I’m really getting the itch to move back to New York! From ages 10 – 17 I lived a happy existence in Long Island which came to an abrupt end when my parents got a separation. I now live in South Florida which is great, but point blank – there’s no place like New York.

My (now) fiance and I met here in NY just a few weeks before I packed my bags for Florida. He eventually joined me in the south but just hasn’t quite been able to find his niche. He’s always talking about moving back to NY which I’ve always ignored, but for the past couple months myself, I’ve been feeling the urge. There is nothing of significance that keeping us in South Florida so I feel that the move can only be a positive one for us financially and career wise. He’s possibly able to get his old job back (high five) and I can’t go wrong living in NY with a Fashion Merchandising degree and/or continuing to do makeup.

I’m now back in my hometown to retrieve my little sis and bring her back home. With my dad, sisters and childhood friends here, I decided to stay for an entire week. I can’t express how excited I was on the plane. There is no energy anywhere like there is in New York, especially in the summer. My sister picked me up from LaGuardia and after a stop in Queens we arrived in Long Island where I was immediately scooped up by my best friend (since we were 10 years old) Barbara. I missed her so much, I almost cried when I gave her a hug. We headed to a water front restaurant in our little town of Freeport, Long Island to spend time together and grab dinner.

Here I am with my bestfriend of 12 years, Barbara. She's my maid of honor and also had a role in Husby and I meeting each other back in 04 - I owe her my right arm, lol. I miss just being able to call her and hang out. It's weird going from seeing someone almost everyday and now just seeing them once or twice a year. We do speak on the phone just about everyday, so everytime we see each other we just pick up from where we left off.
I’ve already gotten to see a few of my girls and even ran into a former schoolmate who now works at the resturant where we had dinner, that I haven’t seen in ages. That’s the fun thing about small towns, no matter where you go, there’s always a familiar face – that can be a good or bad thing depending on your situation I guess, lol. That being said, if or when we move back I have my eye on Williamsburg in Brooklyn.

In wedding related news, I brought along with me all the bridesmaid dresses for the New York girls - there are 5 of them in total. My matron of honor (Big Sis) and my maid of honor (Barbara) were able to try on their dresses yesterday and they fit them perfectly - except for the hem of course because they're both only about 5 feet tall, lol.

I'm so excited to be here ! I'm heading over to my Daddys today for what he has dubbed, a NellyQ - a bbq for Jheanell (me, lol). I love my Daddy! The 3 of us are big time Daddys Girls - that will never change...not even for my sister who is 31, lol.


freshofftherunway said...

I wish I could move back to Long Island. I love your blog by the way

freshofftherunway said...

I wish I could move back to Long Island. Btw I love your blog


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