My Usual Saturday Night Rant: BOOTED!

Wow - I believe this is the 3rd week in a row that I've done a Saturday night rant, I guess it's going to be a usual thing. Apparantly people like to work my nerves on a Friday or Saturday, so here we go:

If you've been following my blog you know that in the fall of last year, I decided to return to college to further my education. This January I started a new batch of classes, one of them being Advertising II. On the first day of class our final project was explained to us - we had the choice of working in a group or individually, but he preferred for us to work in groups of about 3 or 4. Immediately I knew that I wanted to work alone, not because I don't think to work as a team but

1. I didn't know anyone in the class as I just returned to the school

2. B/C I didn't know anyone I didn't want to pick random people without knowing their work ethic - I know I put my all into everything

3. The fact that I had part 1 of the class in 2006 meant that I was going to handicap the group because this project picks up where part 1 of the class left off


4. The groups pretty much remained the same since Advertising I, so everyone was already used to working with one another

I told my teacher that I wanted to work alone so that I could go at my own pace since I have a lot of catching up to do - he says it's ok!

The second week of class after lecture, he tells us that we can now break into our groups. As I'm getting ready to go to the library to do research he tells me that he found a group for me. Uuumm...I didn't want to be in a group, but I figured I'd make the best of the situation, as long as I wasn't going to get less than A, I didn't care.

I introduce myself to my group members and we got straight down to business. We seemed to work well together and I felt confident that perhaps working in a group wouldn't be so bad. I'd also mentioned to the girls that I was a re-entry student so I had taken part 1 of the class about 3 years ago. Most of it seemed to be common sense, so it didn't seem to be an issue at all. We agreed that all the group members would email their project information to me and I would type it up and bring it in on Thursday. I did my part of putting all the information together and did a hell of a job at it.

Thursday rolls around and I simply could not make it to class. I was so tired that I cried. I have school full time, 2 jobs, and the night before I had been freelancing doing the makeup for a photoshoot - I was burnt out - I just couldn't make it. Knowing that I was responsible for bringing in the project I made sure to email my group members as well as my professor explaining that I wouldn't be able to make it to class and attaching copies of the homework to all the emails. All the girls would have to do is print it out. I even called them to make sure that they received the email before class in order to turn in the work - they said it was fine.

Around 5pm when I knew class was over, I called the girls just to check on them and make sure everything was fine - no answer.

This morning I check my email and saw the following message from my professor:

After speaking with your group, we need to change your final project assignment. I think there may have been some communication misunderstandings. It will be better for all at this point to have you work independently. Having not been in ADV I and now missing a day early on, is causing a problem. I'll modify a project for you to enable you to work on your own. I don't want you to worry about this, it is difficult stepping in a group after they've had the advantage of working on the project for a full quarter. We'll modify the project so you will be able to handle it. Others in the class are working alone as well. We'll talk next class.

So in other words, I've been booted from the group? I don't know if they felt that I did something incorrectly on the project or misunderstood something that they wanted me to do, but they gave me the boot! Not one group member called or emailed me to perhaps discuss with me any corrections that may have needed or clear up a misunderstanding that we may have had as far as the format or wording of the project. Now I know why no one answered their phone after class. I'm not a confrontational person, I don't have any hard feelings towards them but it's kind of like breaking up with someone through their friend and not really explaining why...kind of junior high school. I highly doubt that missing one class was huge factor!

Did they think I was going to be upset or cry if they'd spoken to me about not continuing to be the group? I have worse problems than that - like trying to figure out how I'm going to pay for this wedding, lol.


Bridesmaid Files: 3 Down, 6 to Go

All 3 of my South Florida girls are measured and ready to go! I believe my Orlando girl has her measurements but I have to call her to confirm. Two of my cousins stopped by my workplace at the bridal shop today to get measured and then we headed over to another local bridal shop to try on the dresses since my job doesn't carry that line. They only had one of the dresses that I needed so that cousin was able to try her dress on although it wasn't in her size - we got the picture though & once again a fabulous choice. I'm getting so excited to see my cousins and friends all dolled up on my big day! Thankfully everyone so far loves the choice of dress that I made for them. Everyone is going to look great!
We only spent about 10 minutes in the shop since they were minutes away from closing, with some money left in the meter we stopped for an impromtu photo op: Lol, none of us look a day over 12 years old here - hilarious. A nice man was kind enough to take this picture of us.
Now I have to focus on all the out of state girls with their March 1st deadline around the corner...

Bridesmaid Files: 9 Girls, 3 Different States

Now that the deposit has been made on the venue and the date has been set, it's time to whip my bridesmaids into shape, in the sense that it's time to get down to business. Working in a bridal shop I'd already decided before becomming engaged what bridesmaids line I would use "when I got engaged", lol. Now that we have just a little over 9 months to go, it's time for me to have the girls try on their dresses and get them ordered. This is a difficult task as my girls span from South Florida, to Orlando, The Bronx, Long Island, Monsey and Boston - only 3 of my girls are here in South Florida with me.
With 9 girls who have 9 different body types, I decided that they would all be wearing the same color from the same designer, but will all be wearing different styles. I'm in the process of locating stores near each of the girls that carry the style number that they will be wearing, I planned on having that information for them by the end of this week but somehow tomorrow is Friday already and I haven't done it...boy time flys when you go to school full time and work two jobs.
I was lucky enough to find a local shop that carries two of the dresses for two of the girls that live down here. Since one of the girls works just a few stores from the shop, I kidnapped her from work and had her try on a few styles that I was considering for the girls, including her own. The dress that I selected for her fits her body shape perfectly and she totally owned it - it was fabulous on her! She loved it, I loved it, she's going to look great walking down the aisle. In an effort not to ruin the final choice I'm not going to post the dress she will be wearing - however, I have pictures of two dresses that didn't make the cut...

These dresses are gorgeous, but I made the decision that bridesmaids will be wearing strapless gowns, while the matron of honor and maid of honor will wear one shoulder styles to show their...importance I guess.
If I'm not mistaken, I should be heading back over to the shop tomorrow to have my cousin try on her dress which they also have in the store. Hopefully this weekend I will have locations for all the other girls so that they can start trying their dresses on and send me pictures. Originally I was planning on having the girls order their dress in May, but I decided that March would be better as I would be able to bring the girls in New York their dresses when I go up there in the summer. The only person who won't be able to order in March is my sister because she won't be having her baby until June 6th - one of my cousins who is a bridesmaid is also pregnant but will be having her baby in about two weeks - two new babies this year, yay!
I'll let you guys know if I get over to the shop tomorrow - have a great night!


11.14.09, IT'S GOING DOWN

This past Friday I finally got the "go ahead" to put down a deposit on our desired venue that I've been stalking since I got engaged last May. I immediately called the banquet manager to set up my appointment for the following day. Up to last week when I spoke to her my November 7 date was still available, now she was telling me that during the week someone else made a deposit on my date. I was so heartbroken, it really felt as though someone stabbed me in the chest and was standing over me pointing and laughing. I've had my heart set on that date before I even got engaged, lol. Who is was this woman? My first instinct was to track her down as the girls did in "Bride Wars" and make her change her date (sidebar: I called all my bridesmaid and told them about the tragedy, they all suggested the same Bride Wars route, lol). Well anyway I made the appointment to see her the next day and told her that I'd figure out a date by the time I was in her office. Uuuuhhh - frustrated I decided to go with the following week, November 14. For a second I was thinking about moving it to November 6 which would be the Friday but Saturday is always a more convenient day especially for guests traveling from out of state and our family comming from Jamaica.

The next day I was so excited for work to be over, only to have my day ruined by "Sandy" The Brideszilla from Hell. Nontheless, after I got home and told my fiance what happened at work, making sure to call "Sandy" every profanity I could think of, we headed on over to the venue with the checkbook in hand and smiles on our faces...

As we pulled into the parking lot of the venue we knew "this was it", it felt so right - this was our place. After a few moments of waiting we got down to business with the banquet manager and made it official by signing our lives away. So this is it - no more wondering when, where or how we're getting married - I'm officially out of limbo my friends.

If you've been following my blog you've probably seen some or if not all of these pictures before, but hey, what's one more time? Here we go...

Here is the golf course where the ceremony will be held. This is where my family will be sitting in white folding chairs and my FH will be standing at the alter waiting for me. This is blank canvas to decorate however I want...that's gonna be fun....

This is where I would like the cocktail hour to be held. They usually have it somewhere else on the property but I think that this is going to serve best for me. The guests will be able to overlook the golf course while we take pictures.

& here is the dining room for the eating, dancing, and random antics of my family.

So the main reason i hadn't put my deposit down before was that I was scared that the date would sneak up on me and I wouldn't have any money to pay for anything - uuuuhh, fear! But then I thought, there has to be some way around then I asked if the food would cost less for a day time event. Turned out it was a fraction of the cost - I ended up receiving a email of every single package that they offer. Then I had a genius idea - what if I just select a regular dinner package instead of a "wedding" package? I could still order my cake from them, no difference - so that's what I did. I am now paying less than half per person for "dinner" than what the "wedding" package offers. The "dinner" package doesn't include the champagne toast and open bar but not everyone drinks anyway so why would I pay per person for alcohol? Instead we are going to do a consumption bar, that way we can put a set limit on the amount of alcohol that we want to pay for. It also doesn't include the cocktail hour so if we would like we can include it by doing displays or passed cocktails )that we would have to pay for per piece) - we decided on a display...hello, that saved money than paying per person! To order the cake from them is around $3 per person, I can totally live with that.
Yea so I found out that I totally have skills! Skills that are going to save me thousands of dollars - wooo hooo!
Wanna hear even more good news? Yes? We're getting our pastor for FREE! The pastor at our church that we've been attending as of late has offered his services at no cost. He pulled my fiance and I aside this Sunday and discussed it with us. I wanted to say "HELL YEA" but that wouldn't have been appropriate so I simply gave him a hug and said thanks. Things are falling into place already...
GO ME...11.14.09
ps: Here's a horrible photo of me outside the venue after we signed the contract...somebody didn't put the right setting on the camera, whatever!

SNEAK PEAK: A Photoshoot I Worked On This Weekend

I have so much to tell you guys but so little school or work tomorrow hopefully I can squeeze in a couple posts between errands

My (Now) Usual Saturday Night Rant: Confessions of a bridal sales girl

Today at work, I unfortunately had a run in with a Brideszilla. In the two years that I've been working in bridal I've had to deal with a lot of different personalities. I have some great customers but occassionally I do come in contact with some women who are a bit...should I But nontheless I give service with a smile and usually by the end they're in love with me - I've melted the coldest ice queens.
Today was brutal - we were busy all day! Bride after bride, one after the other, lifting gown after gown, dressing the brides, undressing the bride, showing swatches, showing samples, bringing out catalogs, searching in the closet for shoes, answering phones...By 3pm I was tired!
We had a client who ordered her bridesmaid dresses a few months ago, the dresses arrived this week and somewhere in that head of hers, she decided that a Saturday evening (our most hectic time) would be a great time to bring in her bridal party to try on the dresses. Our boutique is only 1000 square feet with two dressing rooms - a large room which we usually use for brides and what that is probably a quater of that size. Normally when both fitting rooms are in use, when the client is down we move them into the big room and put the waiting client into the smaller room - a simple rotation.
So the client...let's call her "Sandy" is waiting quite a while for a room to free up so that she can have her bridal party try their dresses on. As the room was being cleared out I walked over to "Sandy" and told her that in a few moments I'd be able to move her into the smaller room, she asked why she couldn't have the big room, I then explained to her that the other bride was there before her and so she would have to get the small room. As I walked away I heard her say something smart to one of her bridesmaids, I ignored her and kept it moving as I was trying to keep the traffic flow moving as smoothly as possible.
About a minute or two later, I gather Sandy's dresses and told her that I could now get her started in the smaller room - she snapped at me telling me that she wanted the big room and couldn't understand why she couldn't get it. She started raising her voice at me and speaking to me in a way that I couldn't believe - I blanked out at that moment so I don't even know what she said. All I knew was that she disrespected me in such a way that I had to walk away from her because if I hadn't I would've conducted myself in a less professional manner that would have left her embarrassed in front of her friends and children. I walked away from her in the middle of what she was saying and let my boss know that I wasn't going to continue working with her because she completly disrespected and belittled me - I wasn't going to put a smile on my face and try to make her life easier. I guess by the look on my face my boss knew that I was really upset, so she finished up with her - I was fuming! I really wanted to let her know what was on my mind - no one has even spoken to me like that.
She spent about another half an hour in the store after that all the while avoiding eye contact with me, yet apoligizing numerous times to my boss about the situation - but never once did she come to me.
I do not get upset easily, so the fact that I was so angry let my boss know that this woman had really stepped out of line...I haven't been so mad in such a long time. She kept apoligizing loud enough for me to hear her, but not directly to me - her excuse is that she's just "a moody bride", not a mood bride but another B word.
I know brides get stressed out especially when it comes down to the last couple months or so but...I DON'T CARE! I hate when brides come in and they feel as though their problems are the most important and that their wedding is going to be a disaster because their dress is the wrong shade of ivory - get over it. My try my hardest to make my brides lives a bit easier, but some brides just need to get over themselves. "Sandy" was sooo out of line - she's so lucky that I'm an educated and well poised woman, because I do have her address and credit card information - there's nothing like a bridal sales girl scorned, lol.
At the end of the day "Sandy" is a B and she will always be there whether or not she's planning a wedding. She was one before and she will be one after...but not with me.
I did have some really great clients today though who lit up my day and made me laugh until my stomach hurt. I love knowing that I am apart of a brides special day by helping her purchase the most important aspect but the bridezillas need to stay home!


MORE LATER........
{photo by J.BRIDE}

Love Is Blind...& So Am I


What about this picture stands out to you?

She's wearing her glasses!
I wear glasses...
These things haven't left my face since I was about six years old - I can't see ANYTHING unless it's like...1 inch in front of me. They only come off if I'm in the shower, swimming or sleeping. I don't mind wearing glasses...I don't even remember that I wear them.
So here's my issue: what do I do about my wedding day?
I've tried to get contacts lenses around 4 different times in my life - all resulting in bad experiences. I've even had one of the ladies at the eye doctor calling me "worthless" because she just couldn't understand why I couldn't get them in. (I wonder what she's doing with her life now) Anyway, I decided that contacts just weren't for me and I swore to myself that I would never try them again.
Then there's LASIK, which I promised myself that I would get one day when I could afford it...that day hasn't come yet...
So what am I going to do on my wedding day? How will I see?
My mom came up with the hilarious idea of me just not wearing my glasses to the wedding, I told her that was a great idea except that I'll probably walk over to the wrong man or just end up at a different event completly. Besides, I wouldn't want to miss the way my fiance will be looking at me when I'm walking down the aisle or that first look when we see one another for the first time that day.
My friend told me that I absolutly cannot wear glasses to my wedding!
My fiance says he doesn't care less if I wear my glasses to the wedding as long as I show up!
I hate contact lenses, I can't afford LASIK, I'm stuck with my glasses...HELP ME!
This bride wore her glasses on her wedding day - the world didn't come to an end and she looks just as beautiful and radiant as any bride - and the world kept turning although she wore her glasses...
Any suggestions for me?

{1st and 3rd photos borrowed from Stephanie Williams...she's super talented}
{2nd photo provided by me, myself & I}

I've Got You In The Palm of My Hand

A photograph that I would like to emulate on my wedding day...

{photo via OUR BLOG OF LOVE}
...I'm a super duper fan of their work!

Law of Attraction: I will be married 11.07.09!!!

I will be married this year - I will have the wedding of my dreams - and life is going to be great!
Positive thoughts only!
In an effort to attract this into my life I've even created a manifestation board. The board consists of pictures of all the things that I want to come true on my special day - the venue that I hope to have, the decor, the bridesmaids dresses - everything. I've made copies of my little board and taped them to walls all around the house - the bathroom, the pantry, my bedroom, and even the front door so that I can see it before I leave the house. The more that I can see the visual, the more I can place myself in the pictures and see myself on my wedding day.
Today I even made an effort to track down the bridesmaid dresses that I want for my girls - they were absolutly fabulous! I can't wait to see my cousins, life long friends and sister all dolled up and fierce. I have to say that seeing those dresses absolutly put me back in the mood to start planning once again. January is comming to an end and I noticed that I hadn't posted ANYTHING about planning my wedding thus far in 2009, because there hasn't been any planning at all since news of my fiances job...or rather, lack there of. However, I'm confident that things will turn around for us soon and the wedding plans will be back on track.
Positive thoughts only!
Everything will fall into place...ask, believe, receive...
& as proof that anything is possible...


click here to read about my experience at a Barack Obama rally


(photograph via Concrete Loop)


Just a few moments ago, my sister called to announce that she is having another baby girl! I'm so excited! My second niece! I've been waiting in anticipation for days to find out what she's having - finally the wait is over!
My niece Madisen just turned 1 years old, so yes my sister is going to be juggling 2 babies - the second baby is due in June!
I'm so excited for my sister, she is an incredible mother, a loving wife & of course the best big sister that I could ever ask for. I'm so proud of her!
I'm going to Long Island to see her in June when I get my break from school, at that point the baby will be just a few days old - plus I know that she is going to need help with the two babies and things around the house.
The above photo was taken of my niece, my sister & I at her home last May right before I headed to the airport!



Rants on a Saturday night

A client came in the shop today that I worked with a few months ago and randomly said to me, "You've gained weight since the last time I saw you"...yes, thank you for reminding me because I didn't notice that I couldn't fit in any of my clothes anymore! I thought to myself "Wow, what would make someone feel as though that's the right to say at that moment?" I mean, is there ever an appropriate time to say that to someone? No! I will say this - she's lucky that I sell wedding gowns and not food, I will leave it at that...
A few minutes later while she was still in the store, my co-worker showed up for the afternoon shift and said "Wow, you look like you're loosing weight - you like great!" (sidebar: she doesn't know about my diet and exercise regime so it was an unbiased remark) The customer then looked at me, I shot her a " Bitch don't look at me" kind of look, which resulted in her remaining with her head down for the rest of the time she was there - so rude!
I also had a customer today that spoke down to me and was quite rude, so I handed her over to another sales associate. I mean, I know I'm barely five feet tall and the pitch of my voice is that of a 8 year old - but I'm a grown ass woman - don't speak to me as though I am your child. Often times they think I'm some fresh out of high school girl, or maybe this is my little weekend high school job, but they fail to realize that I work to pay my bills and that I have a fiance of my own that I could be at home with who treats me like a queen and not like a toddler.
UUuuuhh people got on my nerves today!

In other news...I'm pissed that I've been engaged for a almost a year now and nothing has come of any of the planning - everytime I get somewhere, the plans fall through. I've really tried...over and over and over...but nothing! No venue - no food - no photographer - not even a concrete date - nothing! What is going on? I'm stuck in some sort of terrible wedding dream that I can't get over...I can't seem to get over this non-bridal wall standing in the way of planning my wedding. Finally when it seemed real and I had my deposit ready to go this damn recession snatches my fiance's job away - great! & might I add that there is like no work out there...this is ridiculous. & and get this, when he went to pick up his last paycheck, his former boss asks, "How are the wedding plans going?" - WTF - R U SERIOUS? Really? How does he think they're going - they're not, they're not going anywhere - there are no wedding plans - there's nothing but a desk filled of wedding magazines, a folder full of ideas and dreams that don't want to come true. Something in the Universe is working against me! But why me? Dammit - I'm more pissed off than THE PISSED OFF BRIDE and more broke than BROKE ASS BRIDE!!!!!

What else is pissing me off? ..............................................................................................................................oh yes! My school! They're so annoying - I'm in the process of trying to graduate a few months early. I'm sick of driving 45 minutes to get there, I'm sick of the security asking me for my ID when he sees me 73y7838 times per day and I'm pissed that the parking fee has been raised from $45 to $75 for no reason! Do they not know that we're in a recession? I'm going to remind them on Wednesday when I go back to school, b/c that's BS and just not fair to students. Nothing has changed in the parking lot for the fee to be raised that high. I'm going to the President of the school! Why not?

Ok I think I'm done for now - I'm going to a 1am movie, I don't know why but it better be good! GOOD NIGHT PEOPLE

(nOTE TO SELF: DO not blog when pms'ing)

How To Decorate White Folding Chairs...

{all photos taken from}

Bride Wars with a Bridesmaid

So today after work, one of my bridesmaids/co-workers/buddy and I went to see BRIDE WARS. At first I wasn't really interested in seeing it but I have to say that I'm glad that I did - it was a super cute movie with a great message at the end. But boy did it make me miss my bestfriends who are spread out everywhere from Orlando to Boston. I have to admit that since I've gotten engaged, I've started to miss them even more. I don't have them here to drag around the bridal shops to try on dresses, or ask their opinions on all this wedding stuff...I miss them so much. If there is one thing about the wedding that I'm looking forward to, it's having all the people that I love in one room...

Day 1 Down...

Today officially marked the beginning of my weight loss journey and boy did I start with a bang. Now on the Jenny Craig program todays meals consisted of the following pre-packaged Jenny Meals:

BREAKFAST: Pancakes and an apple

SNACK: Cookies & Cream Bar

LUNCH: Beef Chow Mein with a salad

SNACK: A Banana

DINNER: Chicken Carbonara with salad

DESSERT: A smores bar

...doesn't sound like a "diet' does it? I love Jenny Craig! I get to eat all day and loose weight, sounds like my kind of party.

Not only am I now controlling what and how much I put into my body, I am getting active once again - today was out of control:


* 1/2 an hour on the tredmill

* 3 laps around my block

* push ups

* crunches

& finally

*leg lifts

Drill Seargent Fiance was definently in full effect today as he is helping me get my act together. This is the only time in his life where he is permitted to raise his voice at me or tell me what to do - so of course he loves it, lol. He was tough but he kept me motivated and I have to say that at the end of it all I felt really good.

So now that Day 1 is over, I've decided that I will do a monthly update on my weight progress. My weight is not something I usually talk about with people, so this is a major step for me. I would also like to say thank you to those who have left words of encouragement or inspiration for me, it really means a lot.

There's no turning back now!

You Gotta Help Me (Again) Jenny

If you've been keeping up with my blog you know that I've been having "issues" with my weight for the past couple of months. At first it was about the way I looked, but now it's becomming about the way that I feel - I'm always tired and going up a flight of stairs is like climbing Mt Everest. I keep saying that I'm going to do something about it and today I did. After moving from New York where I walked everywhere and moving to Florida where I drive everywhere I gained a little weight. My friend had done Jenny Craig and had fantastic results so I tried it as well and it was amazing! Slowly but surely the weight melted away and I was back to my normal weight. However in the past year between getting engaged, the recession, returning to school, etc, my weight ballooned drastically. I only have one pair of jeans left in my closet that fit me, and my tops are screaming for help. Yesterday at school as I stood on line to pay my tuition, I caught a reflection of myself - I had no idea who that was looking back at me. I'd made the decision since last week that I was going to go back on the Jenny Craig program, but that was the last kick that I needed.

I showed up at my appointment today with the same conselor as I had the previous time that I did the program. First things first...time to get on the scale. I had an idea what weight I was. Everytime I hit a certain weight, I know it's time to get a little more active and watch what I eat more. I stood on the scale I saw the number hit that number...but it kept going...and going...10 pounds over what I thought I weighed which meant that in the last year alone I've gained ::drumroll please:: (and be prepared to pick your face off the floor)...30 pounds! I've gained 30 pounds in less than a year! Where was I when that happened? I don't have a scale in my house so I had no idea, I just knew that I couldn't fit in my clothes anymore. That was a shocker, I couldn't believe the number that I was staring at.

But the good news is that I am doing something about it! I am ready to get healthier and active once again.

The wedding is definently a motivation for me, but it is not the reason why I am going to loose weight.

I know that I am not the only person going through something like this, so I will use my little blog here to share my weight loss experiences and progress. I know that I will loose this weight and keep it off. I will not only be at my goal weight on my wedding day, but I will maintain a healthier lifestyle. I know this program works for me so I'm excited about having more clothing options from my closet in the next month or so, lol.

I start tomorrow - WISH ME LUCK!

{photo taken from American Idol video clip...yea you know you loved Sanjaya too}

So I Guess Lady Gaga Forgot Her Pants?

Hhhmph...for some reason I think I like her even more now - weird.

Pottery Barn: Simple Yet Stunning Centerpieces

Ladies, I've come to the conclusion that I will be doing my own centerpieces. I'm not really looking to do anything extravagant, so I know this is a project that my mother and I can take on. I really love the look of cylinder vases with a fresh arrangement of flowers. Today while my fiance and I cruised the mall for wedding bands, we stopped into Pottery Barn and I couldn't help but to fall in love with some of their floral arrangements. Who would have thought that I would've gotten inspiration in a home goods setting!?!

Here are a few centerpiece ideas using vases from Pottery Barn - similar vases can be found in many stores including Target. However, I found these arrangements in their website which I thought would look beautiful at a wedding:

{all photos taken from}

Fashionista Flower Girls

Everyone loves looking at the little flower girl as she makes her way down the aisle, she should be as stylish as the rest of the bridal party. Here is a line that we carry at my workplace called US Angels, which provides fashionable flower girls dresses while still being age appropriate and tasteful. They are the cutest things I've ever seen, and we all "oooh and aahhh" as mothers have their little girls try them on at the shop for us.

My niece Madisen is going to be my flower girl! She will be just a month or so away from being 2 yrs old at the time of our wedding. I can't wait to see her all dolled up in her dress - here are just a few of my favorite styles from the current collection.

{all of the above images courtesy of}

Good News!

...I saved money on my car insurance by switching to Geico - ok I'm kidding!

The good news is that my boss at the makeup studio has asked me if I would like to work as her assistant this Sunday, for a Bridal photoshoot - uuuuhhh yea!

I'm so excited about it!

Do it with me now ladies...

Today Was Awesome

Today it seemed as if I spent more time with my fiance than I have in the past year combined. With both of us juggling school and work, it's just impossible to spend as much time together as we used to or as much as we would like to.

The day started off with a huge breakfast - french toast, bacon, eggs, OJ, etc - he cooked while I cleaned. We then sat at the dining room together and stuffed our faces while I snuck a few peeks at THE CITY which was on in the background. We then got dressed and made our way over to some random bank to cash the check from my most recent makeup gig over the weekend (sweet). We hopped back in the car and ended up at a pizza shop which had the best pizza that I've tasted since moving from New York. Every bite brought back memories of roaming the streets of Manhattan with my friends while eating huge slices of pizza and cracking jokes. Somehow after that we ended up at Jenny Craig where I (re)signed up for a program which I will be starting (again) on Tuesday. I only have one pair of jeans left that I can fit in, and I guess that pizza was the last straw for me, lol , I dunno but I plan on loosing the weight that I gained last year.
Across the street was a Barnes & Nobles which I stopped in and picked up the premiere issue of Southern Weddings Magazine (which I adore, I love it). We picked my fiance's cousin, dropped him off at the airport and then drove into the area which we had planned on getting married. My fiance had never seen the church except online, so he was finally able to see it, although now we will no longer be using it. There is also a park next to it (which we had planned on using to take pictures) that you can also be married in. We bounced around the idea of getting married at the park and then walking over to a local spot to have dinner, but I could tell my fiance wasn't excited about the park so we scratched off that idea.

Finally we decided to head home and discussed whether we were going to get married this year, or if we were going to push it back to have a wedding. We both agreed that we wanted to be married and didn't need to have a "wedding" to do that. We settled on a wedding at home. Originally we were going to be married in the church and have a catered reception at home. Now we are considering having both the ceremony and reception at home. We are not going to go the traditional route of paying per plate for catering, but will order food by the container (or whatever) from local resturants, while some of the dishes will be prepared by members of our family - that's going to save us lots of money. My mom and I are going to take care of most of the decor and I'd found a really reasonable florist months ago to do the floral arrangements - more on our home wedding later.

At some point today in between eating pizza and Barnes & Noble, we made a stop into Jareds to look at wedding bands - more on that later.

My fiance is putting on his baby face so that I will get off the laptop and watch "JUMPER" with him, so I guess this is it for now.

In the words of Ice Cube, "TODAY WAS A GOOD DAY"'s funny how running aimlessly all over town today was one of the best days of my life - I LOVE THIS MAN

How Being A Slacker Saved My Life

I knew that I had a 3 week vacation from school, but somehow along my days spent in bed instead of in the books, I somehow came to the conclusion that I only had 2 weeks vacation and that I would be returning to school today. Mentally I wasn't prepared to go back to school today, and I really wasn't prepared for waking up early. I thought I had an 8am class, then something told me to check my schedule online, and I realized that class was at 1pm, not 8am (yes, more sleep for me).
Then I woke up this morning dreading going to class - I just wasn't all there today. All of a sudden I remember that I had some business to clarify in the financial department at school and that I couldn't attend class this week until I faxed them this information. For some reason though, I couldn't find the paper and I can't really say that I was interested in finding it. Finally I came to the conclusion that I would skip my 1pm class, but make it to my 6pm - I knew I'd be good by then.

All day I had been in contact with my financial planner via email trying to get this all sorted out so that I could attend class this week. My fax machine wasn't working, and I wasn't going to drive to Office Depot to pay a couple cents to send it off. By this time it was about 4pm and I was loosing hope that I'd make it to class for 6pm.

Finally I gave up! I asked my financial planner if I could just bring the paper to her tomorrow in person around 5pm so that I could make it to my 6pm class. Not even a minute later she emailed me back saying "There are no classes tomorrow, school doesn't start until next week" - ha I knew it! If I hadn't been a lazy bum today, I would have driven 45 minutes to school and wasted my gas only to find out that there were no class - how stupid would I have felt? Lol. If I had sent my paper in on time, I would have showed up at school today wondering why I wasn't fighting someone in the parking lot for a spot.

OOOOOhhh weeeeeee - an entire (extra) week off that I can spend at home with my fiance (since he's home too - see blog below) - it's like vacation! Today I was thinking that we should take a quick vacation. There is a cruise company that does day trips to The Bahamas (which we've traveled on before) that is only charging $30 per person due to the fact that no one is traveling - we just might take advantage of that this week.

As far as the wedding, we are still planning on getting married this year - at the end of the day it's not about "the wedding" but instead the fact that we want to marry one another. One of the venues that we were considering in the beginning has an extremly affordable package for daytime weddings...

For a lot cheaper than anything else that we looked at we can have buffet (instead of the sit down dinner that we planned on), our cake, linens, chair covers (which I'm not really a fan of, but who cares at this point), cocktail hour, a chocolate fountain (which I really want for some reason) and check this out...a candy bar (oh hell yes). We'll see what happens - don't cry for me Argentina, I am still getting married this year - how's that for thinking positive?

The Weekend Wrap Up: Keep Moving Forward

We're only 4 days into 2009 and it's been getting pretty interesting already to say the least...where do I begin? Just when I thought things were finally comming together for the wedding we've stumbled and fell on our faces harder than before. As I had mentioned previously, I was just days away from paying deposits to both my wedding planner and the church which we planned on using for our ceremony. However, something kept telling me "Just wait, don't do it". On Friday morning my fiance called me from work telling me that people on his job were being called in the office one by one being told that either their hours were being cut, or that they were being laid off...little did we know that he'd be calling me back within the hour to tell me horrible've guessed it...

The first thing out my mouth was to assure him that we would get through this and that we'd be fine, while in my mind I was panicking and in screaming. Devestated, I hung up the phone and tried to make it through the day at work. Once I got home I gave him a big hug and kiss - everything was going to be fine, right? Once the news trickled down to my mom she brought up the wedding, "what's going to happen with the wedding?" - uuummmm, I have no idea. I hadn't even thought about it the whole day, I was trying to figure out how we were going to survive. But my fiance and I made a promise not to talk about it for the weekend and that Monday we would deal with it figuring out our next move....just when I made my new years resolution to not complain about money or the economy, lol...
Luckily, last Monday I was contacted by someone (who was referred to me by a photographer I've worked with) who was a bridesmaid in her brothers wedding and needed her makeup as well as her mothers done for the wedding. They needed their makeup done Saturday, and thankfully my boss at the bridal shop gave me the day off last minute. Everything turned out great and my clients were so friendly and warm. They welcomed me into their beautiful home with open arms and were very accomodating:

Vanessa (the bridesmaid/sister of the groom) just wanted a very subtle/soft look - ditto for her mom (not pictured). I managed to get done with them both with enough time to make it back to the bridal shop and put in a few extra hours (anything extra helps right now). As you can imagine, I was pretty burned out by the end of yesterday and went to bed pretty early.
When my fiance and I woke up this morning, we flipped through the channels and found the movie MEET THE ROBINSONS. I didn't want to watch it because it was a "kids movie" but my fiance wouldn't surrender the remote so I had to sit there and take it. To my surprise, I couldn't keep my eyes off the TV and I couldn't stop myself from laughing - it was such a great movie! It's perfect for children and adults and turned out to have a great message - "keep moving forward"... and boy did I need that message this weekend. Let the past stay in the past, we can't change it, all we can do is move forward - focus on the positive, not the negative - be greatful for the things you do have and don't focus on the things you don't - never give up on your dreams, they will come true if you believe in yourself. Although this was a kids movie, I took this message to heart as my weekend was pretty heavy
I go back to school tomorrow for the new year and of course I'm all over the place mentality. I'm going to relax myself for the next few hours and prepare for classes tomorrow afternoon. I hope you all had a great weekend - I leave you with a clip from the movie MEET THE ROBINSONS, enjoy...

Around here, however, we don't look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we're curious...and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths


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