding something new and hopefully soon!

Heather said...

Oh my...I am the WORST at forgetting to eat. I just get so busy! I've been working hard on eating at least 3 meals a day this week. It's been tough, lol!

T. E. C. said...

OMG! OMG! OMG! I'm gonna have to take some days off work!! YYYEEEAAAAAA!!!!!!! I'd love to share a coffee, go shopping or sight seeing, or anything else! I'm a great host!! Let me know!!!!


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