Why My DJ Is So Important

I love music - all types of music! From reggae to electronic, hip hop to alternative, Beyonce to Beck - as long as I can vibe to it- I'M THERE! I needed to make sure that the DJ that I selected had a wide selection of music and that he did. Of course we had to make sure to his reggae, calypso and soca collections were up to par since my family likes to party...HARD.

Case in point...
The above photo was taken last summer during our annual family vacation in Virginia Beach. There was about 30 of us on that trip, and during a stroll on the board walk we heard music - and it was over! INSTANT PARTY ON THE BOARDWALK! Why? B/C we're typical Jamaicans who can't help but to start a party anytime, anywhere, any place - as long as there's some sort of beat - PARTY!
I found this picture on my computer and couldn't help but to laugh...it's a snapshot of what my reception will be like - I can't wait. Is it November 14th yet?
Speaking of all types of music - my new thing is French Hip Hop. Here are some pictures from a concert I attended a little while back by a French artist named Yelle. The amazing thing about the show was everyone singing all the words to her songs in French although probably only 2% of the audience spoke French. Music really brings people together. The only thing I know in French is to say "Hello my name is__________", "How are you?" and "I love you (thank you to my 8th grade French teacher), yet I didn't miss a word, lol...oh yea, I can also say "I'm doing good", "I'm doing bad" or "I'm doing so-so" - you know, the important stuff :)

NOTE TO SELF: Learn (a lot ) more French



Krista said...

Oh, that's so fun - a dance party breaking out on the boardwalk just because you heard music. Now that's joie de vivre! (Sorry, I had to throw in some French after I saw your note to self).

I hope your DJ is able to create such a fun atmosphere, but from what you say, I suspect that as long as the DJ has any music, your family / friends will create the fun atmosphere.

T. E. C. said...

Looks like the concernt was a blast!!!! And yes, your family looks like they sure know how to party!!!

Goldie said...

Looks like my family! We party at the drop of a dime too!


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