who does the makeup artists makeup for her wedding day?

I was recently booked to do the makeup artistry for a bridal party on July 11th and decided to make a phone call to my friend Stephanie to find out if she wanted to assist me - and to ask her if she could do my makeup for my wedding day... only to find out...SHE RANDOMLY MOVED TO ATLANTA LAST WEEK! Oh crap! First I was shocked that she moved and then my second thought was "now who's gonna do my makeup?". Stephanie and I met in makeup school and became good friends. I always loved her work and she was the only person I could think of to do my makeup on the day of my wedding. Worse case scenario I'll do my makeup myself - which isn't a bad thing - just going to be another thing to add to my list.
photo credit: Punam Bean

the introduction of sweat sundays (on a monday)

It has officially been a week since I've started on my path to living a healthier life. I plan on updating you once a week - I weigh myself once a week on Sundays (hence "Sweat Sundays...but didn't have time to blog yesterday).

I know I've packed on the pounds but I hadn't weighed myself since Feb (I think). I knew that once school was over I'd devote myself to living a healthier lifestyle because of my health - the wedding is an incentive to do my best but it isn't my sole purpose of shedding the pounds.

For my diet portion I decided to rejoin Jenny Craig which had worked for me in the past. What I like about it is that it's not really a diet & definently not one of those quick fixes, yet its the most simple thing in the planet. Everything is already in its correct portion and all you have to do is have your 6 meals a day - eat all day and loose weight, I can do that!

I'm 4'11 - according to health charts, my ideal weight should be between 95 to 118 lbs. When I stepped on the scale at Jenny, I was shocked to see the scale hit 158 lbs - there were so many emotions all in one second - embarressment being one of them.

Since that initial meeting at Jenny, I've been working out every other day and I feel so great! For the first time in my life I actually love going to the gym. I've been going with my mom who is a great workout partner - and it's fun because we're trying to loose about the same amount of weight.
I could instantly feel a difference during the first couple of days. When I went to work on Friday my co-worker asked if I had lost weight. I couldn't wait to go back on Sunday for my weigh in - I knew that I did great. The first week is usually when you loose the most weight because you're loosing water weight, so my goal was 5 lbs for my first week and then 2 lbs every week afterwards. When I got on the scale yesterday I was soooo excited, I lost 4.6 lbs my first week.

My goal is to be 130 lbs by my wedding date ( which was my weight when I got engaged) which I know I can do if I loose 2 lbs per week. My weight is a very sensitive issue for me - I never talk about it but I know I'm not the only person struggling with being healthier. I'll continue to update you all on my weight loss journey - hope you all had a great weekend.
PS: I was actually at the gym when I found out that Micheal Jackson had died - I could not believe it. I'm so sad. As someone who spent a large part of their childhood performing on stage, I aspired to command the audience just as he did. Growing up, I remember watching his concerts and people just fainting the audience and loosing their minds - I always thought, "wow, I wish I could do that"... for a little girl growing up in Jamaica, he was just the ultimate rockstar!!! I can't tell you how many times I tried to do that lean he does in SMOOTH CRIMINAL and almost burst my head open. I just found out on Friday that he did that move with the help of a machine that he owns the patent to, lol.

so tragic...

the end of an era.

Micheal Jackson 1958-2009

...and so we ate cake.

Yesterday, the moment finally came that I was waiting for - the cake tasting!

We headed over to CAKE DESIGNS BY EDDA to sample a few delicious flavors for our wedding cake. Our venue provides cake exclusively from this company (unless you bring in your cake from somewhere else and then theres a fee) which was fine with me as they have a solid reputation. Fiance was very excited because he had picked out the design of the cake and it was the only decision he has made thus far regarding the wedding - although I've dragged to every vendor meeting, lol. Our moms tagged along as well as a family friend and so the tasting began:

Lesson learned: I should have just went with my fiance - with 5 people, everyone has a different opinion..and plus there's just not enough freakin' cake to go around. It's like calm down people - we're not here to have a feast, we're trying to make an important decision. I mean, we even had to ask one of the girls who worked there to bring out additional pieces of some of the flavors and I still didn't get to taste all of them. Some people people just don't understand the meaning of a "tasting" I guess - damn!

So anyway, we ended up choosing 3 different flavors for our 3 tiers - my fiance and I both had our favorites and then we decided on one we thought everyone would love - I think thats fair. We ended up changing the cake we wanted because the one my fiance picked out would have to be made in 3 tiers and not 4 as pictured due to our guest count. I didn't think that I'd like it in 3 tiers - here's a pic of our thrown out cake design:
I like it - but I love the new one we picked out 10x's more - which I then ended up making custom changes and upgrades to - including something they call CHANEL quilting - so excited about that. I will save a picture of our cake for the wedding re-caps of course.
Fiance and I love EDDA's - beautiful cakes that are still affordable - we hope you all have a fun and safe weekend.


the graduate.

I'm so happy to finally report that yesterday I graduated with my Associates degree in Fashion Merchandising from Miami International University of Art & Design. This is seriously been a trying and stressful process for me. I began attending college right out of high school and after about the first year my financial aid got all screwed up and I was no longer able to fund my education. I was determined to get back into school a few months later and soon those few months turned into two years. During that time I was miserable because I hate the feeling of starting and then not completing something - not to mention that fact that I had to begin paying back student loans for a degree I never earned and wasn't making enough money to even pay the minimum (thank God for deferment). After many frustrating and failed attempts and re-enrolling I began refocusing my energy and thanked the Lord that I was even able to experience that one year. Somehow I found my way back to that financial aid office only to be crushed once again - paying the tuition myself was impossible and my parents weren't in the position to help me take out a loan. I felt defeated again and tried to come to terms with the fact that I would never finish.

One day it hit me - this was my life - I was the only person who could change my life. I took out my student loan by myself and realized that I only qualified for a portion of my tuition. I asked family members if they could co-sign my loan so that everything could be covered but that did work out - it was ok though. My goal was to walk in this years graduation so I was determined to attend school full time, not part time though that was all my financial aid would cover . I told my school that I would somehow pay my balance in cash - I didn't know how but I was going to do it - and for the past 9 months I did it with the help of prayer, my parents, and my own determination...and my financial aid rep giving me a 6 month extention to make my payments lower. I never knew how I would pay the money each month but somehow it happened, whether one time or two weeks late.

Three months ago I learned that I would miss Graduation by two classes which would mess up my goal of walking the stage. Not to be defeated I decided to take on a course overload and enrolled in 7 classes for my last quater instead of 5. I pleaded with the administration, wrote a heartfelt letter and actually got approved for taking that many classes. All the department heads and my teachers thought I was crazy but I was determined to be in my cap and gown on July 17th, 2009. I took it day by day, sacrificed my free time, sleep and sometimes even meals to complete all my projects and study for tests. The last two weeks of school I barely slept and was sick from not taking care of myself but the payoff was so sweet.

Yesterday as I sat in the auditorium of the Hyatt Regency with my fellow classmates and it finally hit me where I was and what I was doing. If someone told me this time last year that I was going to be a college graduate I would never believe them. I seriously wanted to cry - I had worked so hard and tried so many times to make this happen - my dream had finally come true.

Nothing is impossible.

I am not stopping here - I plan to start classes towards a Bachelors degree in January and after completing that I plan on earning a Masters degree. I know that I'll have to continue to sacrifice but its worth it to me. Here are some pictures from my day come true:

Here I am at Portfolio Review which is an event set up where employers and industry professionals can check out the portfolios of graduating students. These interactions can sometimes lead to employment so I tried my hardest to impress all those who stopped by my table to talk to me and ask me questions about my work. I had a good amount of people ask for my resume after speaking to me so I walked out of there feeling great.

After portfolio review I headed over to my friends house for lunch and then we made our way over to the hotel for rehearsal. We then waited another hour or so before the ceremony started. During that time my family had came by to see me and my Daddy even brought me flowers. Finally it was time to walk in and I searched the audience for my family. When they called my name to walk across the stage I tried not to cry - this was the moment I had been waiting for. As soon as I got off the stage and took my pictures I saw my mom jumping up and down and screaming my name - it was so funny. When it was all over I hugged all my classmates and wished them good luck - one of which landed an internship with Elle Magazine in New York (amazing right?). I found my family and course the photo op began:

Afterwards, the 6 of us headed over to J.Alexanders to celebrate - the food was so good. Lil Sis and I spit the Country Club Sandwich - the serving was hhhuuuuggggeee
We all then split a chocolate dessert which was seriously a crime - it was the most amazing thing I've ever tasted since I've stepped foot on this planet.
This was all that was left by the time I took my camera out. By the way, this thing was baked with whole Hershey Bars - nuff said!

My fiance wasn't able to attend because he has just started a new job and wasn't able to take the time off. I was really sad but I know he wanted to be there, and he called tons of times to check up on me and see how everything was going.

Finally I leave you a picture of my favorite picture of the day - me and Lil Sis

She is one of the main reasons that I was so determined to finish what I started. I need her to see that she can accomplish anything she puts her mind to not matter how many stumbling blocks try to get the way, not to be afraid of hardwork and how important education is. She actually did exceptionally well in school this year and I'm so proud of her. Today she left for summer vacation in New York with my dad and I miss her so much already.

Now that school is out I'm in full wedding planning mode - first stop, cake tasting tomorrow :)

my first tatt: eternal love.

So I had a very spontanious Sunday - Future Hubbs and I went to meet my cousins at the beach and somewhere in between parking and walking to the beach we ended up deciding to get matching tattoos. I'm terrified of needles and always swore that I would never ever get a tattoo.

We wanted to get a symbol - not each others names. I found a celtic symbol for eternal love - perfect - nothing too crazy, and definently something small. I decided to go first just in case Fiance's looked too painful and I decided to chicken out - I had this rush of energy all of a sudden, I wasn't scared at all. Once that needle hit my skin however, it was a different story - the wrist is supposed to be one of the most painful and sensitive areas to get a tattoo and of course that is the only place a I wanted it. It hurt at first (I did scream for maybe a minute,lol) but then I got over it and it wasn't so bad...

By now I was in total badass mode, lol!

All done! Originally I was supposed to get a smaller version but I wanted mine to be the same size as my fiance's so I opted to go bigger. I love it.
Here's my fiance making fun of me - he's so terrible, lol

He didn't even flintch. He already has a tattoo that is much bigger so it didn't faze him at all. No fun.
eternal love.

The Floral Proposal

I finally heard from the florist this week! He dropped off an envelope next door at my job and I instantly knew what was in there. When my co-worker/beastie/bridesmaid Sonia called to tell me and I trusted her enough to open the envelope for me.

::drumroll::The actual total of the florals was about $500 less than the estimate! However after discussing it with my mom and fiance we decided that it was still more than we could afford. We decided that the florist is only going to be responsible for the ceremony - the alter, the bouquets, etc. As far as the reception we're going to rent our table cloths and chair covers (::shivers::) from the venue and we're going to do all the center pieces ourselves.

Sonia is going to be free on Sundays starting in about a month or so and now that I'm done with school we're going to immerse ourselves in DIY projects. We have so many ideas planned and mom has some tricks up her sleeves as well. First things first - more black vases!

photo credit: Punam Bean

a glitch in the matrix.

So last Saturday morning as I was laying in bed hiding from the world, I get a call from the place that I ordered my second dress - my dress cannot be ordered in the ivory color that they told me. What?!? I wasn't even awake so I couldn't deal with it - I told them I'd call them back. It was too early for my brain to even be functioning at that capacity, I can't deal with things like that so early in the morning...I couldn't even remember my own name at that point.

...of course I forgot all about it and went about my day. Later on while I was at a baby shower, the shop called to ask me what my decision was and needed to know like right that second before they closed for the weekend! So I did what any self respecting, independent woman would do in crisis ... I called my mom and asked her what to do (lol) - we decided to keep the dress and go with another color that ties into the wedding. Problem solved!

I moved on!

I still haven't heard back from the florist guy - I don't know what the problem is but I know its not supposed to take this long for a florist to get back to me on pricing. It's been over a month now! But whatever, because I've been conjouring up some DIY activities and finding some cool things to add to my wedding decor. In the end, I'll probably only need him for my bouquet and my alter set up. I don't have time for games. I know I'm not putting in a $30,000 floral order but I'm a human too...jeez. Brides on a budget need love too!
I refuse to stress over it and with school comming to a close, and the fiance trying to convince me to take a break for the next couple months (say what??) I'm going to have all the time in the world to sit on the floor and make things - I have so many ideas!
...in even more important news - I picked up my graduation tickets today! Woooohoo

photo: Laura Novak

the small things.

One of the top ten reasons why I love my fiance...

He still gives me piggy back rides!

PS: Next week is the last week of school - wwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhoooooooooooo!!!


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