weekend on the water.

This weekend was an eventful one which started off with me working on my first celebrity photo shoot - which was an amazing opportunity...and I cross my fingers that they happen more frequently. Of course you can check that out by clicking here. To top it off, my bestfriend came to South Florida and we enjoyed a Girls Only Weekend since our significant others were out of town. We also picked up one of my other friends and headed out to a local spot on the water to grab dinner. The 3 of us had great conversation as we over stuffed ourselves and admired the scenery around us.

You know I love caprese!

After dinner we headed down to a gelato shop that also
served cupcakes...I didn't get a chance to get anything :(

Check out all these gelato flavors...

We then headed to a chocolate shop where I literally
interviewed the owner for a good half an hour. My goal in life is to work
myself, so I basically picked her brain and made her tell me everything about everything!
She was actually very nice and answered all my questions, lol...she was awesome!
Of course I can't remember the name of the shop, but I remember how to find it...and that's
what's most important I guess.

How did you spend your weekend?


Marla said...

Awesome pics. I want some of that! lol

Eve said...

Nice outting you had there, I love being around water and food :D You had it all.

Plus friends to have a nice time with. You always have your business thinking cap on? Good job interviewing that business owner, when you go for yours I'm sure it's going to be right.

My weekend was a-ok :D Have a great week!

Sonja said...

Jin, your professional-isms really do shine all through your blogs. I stumbled upon your blog as I clicked the "next blog" tab on my own blog. I am not as computer savvy as you nor can I get pics as outstanding as yours. Who are you, girl? You should be using your blog to teach us old folk (I'm 70) how to keep up with the younger 'virtual reality' livers. I would love to have your computer knowledge and writing skills. (But your weight, you can keep :).



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