33 DAYS TO GO | My Bridal Shower (south florida)

This past weekend one of my bestfriends hosted a bridal shower in my honor at my moms house. Originally the party was supposed to be outside but it was so hot on Saturday night that we had to move everything in doors. Everything turned out perfect and there was lots of laughter and (happy) tears.

The theme was supposed to be SEX AND THE CITY! We were all supposed to dress like characters from the movie but I don't think everyone understood that from the invitation - it's ok though - I had fun dressing up...and so did a couple of the other ladies who got the memo. Here's my outfit accessorized with random bridal elements, lol:

How funny is my veil? I got it from my job at the bridal shop - I don't even know where we found this but when we did, we thought it was so funny and I knew it would come in handy some day. It obviously would not sell so they said it was ok for me to take it home...
The food:

I love those leopard napkins! We found them at Party City - very SEX & THE CITY!


One of the highlights of the night was the ice breaker game where everyone had to introduce themselves, tell everyone how they know me and give me marriage advice. Everyone gave really good advice and said really touching things to me as they expressed their feelings towards me - I felt very loved. The best speech was from my 9 year old sister who told me how much she loved me and that she'll always be with me, she definently made me cry:
I also cried when my fiance called from New York...and so did everyone else, lol. I miss him so much! 4 more weeks to go until I see him again...we played the Newlywed game which was cool because my Cousin Kim had pre-recorded the questions and answers with him - she played it on the laptop - it was so cool, i felt as though he was there with me although he's 3000 miles away, thanks so much Kim, that was awesome!

Everyone was also given beads to put around their neck - the forbidden words of the night were "bride", "wedding" and my name...if you said any of those things, the person who catches you takes your beads. Who ever has collected the most beads at the end is the winner.

Oh yea, here are the favors:
And of course, I got to open gifts - lots of lingerie and other perversions. FYI: Lil Sis had to leave the room for this part, just in case:

OMG, these shoes!

Then it was time for cake. I invited my Lil Sis to cut the cake with me since she wasn't allowed to stay for games and presents.
lmao...love this pic

Thank you to everyone that came. I love you.

& thank you to those who continue to stop by my little blog here and show your support. I appreciate you.

here's my outfit without all the extras.lol.

Blazer: I bought this at the Goodwill a couple months ago for $3.00 (I love to thift) | Jumpsuit: Forever 21 | Shoes: I got these on sale at Payless for $9.00 | The necklaces are from Target & Forever 21 | and the rose bracelet I got from my job at the bridal shop...I'm thinking of wearing it on my wedding day as my "Something Old"

want to read about my bridal shower in New York? click here.


Sn3akrFr3akr said...

So glad you didn't post the pics of my gifts... I had a wonderful time, and my desserts along with your cake were my highlights, I must admit (I love cake!) I'm so proud of you, Jin. I found your card, by the way. Will deliver soon.

I BLEED PINK said...

Everything was so pretty.

fri at WEDDING NOUVEAU said...

Good luck with your wedding in NOvember. Might be too late to put you on to a new style guide or intercultural brides, but spread the word to your bridesmaids:-)

Fri Bailey
Creative Director, Editor

Ms. Chouette said...

OMG! You got shoes? Love the pics. Glad you had fun...

Shayna said...

Love the shoes!

sonya said...

I love love love the shoes! You look so cute!


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