Operation Candy Buffet...and bridesmaids

Today I got the orders for 3 bridesmaid dresses - 3 down, 7 to go! Ugh, that sounds ridiculous. One of my friends asked me how many bridesmaids I was having and I must admit that I was a little embarresed to tell her, so I made a joke about it and said "the whole world...seriously".

Good news: Operation Candy Buffet has gotten the green light! My venue offers a candy buffet add on which I would have to pay for per person. From the description of their candy bar, it sounded pretty lame and I refused to have a candy bar that was less than what is in my head. The venue doesn't allow outside food and since they had a candy buffet package I wasn't too sure if I'd be able to do my own thing. I made a quick call to the banquet manager and she said it was ok to bring in my own candy - sweet!

While my classmates will be spending Spring Break on South Beach, I'll be taking the time to sketch a couple ideas of how I want my candy buffet to look and get some other wedding stuff done. The Candy Buffet is extremly important to me for reasons that I will explain at a later time (the suspense is killing you - I know).
For inspiration on my candy buffet and (I'm sure) yours...

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T. E. C. said...

Yes, the suspense about the maning is killing me but I guess I'll just have to wait!


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