I'm finally getting somewhere! Yesterday was a pretty slow day at the bridal shop, so I was able to put in the order for my girls!
9 out of 10 girls have ordered their dresses. 1 of my
girls is having financial issues (which I completly understand)
so I just have to wait and see what happens. I'm
so happy to finally have the bridesmaids
done with. The dresses are expected to arrive in July, which
is cutting it kind of close with my plan to go
to New York. Hopefully they'll arrive before I go so
that I can bring the dresses for the New York girls and see them try
them on. Ahhh such a relief to get this off my head. Though this dress didn't make the original cut, I ended up
choosing to go with the dress that is pictured here as one
of the styles. I have 10 girls ranging from size 4 - 20, so they'll
all be wearing a different style complimentary to their figure.As far as my dress, I've finally settled on one and will be ordering
it in on Monday. I finally found my shoes today which was
very important as I have to get my dress in a custom
Next order of business - find photographer and videographer!



Ready to be Mrs. B! said...

oh that is beautiful! will this be the color of the dresses? you were originally doing brown, then switched to a blue/pinkish palate, right? i can't wait to see how it turns out! it will be gorgeous! way to go on getting things done...doesn't it just feel so relieving?!

jlc said...

First LOVE the color choice. Purple's my favorite! And two, you are gonna have some sexy bridesmaids my dear!!

I know what you mean about timing. I have to get sized for my best friend's wedding before July and I'm going down to TX then to be reunited with the hubbs!!

I'm hoping it comes in on time! But in the meantime... if you're ever around the NY area..... ;)

A "cheery" disposition said...

I have to say those are VERY pretty bridemaid dresses!!


Thank you - the color is similar to this one but is of a richer tone called "raspberry" - I can't wait to see them in the color!

Goldie said...

This dress is stunning! You have a great eye for style!


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