45 days to go: Hotel Accomodations for Guests

...yes, yes... only about 7 weeks left until my wedding. I apoligize for not blogging here as much anymore, but the truth is that I hadn't been doing anything wedding related for a while. Planning is interesting... there's so much to do in the beginning...things kind of cool down...and then there's a mad dash at the end - I'm now at that mad dash!

One thing that is great about living in South Florida is that you don't have to go far to find a great venue - our venue is about 10-20 minutes away depending on traffic. With out of town guests coming from Jamaica and New York we had to find hotel accomodations nearby. Today we secured rooms at the Sheraton Suites which is a two minutes drive from the venue. I'm so excited about this and I know the guests will be too - here are the reasons why I chose this hotel:

* The hotel is a 2 minutes drive from the venue

* They provide a shuttle from the hotel that takes the guests to and from the venue

* It's in walking distance from resturants and a mall
*we got a sick deal on the price
*the price is 10x's worth it because they're suites, not just regular hotel rooms
***(this is what I'm most excited about)*** The one thing that I didn't like about my venue is that there is no alternate area in case it rains (I'm having an outdoor ceremony) I would have to go into the reception room which would be set up for dinner (who wants that)...I asked the Sheraton if it's possible for me to have a ballroom for the ceremony in case it rains and they said "yes"! The ballrooms are gorgeous, so rain or shine, my ceremony will be perfect!
Fiance and his groomsmen will be getting ready at the hotel...
The girls will be getting ready at my house...
...although the rooms are suites, 15 women and 2 babies getting ready in there would be torture. At my moms house we have more than enough room to spread out and have our own space.
In other life changing news, the fiance and I will be moving back home to New York sometime after the wedding. I will be leaving either November (right after the wedding) or December. He on the other hand will be leaving this weekend...I'll be spending my last few weeks of being engaged without him...which I'm extremly sad about. I'm not looking forward to sleeping by myself and not having him here to kiss me or give me a hug when I need it, but I know that it'll be worth it.
photo credit: Punam Bean


Jonezy said...

7 weeks to go, wow!
The hotel choice sounds great!
Sorry you fiance has to leave, but I'm sure these weeks alone will turn out to be a postive--so enjoy them,and just know that you'll never be alone again after the wedding :)

Pastry Gurl said...

First off welcome back :-)second I'm so excited for you and glad that everything is falling into place.

EmmyInLA said...

It sounds like you are completely on top of it, congrats!

I'm still 8 months out. Working on Photographer now.


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