@ the tux shop.

The second stop on our wedding planning spree yesterday was the tuxedo shop. Since my dress had just been ordered, it only seemed right that we take care of the grooms attire as well. I ended up going to a nearby tux shop that was referred to me by my boss at the bridal shop. Originally we planned on going to Mens Warehouse because we had seen a commercial on television advertising a special about the grooms tuxedo rental being free - but we thought it was more important to support a small local business.

When we arrived at the shop we were greeted by the owner and then began speaking about the details of the wedding. He then showed us a catalog of what he had in the store and we began bouncing ideas off one another. I've always had this image of Future Hubbs dressed in an ivory tuxedo from head to toe and thankfully he agreed. The shop owner than lead us to the most beautiful ivory suit. It was perfect... check out the smile on Future Hubbs' face... Just thinking about my future hubby to be all decked out in his suit makes me so excited. I think I might end up running down the aisle instead of walking...or I might even end up kissing him before the pastor tells me to, lol. Ahhhh, can't wait!

But anyway, after getting him all squared away we selected the tuxedo style for his six groomsmen and the ring bearer. & guess what...because he has over 4 guys in the bridal party, his rental is free! Love it! So his attire will be free after all. In addition, the rental fee for his guys are extremly affordable and completly fair. When my dad comes to visit we're going to take him over to pick out a style as well. Everyone won't have to submit their measurements until just a few weeks before the wedding but we want everyone to atleast know how much they are expected to pay. We don't want a repeat of the bridesmaid situation.

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august15wife said...

Lovely! My fiance had wanted to wear a white tux, but we ended up deciding on black. I think it will look better that way. For us at least. :) But I love the picture - he looks so happy!


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