1 Vase Down: Once You Go Black pt2

First off, thank you to everyone who left me helpful tips and suggestions on how to complete my first DIY project. Although we had a little mishap with the runny paint, I'm proud to finally show off my finished product...
the inspiration is on the left - my DIY vase is on the right
I think it turned out great! Now I have a sudden urge to spray paint everything...it's probably the fumes from the spray paint getting to me.

Is anyone else currently working on any DIY projects?

Once You Go Black...

I have an obsession with having black vases at the wedding, but after getting the price from the florist to rent them, my dream turned into a nightmare. For some reason they're kind of expensive and hard to find in the exact shape and size that I want. Today during a trip to Micheals, I found the vase I wanted but of course it was clear. We came up with the idea of either spraying it or painting it to make it black.
This is what my dream vase looks like...
Here's my experiment...
The vase was only $4.99 so we figured we'd buy just one and experiment...
...turned out pretty good, until we realized it was dripping...
...so I guess we're going to have to do it in intervals - spray some, let it dry...do another side and repeat. Future Hubbs decided to spray it on the inside so that we could still have the sheen of the glass - good call. So tell me, is there a special paint for glass? Or should I just continue doing what I'm doing?

What do we think about my first official DIY wedding project?
Hope everyone had a great Memorial weekend, I had a pretty random one:
1. went
to a fashion show (read about it HERE)
2. my friend from orlando randomly decided to drive down and hang out
3. while her and I were walking around South Beach (it was a circus this weekend), we saw tons of people from the small town in New York where we used to live - including one of my ex boyfriends...and his son?.?.? strange things...

& my sisters water just broke...like just now! so excited about baby Chloe! wwhhoooyyy!

MY 2ND DRESS: love...by enzoni, that is!

Today I attended a trunk show at Bacio Bacio Bridal Boutique in Wellington, Florida where they were featuring gowns by Enzoni. Since I've already purchased a wedding gown (I doubt I can afford Enzoni anyway), I wanted to see the LOVE BY ENZONI bridesmaid line to see if I could find a second dress. My ceremony dress is a beautiful, form fitting gown with a ridiculous train - not ideal for dancing. I knew that I needed something a little more comfortable to "get down" with the my family and friends. All the LOVE dresses were gorgeous, here are the onesthat I tried on:

This was such a sweet dress, but the bubble style didn't work so great for my 4'11 stature - I looked extra short and it just wasn't hitting me at the right places.

I lived for this dress during the couple minutes that I had it on, but then we determined that it would defeat the purpose of getting a second dress. This one was great for showing off my curves but not ideal for dancing...so sad ;(

This dress was amazing on! It was the perfect silhouette for my figure and was great for dancing. I was ready to purchase this dress until my sales associate brought out one more to show me that she thought would be perfect for me...

...but I can't post it here because I bought it. Of course it ended up being twice the amount that I planned on spending (even with this discount), but oooh it was soooo worth it. As usual my mom had on her poker face while I tried on the dresses,but when I stepped out in this one she screamed "wow!". I also found some killer shoes (10x's better than the pair I originally selected) as well as a stunning headpiece but I'm going to worry about that later when both dresses come in...there both expected to arrive in September.

I definently wasn't planning on buying a second dress this week but hey, my horoscope told me that today was going to be my lucky day! Guess that worked out pretty good!

photos: theknot.com
This beautiful dress was great but the rouching on the top wasn't working out so much for a chick with Double D's - NEXT!

Still Waiting To Hear Back From The Florist

How long did you wait before the florist got back to you after your initial meeting? I'm wondering if he's still trying to get over my Benjamin Button complex. Hmph! In any event, the estimate that he gave me at our meeting was a bit out of control so since talking to him I've been comming up with creative ways of cutting down that bill. I just don't have that kind of money - this is not Platinum Weddings.

I've come up with an idea for center pieces that I can create in minutes. I've found the vases that I would like to use for a reasonable price on ebay which I plan to purchase as soon as I can. The fact that I have 9 bridesmaids has also contributed to the high cost of flowers. 9 other bouquets? I can't! They're going to have to carry something else - feathers, rocks...dirt - something else! Grandma needs a crosage too? Really? Something has to give here. The budget for flowers can really get out of control if you let it, uuhhh but there so gosh darn pretty!

I've been in my lier sketching, doodling and plotting on how to save money on decor without my day looking cheap...although I've been hitting up every Dollar Store on the east coast, LOL


PS: I'm Still In Love With You...

... can't wait to see you this summer.

photo credit: Punam Bean

Engagement Picture Outfit Inspirations

I'm trying to work up the nerve to schedule my engagement photo session but I just can't bring myself to do it because I'm somewhat of a psycho - I can't begin to touch on that today... but if you've ever suspected that about me, you're right! Anyway, while I can't stand the thought of taking my photographs in 90 degree weather, I've been browsing online for a cute outfit to wear. I'm thinking that if I find the outfit, I'll somehow get in the mood for this photo session. Here are a few things that have been inspiring me...

1. Forever 21, Belted Mini Dress2. Twelve by Twelve, Pink Architectual Dress3. Emsemble by Twelve by Twelve
4. BCBG Flutter Sleeve Dress

5. BCBG Pleated Neck Dress

French Twist Shirtdess
7. Elizabeth and James - Adele Dress

8. Club Monaco -
Heather black top, Ali White Skirt, Wide Silk Sash, Lucite Bangles9. Club Monaco - Lola Cotton Chain Top, Leighton Cotton Crop Pant, Patent Leather Skinny Belt

An AWOL Attendant

I'm going to attempt to post this blog without crying...

Most women plans their weddings in their heads from a really young age - I was no different - I even knew who my bridesmaids were going to be. When I got engaged, 95% of the girls already knew that they were apart of my bridal party. As a matter of fact, whether I asked or not all my cousins were expecting to be involved and they are, lol...no problem!

One member of the bridesmaid line up was to include "A" who I met on the first day of the 5th grade. From the moment we met, we became inseperable along with our other friend Barbara (who is my maid of honor). Both teachers and students called us The 3 Musketeers. If one of us was absent from school, a teacher would ask if we were ok, lol. "A" and I were partners in crime and shared EVERYTHING - clothes, secrets...homework (lol). If she were to become president, I could probably black mail her and vice versa (not that I would). When my parents seperated and I had to move away from New York my senior year of high school, it literally made me feel sick to my stomach to be away from her and Barbara. During my first couple months here in Florida, I would cry my eyes out because I missed them so much.

last year - The moment I got engaged, she was one of the first to know via a text message blast. I remember text messaging her a few days later trying to figure out what her school schedule was like as I was trying to settle on a date for my wedding. Her response to me were along the lines of "why are you in a rush to get married? do you really want to be married at 22?" There were some other sentences in there expression her "concern (I guess)" but these two literally jumped off my cell phone screen and put a hole in my heart. I was so caught off guard that I didn't even know how to respond. I called another friend (who we've been friends with since the age of 13) I told her what happened and she too was stunned and coached me on what to say. I told her something about "no matter what decision I make, she should just be a friend and be supportive". No response from her. In addition, I never once got a "congratulations" from her or anything which kind of hurt my feelings but I never said anything. I still invited her to be a bridesmaid and she accepted.

Fast Forward to this year - if you've been following my blog, you know what a hassle it was trying to get 10 bridesmaids who live in different cities (and one in another country) on the same page to get their measurements taken and pay the deposits on their dresses. I pretty much became frustrated with all the girls and after a while I really had to start buckling down and making sure things were getting done. One day (past the deadline), I called her (in addition to others) to ask about the deposit and all that. She expressed to be that she was having financial issues, but she would pay at a later time, which then made me feel guilty about secretly being mad at her. She said that even if she can't be a bridesmaid she would definently be at the wedding. At one point I was even thinking about paying for her dress, but I decided to speak to my fiance about it first. He said it was ok, but for some reason I never took the initiative. Soon I began to see things on Facebook that gave me the impression that she was planning a trip with some other friends to take a trip to Miami. I then thought "she can't pay a $50 deposit on a bridesmaid dress but she can pay for a trip to miami?". I could be wrong - but I believe thats what that particular conversation with another friend was about. I mentioned it to her again the other day on the phone about the dress and she said to give her a few weeks. I also sent her a message on Facebook but got no response.

It's now May and I'm starting to think that she probably doesn't want to participate in the wedding. My fiance and I were talking about it and he says the same thing. I could be wrong. Maybe it is just taking her a little time ... but everytime I say that my fiance looks at me like "yea ok!". He says that by the history that I have with "A" she would have found the small deposit someway, somehow even if she didn't really have it. One part of me agrees because I know that if she asked anything of me I'd figure out a way to do it - jump first think about it later - but the other part of me is in denial and believes that she's going to pull through.

I think apart of the problem is that she doesn't understand what my life is like at this point. Our lives are extremly different and I'm sure she couldn't even wrap her mind around getting married at this point because her life is that of a typical barely 20 something year old as she lives a typical college life (which at times I wish I was able to experience). Me on the other hand, I work two jobs, I struggle to pay my tuition after fighting to go back to college (Sallie Mae tried to ruin my life), I help my mother raise my little sister in addition to balancing my relationship with my now fiance. During my years in Long Island (when my life was comfortable and almost identical to hers), we all planned on moving to Manhattan "when we grew up", and being fabulous single and successful girls... but lo and behold and at the age of 17, Future Hubbs stumbled into my life and my Sex & The City plans were out the door. Sometimes the man upstairs (or who ever you choose to believe in) has a different life was us than what we planned for ourselves. & although my life is a daily struggle, I'm so happy and so blessed to have experienced all the good and the bad. { oooh crap - TANGENT, I apoligize} I guess what I'm trying to say that she doesn't know me anymore...

Whether or not she chooses to participate in the wedding, she will receive an invitation.

Am I being naive here?

Anyway, I have 9 out of 10 bridesmaids - not bad!

I think I'm going to keep on my rose colored sunglases until the end...

Photo Credit: A Britton Photography

I'm Dreaming of a White Ceremony

Although My Big Fat Jamaican wedding (that's what everyone is now calling my circus of a wedding) is jam packed with tropical, rich and vibrant colors, I find an all white and/or ivory ceremony so refreshing. As a result, I've been searching the earth for every package of artificial white flower petals that I can find...ooooh I've been racking up. I think I'll probably end up creating world edipemic - I'm sure I'm contributing to the world shortage of white rose petals. If you can't find any, I apoligize in advance because I probably bought it. Ooooh yea, ever since my discovery of the wedding aisle at a local dollar store, I've been making periodical trips in there where I discovered that they too have bags of white rose petals! Score!

It's My 1 Year "Engagement-versary"!

I can't believe that today has made it 1 year since I've become engaged.

I feel like it was just yesterday that The Future Hubbs almost gave me a heartache when he dropped to one knee in front of our family and asked me to marry him.

Here is the story of how we got engaged:

We got engaged on Sunday May 11, 2008...

For months we had been planning to host a dinner at our home that day in honor of Mothers Day as well as my little sisters birthday (her birthday was the day before). We all spent the entire day setting up, cooking and decorating - I was so tired before the party even started.

I remember my fiance was acting weird that day and I was actually mad at him for not helping my fold the napkins (lol). I was in such a bad mood that I told him I wasn't going to talk to him for the rest of the day (lol). I just thought kept thinking "wow he's being such an ____ today". Before the guests came, he actually apoligized and said he was just tired - everything was fine!

Everyone arrived and we all decided to take turns saying something special about our mothers. My fiance and I even surprised our mothers with gifts that we had been hiding from them. People were crying talking about their moms and everyone was just an emotional wreck. My fiance was the last to speak and everyone began to clap when he was done and were about to sit down to eat...

Then my fiance said "Wait I have something else to say!". For a split second in my mind I thought "Maybe he's gonna ask me to marry him", but I quickly brushed that off...I can't tell you how many times he's played the joke of pretending to marry me - a terrible joke, lol. All of a sudden he had me face him, and then he dropped to one knee...

To tell you the truth I don't remember what happened after that. I have no idea what he said to me or what exactly he asked me. The only thing I remember is crying, a ring, and more crying. I freaked out, lol. He says it took me 15 minutes for me to answer him because I was just crying so hard and I was so shocked. Everyone else was crying as well - 30 people all crying at once, lol..hot mess! I wish someone had video taped it because I honestly don't remember that much.

I'm so happy that our family was able to share the experience with us - because honestly if they asked me what happened later on I would've been able to tell them,lol. The great thing about it was that his mom was here visiting from Jamaica (that's her crying in the background) and my dad was here from New York - so it was perfect! I couldn't have asked for a better experience - I love this guy...


I can't believe it's been a year already... 6 months until the wedding!

The Mans Favorite Part of Wedding Planning...

The tasting!

I have to say that this was the first time since this wedding planning started that Future Hubbs wanted to make sure we were on time to an appointment. As a matter of fact, we were about 10 minutes early - he was not playing around,lol! With my mom in tow as well (per usual), we arrived at the golf course with empty stomachs ready to be fed...
(Future Hubbs & I...those are his hungry eyes) (my Hot Momma and I)I have to admit that I was very skeptical about the food - I'd never eaten there and never met anyone else who had (my wedding venue is actually relatively new) so I had no idea what to expect.
I'd been scanning the menu for a couple months, and had pre-selected a few dishes that I thought might work as the entrees. After waiting a few minutes (since we arrived a little early), our catering manager had a seat at our table and we began going over some other specifics for the event. Finally the dishes were placed on the table and it was the moment of truth...
...everything tasted great!I was really shocked by the salmon dish - amazing! I don't even like fish yet I was drooling over it. I tasted chicken and steak dishes as well, but by the time I tried to make it around to the salmon again it was gone. Future Hubbs ate it all! He is a fish fanatic so the salmon never stood a chance of being on the table more than 5 minutes...
We made a few minor adjustments to the menu which I'm really excited about after getting a chance to meet the wonderful chef Denise, who so happened to be a native of Jamaica as well. She made a few suggestions which she thought would be more authentic to our culture which I'm sure our family and friends are going to enjoy.

We also made our choices for cocktail hour and looked through some linens so that we could compare prices with the florist. We also picked out the style of the cake but not the flavor - I promised my little sister that she could be apart of that one (she was at school for this one so she didn't get to be apart of it), so I have to make a seperate appointment at the bakery. This whole wedding thing is starting to become real to me - I can't wait!

Decor or Disaster?

"You look like a baby, you shouldn't be getting married!" - The Florist

"Oh, it's cause I have the same disease as Benjamin Button" - me

...and so began my initial meeting with my florist this afternoon...

(photography by Allison Britton of A Britton Photography as seen on The Brides Cafe)

Located next door to my job at the bridal shop, this vendor is arguably Fort Lauderdale's best florist shop. The owner David has over 20 years experience in the business and has done countless weddings and corporate events for companies such as Coca Cola. He usually stops in the bridal shop to bring us fresh flowers and is always full of energy. I say hello to him when he stops in but for some reason he didn't even recognize me today. I'm guessing it was the t-shirt, jeans and sneakers - in addition to no makeup and forgetting to brush my hair...can you tell I had a rough day?

Anyway, with Mom and Future Hubbs (there agaisn't his will) in tow, we began discussing how we can make this wedding glamorous while being as cost effective as possible. I had my bridal binder with me full of inspiration along with the color scheme that I was planning on using - David (the florist) was also able to somehow understand all the ideas that have been floating around in my head as well. We played around with overlays, table cloths, runners, vases and I think I've become a semi pro at naming flowers.

After about an hour Mom, David and I (while Future Hubbs sat silently playing games on his cell phone) finally settled on everything and it was now time for an estimate...the estimate was about the same as I'm going to be paying for food at the reception. Granted, the cost of my dinner package is extremly reasonable so maybe I shouldn't even compare the two. Mom and I shot each other the "Damn!" look. I guess David noticed because he immediately stated that this was just an estimate and he'll be able to give me a more specific number in a few days. It wasn't horrible by any means (this estimate includes flowers for the bridal party, ceremony, cocktail hour and reception...oh yea and linens...and maybe chargers) plus he also threw in some free stuff for me since we're "neighbors". Whatever the outcome, I may do it because it's exactly what I want, he has an outstanding reputation and I'm not even paying for some of the rentals. I guess I'll be dying in suspense for the next few days but I think everything is going to work out fine. Let's hope the actual cost will be less :)


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