let's get a little personal shall we.

Gone are the days when I blogged here everyday...::sigh:: I know my posts have been extremly sporadic but please forgive me. There is so much going on in this big head of mine and I'm trying to take it all in and process it.

At this point I'm adjusting to life as a post grad...just landed a full time job (as a Visual Merchandiser yesterday) while trying to build up my clientele with my freelance makeup business (sidebar: my website has officially launded ladies - please visit). In addition that, I'm trying to figure out if I will in fact be relocating to another state in a few months....and then throw in planning a wedding into the mix - it is quite overwhelming! I've finally been sleeping again after spending a few weeks just sleeping for about 2 hours. Since my fiance works at night and I have so much running through my head, I would often just stay up at night trying to figure out what my next move in life is and weighing the pros and cons on paper - I'd have serious debates alone in the room by myself trying to figure out which one of the life changing decisions I have to make will be the right one...

...uuuhhh the trials and tribulations of growing up! I have noticed a change in myself since returning to Florida this last trip - all of a sudden I'm itching to get out of here. I know what I want to do with my life and I'm not too sure that it's possible here. Last week Cousin Kim and I visited someone to get some...shall we say...guidance. She told me that moving back to New York would be a good thing for me. Fiance hates living here anyway and has been dying to move back as well since his 2nd month of living here...so if or when we move back, he'll be the happiest kid in the world.

As far as the wedding goes, I'm now in the stage of getting the RSVP's back which is the worst part of wedding planning - in my opinion. People don't RSVP for some reason and you always have to end up calling them to confirm...it defeats the whole purpose of me slaving over printing those invitations..putting those lines on the cards for people to write their names under their food choice... It has a date to RSVP by and that date was put there for a reason. I now have to give my venue HALF of the total ... but how can I know what half is if no one RSVP's? Every meal selection is a different price...such a pain...but I'm not dealing with it...Mom has offered to take care of that for me thank God - I'm not in the mood to chase people.

Besides that, things have cooled down as far as the wedding - everything is pretty much done, we're just paying everyone. I'm trying to stay away from reading too many wedding blogs and magazines because I just get so confused and then I want to change all my ideas, lol. I will say this - this is the first and only time I'm doing this...if I choose to renew my vows by doing another big event, I will have a planner, she will do everything and just tell us when and where to show up.

ps: I love my autographed doggie from my Bridal Shower in New York...it makes me smile


It's almost that time ladies (and maybe gentlemen)...my official website featuring all my work as a makeup artist should be up and running by the end of this week.

For now I leave you with a sneak peek professional image from Staci-Ann’s wedding that I worked on last month (click here if you missed it). I just received the images today and I’m so impressed. Remember, you can always stop by my makeup blog or myspace page to see more of my work as well.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and thank you to those of you who continue to stop by and show support! I will re-pay you with my makeup tutorial series (on the makeup blog) that I’ll begin in conjunction with the launch of the website! & oh yea, here's the link to my Twitter page!

ps: I promise to start posting about the wedding again this week - I've just been very distracted and have been putting my energy towards what happens after the wedding - so many changes (for the better) coming up and it takes lots of preparations...hope everything is coming together for you all :)

we did it again!

"Usain Bolt just killed the world record for the 100m in Track Field:
On a perfect night in Berlin, with a tailwind of 1 mile per hour, the Jamaican put his 100-meters world record into the range of the superhuman, winning his first world title with a time of 9.58 seconds.

That broke the record of 9.69 Bolt set at the 2008 Olympics.

The defending world champion, Tyson Gay of the United States, also ran the race of his life, finishing second in 9.71 seconds, third fastest time ever and 6/100ths better than his previous personal best.

Former world record holder (Jamaican) Asafa Powell was third in 9.84."
(via the ybf.com)

it was all a dream...

I've been totally uninspired to blog about anything wedding related as of late - I literally threw that last post together. I'm trying to adjust back to reality now that I'm back in Florida and left apart of myself back home in Long Island. I've been really sad since my return - I've never felt this way after a visit there before.
Things are changing in my life and adjustments need to be made. Besides my relationship, I feel very unfullfilled and didn't realized just how complacent I've become since moving down here.

...excuse me while I deal with my issues...bare with me...


This past weekend, my bestfriend and I took on the task of planning my bridal shower in 24 hours. Everything was so hectic and tiring, but so worth it!

SATURDAY:Search for and booked the venue
Contacted everyone about coming
Bought the cake

Bought our outfits
Confirmed all the guests
Bought decorations

In the end everything turned out really well and I was glad that we decided to go threw the process. There was never a doubt in my mind about choosing a maid of honor, I've never met anyone like B in my life and I'm so honored to have been calling her my bestfriend for the past 12 years of my life - I love her so much. Her and her family worked so hard to ensure that I had a great shower.

I wanted to share all the pictures with you, but the thought of posting them all here on blogger, and speaking about them one by one was daunting so I decided to tell my story through a slideshow, here it goes:

I can't put into words how thankful I am that everyone showed up on such short notice especially those who came from long distances. The food was great and spirits were high - I'm such a lucky girl to call these people my friends and family.

HARLEM: the quest for my bridal shower cake.

My maid of honor/bestfriend and I came up with the bright idea of me having a bridal shower while I'm here in New York. Although we talked about it a few weeks ago nothing had been planned and we figured that we'd throw it together once I got here. However, since I've stepped foot in Long Island all I've been doing is hanging out with friends and eating, lol. Yesterday we finally realized we were one day away and needed to plan, lol. So the past 24 hours have been a plan-o-thon...I'm so tired.

We booked a place, confirmed all the guests and have been trying to make this an eventful as possible. As you know - I love food - desserts in particular - so I was very excited about being able to have cake. We were sitting around the house and playing on the computer when my MOH's sister suggested this place where she heard they made the most amazing cake - however, it was located in Harlem. We decided to take the trip - you can never go too far for good cake!

Let me just say, I HEART HARLEM! I love the energy in Harlem - there's so much culture there, so much history and not to mention - GOOD FOOD! It's no secret that Harlem has amazing food, so we didn't think twice to go out there for an adventure...
Of course the Apollo Theatre on 125th ... everytime I pass by there I think of all the great artists throughout history who walked through those doors..
The Michael Jackson memorial area in front of The Apollo...$5 t-shirts w/ MJ's images, lol - gotta love it.
So back to the reason we went to Harlem in the first place - cake. We headed over to MAKE MY CAKE which was a dream. From the ambiance of the store to the food on display, we knew we'd be in good hands...

I ended up getting a cake that was buttercream and red velvet! While we waited for the cake to be decorated, I stuffed my face with a red velvet cupcake that is pictured above - yes it was that perfect. It was soooo good... Once the cake was done, we dropped it off in the car and took a quick stroll around Harlem...

I loved my shoes but I had to change them after a while, lol...

Here's the church where one of the girls were baptized...

Another piece of red velvet that I stopped at Sylvia's - someone bought it a few minutes later.

Sylvia's is a world famous soul food spot that is often frequented by celebrities - even Bill Clinton who has his office near by has stopped in for a bite to eat. I don't usually eat soul food but the girls assured me that it would be great, and it was!


121 St. Nicholas Ave. (116th St.)
T. 212 932.0833


2380 Adam C. Powell Blvd (139th St.)
T 212 234.2344

328 Lenox Ave
New York, NY 10027-3702
(212) 996-0660


I’m really getting the itch to move back to New York! From ages 10 – 17 I lived a happy existence in Long Island which came to an abrupt end when my parents got a separation. I now live in South Florida which is great, but point blank – there’s no place like New York.

My (now) fiance and I met here in NY just a few weeks before I packed my bags for Florida. He eventually joined me in the south but just hasn’t quite been able to find his niche. He’s always talking about moving back to NY which I’ve always ignored, but for the past couple months myself, I’ve been feeling the urge. There is nothing of significance that keeping us in South Florida so I feel that the move can only be a positive one for us financially and career wise. He’s possibly able to get his old job back (high five) and I can’t go wrong living in NY with a Fashion Merchandising degree and/or continuing to do makeup.

I’m now back in my hometown to retrieve my little sis and bring her back home. With my dad, sisters and childhood friends here, I decided to stay for an entire week. I can’t express how excited I was on the plane. There is no energy anywhere like there is in New York, especially in the summer. My sister picked me up from LaGuardia and after a stop in Queens we arrived in Long Island where I was immediately scooped up by my best friend (since we were 10 years old) Barbara. I missed her so much, I almost cried when I gave her a hug. We headed to a water front restaurant in our little town of Freeport, Long Island to spend time together and grab dinner.

Here I am with my bestfriend of 12 years, Barbara. She's my maid of honor and also had a role in Husby and I meeting each other back in 04 - I owe her my right arm, lol. I miss just being able to call her and hang out. It's weird going from seeing someone almost everyday and now just seeing them once or twice a year. We do speak on the phone just about everyday, so everytime we see each other we just pick up from where we left off.
I’ve already gotten to see a few of my girls and even ran into a former schoolmate who now works at the resturant where we had dinner, that I haven’t seen in ages. That’s the fun thing about small towns, no matter where you go, there’s always a familiar face – that can be a good or bad thing depending on your situation I guess, lol. That being said, if or when we move back I have my eye on Williamsburg in Brooklyn.

In wedding related news, I brought along with me all the bridesmaid dresses for the New York girls - there are 5 of them in total. My matron of honor (Big Sis) and my maid of honor (Barbara) were able to try on their dresses yesterday and they fit them perfectly - except for the hem of course because they're both only about 5 feet tall, lol.

I'm so excited to be here ! I'm heading over to my Daddys today for what he has dubbed, a NellyQ - a bbq for Jheanell (me, lol). I love my Daddy! The 3 of us are big time Daddys Girls - that will never change...not even for my sister who is 31, lol.

so we registered for gifts.

Alot of brides to be that I meet these days tell me that there's no point in them registering for gifts. Often times couples already live together and therefore already have all the household supplies that they need. Husby and I however have nothing so registering for gifts is a great way for us to get the basics that we need once we venture off on our own (which I'm sooo looking forward to at this point).

Our original plan was to register at Macys and Bed, Bath & Beyond. When we got to Macys however, we were told that the bridal consultant wasn't there and so we couldn't register. As we were leaving and checking out some items that we thought we might like, we kind of felt that a lot of the merchandise was overpriced.

We headed over to Bed, Bath & Beyond where we were quickly greeted by a friendly staff who began assisting us right away. Their head bridal consultant was on her lunch break, but someone quickly stepped in to help us and got us started...

My consultant Adrian was amazing. I often asked him for suggestions and he was very knowledgeable about all the merchandise. What ever I asked him about, he knew all about it. Not to mention, he was such a sweetheart - we adopted him into the family...... he was saying something mean, lol ... "watch out for that rolling pin!"... can you tell how overwhelmed I am? lol ... I felt that I had been hit in the head and all of a sudden I was starting to feel like a grown up, lol ... shopping for household items will do that to you :)
... all tired after 2.5 hours of scanning the entire store...I took a nap when I went home
my mom and my aunt - being the shopaholics that they are, they ended up picking up somethings for themselves as well

REVIEW: We had a great time at Bed, Bath & Beyond! We were able to find items in all price ranges which is a great thing for our guests - it gives them a nice amount of choices. With all the items that we were able to add to our registry, we didn't feel the need to return to Macys for a second registry - we found it all right there. I would definently recommend registering there!

We loved it ...
103 DAYS LEFT...
PS: Invitations are out (check out a sneak peek of them HERE) - everyone loves them - already started getting some RSVP's

PSS: I'm flying to New York tomorrow to spend time with my family and girlies - I will be there for a week, I'll try to update my blog while I'm there...but who knows, lol...I'm so looking forward to a stroll in Manhattan - there's nothing like New York in the summertime! In addition, I'll be having a small bridal shower ... I think
PSSS: Go here to check out a recent photoshoot that I worked on, as usual, let me know what you think
This is my consultant Adrian - he was amazing. I often asked him for suggestions and he was very knowledgeable about all the merchandise. What ever I asked him about, he knew all about it. Not to mention, he was such a sweetheart - we adopted him into the family...... he was saying something mean, lol ... "watch out for that rolling pin!"... can you tell how overwhelmed I am? lol ... I felt that I had been hit in the head and all of a sudden I was starting to feel like a grown up, lol ... shopping for household items will do that to you :)


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