Dear Mr Video Man, thanks but no thanks

The video company that I was soooo excited about using is not going to work out.

I began communicating with a video company in November of 08 but I couldn't book them because I didn't have a venue at that time and therefore didn't have a concrete date. Now that I am positive of my wedding date and I went ahead and began the e-mailing process back and forth all over again. He told me that their prices had since gone up but that he would honor the original price that he gave prior to the "price raise". I was really happy about that and began working on putting my down payment together.
He then forwarded me to his business partner whom I began trying to set up a meeting time with in order to sign my contract and give him a depost. All of a sudden he sent me the current prices (which is basically the total of my photo and video package combined). I told him that I was under the impression that I was getting the older package because the originally person told me that I could get it although it's not offered anymore. The older package doesn't have as much features as the current one, but it was exactly what I needed.
He send me an email saying that he can give me 10% off... still can't afford it...
He sends me another email giving me an addtional couple hundred dollars off and said that was his final offer and that was all he could do... uuummm STILL CAN'T AFFORD IT!
This morning I sent him an email telling him that I will have to seek videography services elsewhere. I am not one of those brides who are going to spend their last dime trying to have a "perfect wedding". NONE OF MY WEDDING EXPENSES WILL BE ON A CREDIT CARD (there's nothing wrong with that, but it's just not my thing) - if I can't afford something, I just can't afford it. When the wedding is done, I'm done paying for everything...that's the way I'm running my operation.
On to the next!


EliandMe said...

Good for you, I have been really pathetic when it comes to negotiating (it's just not in an English girl's nature!), part of the problem being the vendors knew I wasn't going to walk away.

futuremrsj said...

the bolded part is perfect!
the only card my wedding stuff is going on is my debit card, haha.

Goldie said...

You go girl for sticking to your grounds! I'm really sorry that the company did that to you, that's just bad business. I'm sure that has to be some sort of sign that maybe it would have been unpleasant to work with them.

T. E. C. said...

Congrats!!!! Good for you!!!


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