Mama finally got a new toy...

... off playing with my child "Billy Jean" and getting ready to
ring in the New Year with the family...
I hope everyone has an amazing night and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be safe!

Thank you for all the support this year as I struggled with my wedding planning.
It's so crazy that I had so much support from people I've never met in person. I really do appreciate
our unique friendship. You're amazing!

Have fun with your family and friends tonight and leave 2009 behind...
ooh I like that.. 
"leave 2009 behind!"....


This post had to be done in 2 parts because I had a big bridal party!
8 bridesmaids...
a maid of honor..
matron of honor...
as well as the best men, ring bearer, flowers girls... but we'll get to them later...
So here is the second half of my girls (read about the first half HERE)

(from left to right)

My cousin is probably described as the ditz of the family! She has her own language which we've finally begun to understand now that we're adults...and has a random urge to "wine up her body" whenever she hears a beat...even if it's in her head

We met on the first day of 5th grade and became inseperable. We always got in trouble together, would cover our tracks for one another...and for some reason in high school I always ended up dating her boyfriends bestfriends...and so there were lots of double dates together

Wannie and I met in 8th grade math class where she would fill me in on all the latest gossip whether I asked for it or not. We've been through a lot together in the past couple years and I'm so proud of the woman that she has become today.

BARBARA (my maid of honor)
We met in 5th grade as well, and along with Alex we became the 3 amigos. If one of us were absent from school our teachers would ask if we were ok lol. She's more like a sister than a bestfriend and is actually the reason why I met my husband, so I practically owe her my life. She is one of the most amazing human beings on this planet - so self less....and always needs to make sure that everyone is ok. I love this girl more than I can put into words.

and finally...my BIG SIS, my matron of honor...

what can I say about my sister?
She took care of me as a kid...and she's still taking care of me now when I need her, lol. I could always go to her knowing that I won't be judged for whatever I say or whatever I do. She's always honest with me...and I love her to pieces because she gave me 2 precious nieces (hey that rhymes) who I love so much. Because we are 9 years apart, I never had to experience her ever beating me up...kicking me out her room...or her telling me she hated me because I was messing with her stuff...and that's awesome!


my fabulous christmas.

Once my husband made it home on Christmas morning, I became even more excited about dinner later on that evening. All major holidays are usually celebrated at my moms house and of course this year was no different. Although this has been the hardest year for all of us financially, we wanted to lift everyones spirit and throw the best dinner party possible!
My husband told me that I looked like a Stepford Wife - lol! Normally, I go out and purchase something new to wear on Christmas - but this recession is not a joke! I was all about shopping in my own closet and using items that I already have. I really wanted to wear a white dress and remember that I had this dress that I had only worn once. I accesorized with some stuff I had gotten at The Goodwill (::ahem:: my earrings were only 99 cents) and a necklace from Forever 21 that actually ended up matching my earrings perfectly. I wore red pumps (not pictured) that matcehd my lips! I adore red lipstick, and that was definently a night to whip it out. With red lips the rest of my makeup was kept neutral - bronzer on the cheek and very light eyeshadow.
I came up with the idea of doing a WINTER WONDERLAND theme, since we always decorate with red and green every year. Since there is no real winter in South Florida, I thought it would be fun. Mom put up sheer drapery and ights around the exterior of the back porch along with a Christmas tree and fire place to give a cozy feeling. I came up with the concept for the table and decorated it with the assistance of my little sister who came up with the idea of putting our atificial lillies in the pool. I went to the dollar store where I was able to purchase everything for the table and more for about $20...but a lot of it were things that were already had laying around...

I am so blessed to have the family that I have. We all love being together! I know that sounds corny, but we look forward to family gatherings. We ate while Christmas carols played and afterwards we just sat around and talked foolishness for hours. We have the most fun doing nothing but enjoying each others company.
Hope everyone had a beautiful Holiday Weekend!

How did you celebrate?


I woke up in a very bad mood on Christmas morning. I still couldn't
accept the fact that my husband and I were spending our first Christmas as
husband and wife in two different states. After opening gifts with my mom and sister
I retreated to my bedroom with a handful of chocolate kisses and laid down to watch
"The Bodyguard".

As I was drowning in my sorrows, I got a call from my
husband saying that he got a flight but it would be for next week...
I guess that was better than nothing...

2 minutes later I get a knock on my room door...
I jumped on him...
I cried...
Punched him a couple times...
Cried some more...

What a cruel joke!
My mom found out that my uncle was driving down from New
York so she asked if he could give my husband a ride. He had been driving
from Thursday morning - mind you, I spoke to him several times - he really
got me. Everything worked out last minute.

I couldn't have been happier....that's all I wanted for Christmas - to be together.


HAPPY HOLIDAYS...i guess...

Although I'm pretty much devastated that my husband and I
are in 2 different states at the moment and can't spend Christmas together, I'm
still thnakful to be spending time with my mom, little sister and my crazy cousins.

Christmas is my moms favorite time of year and she always goes crazy
with decorating. This year was no differemt! The special thing
about this year was the she incorporated a lot of my wedding
stuff with the Christmas decorations...

The jar is from the candy buffet and the flowers are the bridesmaids bouquets...

The flowers in the gold vase were used in the centerpieces at the reception
& the crystals were spread on the tables...

Lil Sis messing with the village...in her Santa hat of course...

We are hosting Christmas dinner tomorrow evening, so today is all about preparing
for that. I'm in charge of decor this year so I'm super
excited to test out my skills.

SIDEBAR: How funny is this?

I hope everyone has a wonderful and SAFE Holiday Weekend.

I miss my husband :(

down the aisle they go | MEET THE BRIDAL PARTY pt 1

{here is where we left off during the last wedding re-cap}

... as I hid at the side of the building with my dad my heart sank in my chest as I waited to go down the aisle. Because I was entering from a seperate way from everyone, I had no idea what was going on or when exactly we were beginning. Suddenly I heard the music for the bridal party and I knew I just had moments to go before making my big entrance. The bridal party walked into one of my favorite songs, "I Call It Love" by Lionel Richie:

I peaked through the bushes and watched the girls walk down the aisle one by one...

Anna-Kay is my little cousin/sister who came all the way from Jamaica to be one of my bridesmaids. When I saw her all dolled up for the wedding, I was almost in tears. One day we're jumping off her roof playing Power Rangers and all of a sudden she's 19 and making straight A's in college. It was a really weird feeling - I love her so much - I felt like a proud parent. I don't get to see her as much now that I no longer live in Jamaica, but luckily for Facebook we're able to chat just about everyday...I love my Anna Banana.

Sonia is the one true friend that I made living in Florida. I've never met anyone like her. She marches to the beat of her own drum and has opened my eyes to a lot of things that I otherwise would be too scared to try. I met her while working at the bridal shop where she was my manager but quickly became my friend. She makes me laugh....she supports my shopping habit...and has the best ipod playlist known to man.

Cousin Kim has made many appearances on my little blog! She's super duper awesome for the following reasons:

  • she's a germ-o-phobe who can't touch people and I love to see her reaction when people try to hug her

  • she has the most awesome sneaker collection

  • her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

  • she's cousin who is always down for anything no matter what time of night or day it is - whether it's an early morning beach session or a night late drive to do nothing - she's there.

Candace is also my age and has already been married for over a year and has 2 beautiful boys. Whenever people tell me it's weird that I got married at 22 years old, I always show her off as an example, lol

Oh Janique...where do I start?
Janique is the "ride or die" of the family - literally. She has one of the biggest hearts, but if you so much as look at her or one of her family members wrong - there is no way of saving you...all I can do is close my eyes and pray for you. From birth we have been as thick as thieves and that is a bond that no one can break. Without a doubt she's always there for me...I admire her strength, sometimes I wish I was like her


an apartment in Gramercy...

Lori Levine owns this apartment in Manhattan...
... and I'm very jealous...

PHOTO CREDIT | The New York Times

ghost chairs.

So my latest obsession for the home are GHOST CHAIRS:

I don't know what it is about this style of
chair, but I need them in my life! Husband and I saw
them at IKEA one day but they wanted about $200 a chair (I think)
and that wasn't happening. So one of my missions for early 2010
is to get my hands on some when we get our apartment.

I recently saw NYC party planner Polly Onet incorporate them in
what seems to be her office and it looks amazing. I also love how she incorporates
turquoise all over her home and makes it so chic. Having such a tropical and
color all over your home - especially in the winter time is such a breath of
fresh air - definently helps you to get out of bed in the morning...

a disco ball in the middle of the house?
I need to meet this girl and ask her to be my bestfriend!

PHOTO CREDIT | New York Social Diary

The Orlando trip got cancelled - I'm so sad :(

Have you stopped by THE POPPY SHOW as yet? You should...


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