what i've learned about (my) marriage so far...

(photo via Our Blog Of Love)

  • Apparently being a wife without a full time job isn't so bad as opposed to being single with no job - instead of people looking at your like you're a bum, they praise you for being a "homemaker" (oh really?)

  • People always told me you got tons of extra money at tax time for being married - jokes on me - good thing I didn't get married for that reason

  • Puppy eyes still work on my husband ::pumps fist in the air::

  • People always feel the need to give marriage advice even though you never ask for it - I just smile while my mind drifts off into wonderland...usually thinking about 10 other things I'd like to be doing than listening to unsolicited advice

  • The fact that we didn't put wedding expenses on a credit card is AMAZING!

  • When people who meet us for the first time find out we're married, we usually get, "You guys look too young to be married"...I know the fact that I look about 12 yrs old throws people off - but my husband is staring 30 in the face

  • Marriage doesn't solve problems that you had prior to signing that legally bounding paper - in blue ink only (as per Florida law...ridiculous)

  • Board games suddenly become more fun

  • Having your own closets are key to avoiding divorce - mainly because you can buy stuff and hide it in there...if you can also have your own tv's - you've hit the jackpot

  • I will never learn to like cleaning the bathroom...I think after 5.5 years together, he's finally coming to terms with this

  • ...and finally, getting married  is the best thing that ever happened to me...

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Erika at BluLabel Bungalow said...

I LOVE this post! It's so authentic and transparent...I especially love the first one! Too funny. I have 1 toddler and 2 preschoolers home with me AND I run a design business. My husband thinks I'm superwoman. I like it that way ;-)


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