the soundtrack to my life...

Jay-Z was my introduction to Hip Hop.

When I was growing up in Jamaica, Hip Hop music was not as big down there as it is now
. They never played it on the radio and even if you had cable, more than likely you weren't allowed to
 watch MTV or BET as children. While in Florida one year I caught a glimpse of this video
and that was it for me:
Soon thereafter I immigrated to New York - the birthplace of Hip Hop and where Jay-Z's music
flooded the airwaves (and still does). I fell in love with his music which led me to other artists
and love for the entire genre. Hip Hop was so new to me and I wanted to know everything
about it. From 80's Hip Hop to everything current, I studied it, danced to it and it became apart of me.

My first Hip Hop cd was Jay-Z's "Hard Knock Life". My uncle had a store in Jamaica where he sold cd's and  purchased his goods in New York. He would always take me with him to choose cd's, because I was able to tell him what "the kids were listening to" - that way he would know what to buy. My reward/pay was free cd's (I learned from a very young age not to do things for free, lol) Luckily for me, the place where he bought his cd's offered clean edited versions, and that's the only reason my mom allowed me to get it.
I was never the same...

Funny story: my mom and I actually made up our own
Christmas carol to this's hilarious!

Strangely enough, a large amount of my memories coincide with
a Jay-Z song...his music has served as the soundtrack to my life...
for me, his music is very nostalgic...

Somehow Cousin Jan had gotten her hands on a pair of tickets for the opening of his tour here in
 South Florida, and I was bummed that I couldn't go.Unfortunately, Cousin Kim had a family emergency
 and wasn't able to go with Jan, and so I ended up going. Initially I thought my cousin was playing a joke
on me. I didn't believe her until we actually got to the arena. We were so excited! We were in the
nosebleed section, but had a clear look at the stage - that's all we needed - we were just happy
 to be there...and hell, we didn't pay for our tickets anyway...
Trey Songz perfomed:

(photos via WENN.COM, Jeff Daly)

... he's so adorable ...
 We were expecting Young Jeezy to hit the stage next, but to our
surprise, we heard the intro of "Run This Town" and Jay-Z appeared out of nowhere:
photo by me.

video from the actual concert...

(photos via Jeff Daly/WENN.COM)

Crowd went crazy - everyone lost their mind - and Cousin Jan and I were
on our feet and sang every single song word for word:
Next up, "You Don't Know" - this song was playing in the car the last time
that I saw the World Trade Center standing...the terrorist attacks followed 2 days later...

(video from our actual concert)

(photos via Jeff Daly/WENN.COM)

I wonder what it feels like to be on stage and have all these people
singing your songs along with you...
::sigh:: I've always wanted to be a singer - but I suck x's 10
Singing in the mirror with my hair brush will have to do, I guess...

The energy in that place was crazy! I've never experienced anything like
that in my life. People of all colors and races recited the words with their diamonds
held above their heads..."On To The Next" pretty much shut the entire arena down!
I started feeling light headed - it was ridiculous...
(photos via Jeff Daly/WENN.COM)

Show Finale: video from our actual concert:

We had an amazing time...but it would have been better if Kim was
there as well. It took me a while to wind down from the concert, some people
in the parking lot were having their own little party blasting Jay-Z songs from their cars and dancing, lol.

 More footage:

Memphis Bleek (who I thought I was going to marry in junior high)
 comes on stage for "You Don't Know":

Big Pimpin is one of my favorites and I was on edge waiting for him to perform this - I
definately had my scarf swinging in the air for this song...

This song reminded me that I need to go to New York to retrieve my car, clothes and
all the plans that I had the last time that I was there...



(our side said "Jigga What")


Thanks for stopping by and reading this intensity that was my experience
at the concert - this post was over kill - but I think it's one of my favorites


bananas. said...

okay lady, you are so darn cute with your louis. i'm still so jealous that you got to see jay-z. man is a genius!

never thought of his music as a soundtrack to my life but i know what you mean...when i hear certain songs, it totally takes me back to specific times in my life. i love jay-z!!!

happynappybride said...

I remember having a jean shirt like that when I was a youngun! Jay Z is smooth man, love his stuff.


If you guys are able to get your hands on some tickets - try to go. I don't usually like hip hop concerts but this was amazing...and I love the fact that he performs with a band - I'm glad you all liked the post

Pastry Gurl said...

Oh snap all I can say as a Brooklyn(Bed-Stuy)girl is...It's the Roc in hear!!!!!!!!!!


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