Is it ok if I put this on my registry...

Future Hubbs and I stopped by a new townhouse development nearby to check out the models. With the downturn in the economy there are some pretty sweet deals out there and if we do decided to stay here in South Florida, we'd like to purchase a home next year. Out of all the homes I've seen over the past couple months, I have to tell you that I've become obsessed with this house - it has ever thing I could ever want - 3 spacious bedrooms, 2.5 baths, laundry room (not that I'm gonna use it, lol) a loft area, 2 car garage and it even has a decent sized backyard that is fenced in, which is rare for townhouses. It's in a great community with great schools (for the future kiddies) and everything is in close proximity including a new little shopping center which has everything from Banana Republic to Ann Taylor. Supermarkets, the pharmacy and a hospital are nearby as well. The mortgage is actually "do-able" but we have to wait and see what kind of job I get after graduation. I'm nervous because they're having such great deals right now including a city program and who knows if they'll still be there by the time we're ready. But if something is meant to happen it will unfold the way it should. I leave it in Gods hands. If we stay down here, the goal is to move in sometime next year. Ideally we would've liked to be in our own place immediately after the wedding, but that seems almost impossible in our situation.

Is anyone else purchasing a home after they get married?

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@ the tux shop.

The second stop on our wedding planning spree yesterday was the tuxedo shop. Since my dress had just been ordered, it only seemed right that we take care of the grooms attire as well. I ended up going to a nearby tux shop that was referred to me by my boss at the bridal shop. Originally we planned on going to Mens Warehouse because we had seen a commercial on television advertising a special about the grooms tuxedo rental being free - but we thought it was more important to support a small local business.

When we arrived at the shop we were greeted by the owner and then began speaking about the details of the wedding. He then showed us a catalog of what he had in the store and we began bouncing ideas off one another. I've always had this image of Future Hubbs dressed in an ivory tuxedo from head to toe and thankfully he agreed. The shop owner than lead us to the most beautiful ivory suit. It was perfect... check out the smile on Future Hubbs' face... Just thinking about my future hubby to be all decked out in his suit makes me so excited. I think I might end up running down the aisle instead of walking...or I might even end up kissing him before the pastor tells me to, lol. Ahhhh, can't wait!

But anyway, after getting him all squared away we selected the tuxedo style for his six groomsmen and the ring bearer. & guess what...because he has over 4 guys in the bridal party, his rental is free! Love it! So his attire will be free after all. In addition, the rental fee for his guys are extremly affordable and completly fair. When my dad comes to visit we're going to take him over to pick out a style as well. Everyone won't have to submit their measurements until just a few weeks before the wedding but we want everyone to atleast know how much they are expected to pay. We don't want a repeat of the bridesmaid situation.

A Gown Named Jezebel

I'm so pathetic.I remember being at the bridal shop a while ago and saying to everyone, "When I get married, I'm going to wear this dress" about a particular dress that was expected to arrive at the store. I saw it in the catalog and just thought "wow!" When it came in, it was even more beautiful than I could've imagined. As soon as Future Hubbs slipped the ring on my finger I made it a point to try to the dress on. Great success! It was perfect - I felt perfect. But no...finding my wedding could never be so simple. People try on tons of dresses...I was supposed to try on more than one right? I felt like I needed to keep going.

And so, since getting engaged last year I've tried on many dresses (because I thought I was supposed to ... I guess) - picking at them, loving them, and then deciding it's not the one for me. I even fell out of love with "Jezebel" which is the nickname that my friend/co worker/bridesmaid and I nicknamed her (the dress). A year and a half from the wedding has now turned into about six months and it was now or never. The other day I stayed after work with my bridesmaid and we went over my top two choices one more time. They didn't do it for me anymore.

I asked for Jezebel just for the hell of it. She was perfect. I fell in love all over again. I also realized that with all the other dresses that I tried on, I kept making changes to them so that they would resemble Jezebel.
I apoligized to Jezebel. for turning my back on her.
Mom called out sick today from work, so I took as an opportunity to drag her over to the shop to order my dress. I couldn't be happier. I felt great. The dress has been ordered and paid in all I can do is wait for her arrival.

Oh Jezebel...I love u!

ps: hope this post makes sense, I'm sleep deprived...6 weeks till graduation


I'm finally getting somewhere! Yesterday was a pretty slow day at the bridal shop, so I was able to put in the order for my girls!
9 out of 10 girls have ordered their dresses. 1 of my
girls is having financial issues (which I completly understand)
so I just have to wait and see what happens. I'm
so happy to finally have the bridesmaids
done with. The dresses are expected to arrive in July, which
is cutting it kind of close with my plan to go
to New York. Hopefully they'll arrive before I go so
that I can bring the dresses for the New York girls and see them try
them on. Ahhh such a relief to get this off my head. Though this dress didn't make the original cut, I ended up
choosing to go with the dress that is pictured here as one
of the styles. I have 10 girls ranging from size 4 - 20, so they'll
all be wearing a different style complimentary to their figure.As far as my dress, I've finally settled on one and will be ordering
it in on Monday. I finally found my shoes today which was
very important as I have to get my dress in a custom
Next order of business - find photographer and videographer!


Venue Visit w/ My Sisters

Last week I was lucky enough to have my Daddy, Big Sis and Niece come down to visit from New York. While they were here, The Future Hubbs and I decided to take them over to the venue. My dad had been there the first time I saw it last May but I wanted to refresh his memory. Big Sis had not seen it at all so I was very excited to take her over there to see her reaction. With her living in New York, raising a 16 month old and preparing for a new baby, she hasn't been able to be apart of the planning process as much as we'd like. But I always try to give her updates and send her pictures so that she can feel included.

Here are Big Sis and Lil Sis on the golf course checking out the scenery...
Big Sis loved the place and although the deposit has already been made, it meant a lot to have the approval of my idol. While she was here, I decided to throw her a surprise baby shower - she had no idea - it was great...
Here I am with both my sisters w/ the ceremony site in the background. In exactly 7 months from today my entire family will be seated there as I make my way down the aisle. Please excuse Lil Sis...she likes to make funny faces - she's crazy, lol.

Finally, here we are in front of the venue. Big Sis couldn't believe the deal I was getting on this location...then again I had a lot of experience negotiating my shopping allowance with my dad growing up so I guess I had quite a bit of practice - he only has 3 girls, he never stands a chance.
Dad, Big Sis and my niece left yesterday morning and I can't put into words how heartbroken I am. I miss the "pitter, patter" of my nieces feet running all over the place, I miss her little laugh and the breath of fresh air she brought to the house. It's so lonely here without her. I can't wait to see them again in July and I'm dying in anticipation for the arrival of another niece.

Hope everyone had a great Easter!




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