Today I Cried...

I'm not having fun planning my wedding...AT ALL
I want to cry everytime someone asks me how the wedding planning is going

I want to key the words "CALL ME BACK MOTHER F**KER" on the hood of my original DJ's car

I have no videographer because the one I had my hopes up about took a crap on my dreams - now I must start from scratch

I now hate the fact that I decided to have a big bridal party

I'm mad at them for not paying the deposit on time but I won't tell them that (only 3 girls have paid so far...a week or two after the due date by the way)

I should have eloped

I don't want to get contacts ... just so I can wear them on my wedding day so that people won't whisper about me wearing my glasses

I'm fat...and for some reason I can't loose weight by sitting in class all day

I feel like an asshole for trying to plan a wedding when my fiance as yet to get another job since getting laid off

I don't want a wedding anymore - I'm content with the courthouse - or a beach...just with our parents

I don't want to wear heels on my wedding day - I wish everyone would leave me alone about it - "It'll make you look taller and leaner"....well I'm 4'11!!! My fiance is a foot and 2 inches taller than me, it won't make a difference

School makes me want to throw myself down the stairs everytime I go there

I can't understand why I work so hard to get straight A's just so I can file for unemployment when I graduate in June

I don't want to spend our money on the wedding - I want a win the lotto and powerball simultaneously although I never play
8 months until the wedding...


EliandMe said...

I've been there. The best advice I can give is to stop planning your wedding. Seriously, just walk away for a few days, or a few weeks, or however long you need. I believe wedding enthusiasm comes in waves, and if you can do as much as you can while you are riding high, you can get through the lows doing nothing at all x

T. E. C. said...

Throw yourself down the stairs? I was actually half way laughing at your unique sense of humor until I read "throw myself down the stairs"! I stopped laughing and said this child might be serious!!! :-)

I say, try to relax and enjoy, follow your heart, and worse case senario, I'll order a dress at the last minute and come down and throw your bridal shower myself!!!!! :-)

Know that others are looking at (and reading about) your struggle and see's you as a strong, magnificent, driven woman who is doing her thang in life. Your an inspiration to many and soetimes the struggles and trials are not for us. They are for God to be able to use us in some other way that we are not even aware of.

So know that my thoughts and prayers are with you as you get through this! And wear flats and glasses if you wanna! You look beautiful in both (I know, I've seen pics :-))

And as for the weight? I'm like what weight is she talking about, but maybe I just don't get it..............


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