4th of July | church.food.movies + fireworks

...and to think that I had nothing planned for the holiday...

This 4th of July ended up being jam packed from start to finish. Since the holiday fell
on a Sunday, church was first on the list. I was moved to tears during the service as the sermon was
one of the most powerful that I've ever experienced. I felt as though that Word was for me because what Pastor preached about were things I need help overcoming. Isn't it weird when that happens?
It's as if they're in your mind or have been reading the pages of your diary - I needed that Word that
morning. I left there feeling confident that everything will be ok.

After church came dinner which was beyond delicious. This meal was not condusive to my
weight loss plan (but don't judge me) but that's a whole different post. Anyway, we ate until we were so
uncomfortable and spilling out of our clothes. Thank goodness I was wearing a loose fitting
black dress, so my tummy wasn't  noticable was everyone elses when we were wobbled out of the resturant.
The Chocolate Truffle Cake...
...consisted of chocolate cake, chocolate fudge, chocolate crips + whipped cream
We ordered one slice for the 5 of us to share and trust me it was challenge. First of all, the thing was
huge! I don't think it's possible for just one person to eat it. My aunt and I are chocolate fanatics so we went in. My mom - not so much but she couldn't resist. The husband took a couple bites and had to calll
it quits as did my cousin. This cake was too serious! A full glass of water is a must with this thing!
(hubby + me being silly)

The aftermath of the chocolate cake...
After dinner we saw The Last Airbender + Toy Story 3 (both in 3D) - Loved them both!
Afterwards we drove around looking for firework before calling it a night.
 I had a great day with the family - I'm so blessed.




I BLEED PINK said...

Oh my word, that food looks soo GOOD!!!! We saw Toy 3 too and it was so cute.

Eve said...

You and your husband look so adorable together. I can just feel the love from the picture itself :D

The food looks sooo good. I'm wondering what were those balls in sauce. Yum. My 4th was like an average day over here, England is not so keen on US independance Heehee. Glad you had a great day.

Lillian said...

That cake is SERIOUS and looks amazing!! Now I want some chocolate cake...


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