my fabulous christmas.

Once my husband made it home on Christmas morning, I became even more excited about dinner later on that evening. All major holidays are usually celebrated at my moms house and of course this year was no different. Although this has been the hardest year for all of us financially, we wanted to lift everyones spirit and throw the best dinner party possible!
My husband told me that I looked like a Stepford Wife - lol! Normally, I go out and purchase something new to wear on Christmas - but this recession is not a joke! I was all about shopping in my own closet and using items that I already have. I really wanted to wear a white dress and remember that I had this dress that I had only worn once. I accesorized with some stuff I had gotten at The Goodwill (::ahem:: my earrings were only 99 cents) and a necklace from Forever 21 that actually ended up matching my earrings perfectly. I wore red pumps (not pictured) that matcehd my lips! I adore red lipstick, and that was definently a night to whip it out. With red lips the rest of my makeup was kept neutral - bronzer on the cheek and very light eyeshadow.
I came up with the idea of doing a WINTER WONDERLAND theme, since we always decorate with red and green every year. Since there is no real winter in South Florida, I thought it would be fun. Mom put up sheer drapery and ights around the exterior of the back porch along with a Christmas tree and fire place to give a cozy feeling. I came up with the concept for the table and decorated it with the assistance of my little sister who came up with the idea of putting our atificial lillies in the pool. I went to the dollar store where I was able to purchase everything for the table and more for about $20...but a lot of it were things that were already had laying around...

I am so blessed to have the family that I have. We all love being together! I know that sounds corny, but we look forward to family gatherings. We ate while Christmas carols played and afterwards we just sat around and talked foolishness for hours. We have the most fun doing nothing but enjoying each others company.
Hope everyone had a beautiful Holiday Weekend!

How did you celebrate?


My Dream Ring said...

Lovely pics!

The Little Fashion Treasury said...

Happy Monday, Jhe´anell... the beautiful "Stepford Wife" ;)
You look gorgeous in your white dress and your loooooong black hair!

I´m sure you had an amazing Winter Wonderland christmas party!
Enjoyed to see all your photos and to see you was celebrating with your husband ;)

Katrina said...

You look gorgeous and so is your home! So glad you enjoyed Christmas!!! I hope it was very very merry!

And yesssss the D3000 will never let you down! Such an amazing camera! I have yet to put it down!


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