GOOD EATS| two for twenty.

Finally - a full day out the house! I've been having some serious cabin fever since catching that darn stomach virus but I was determined to go outside over the weekend. Despite not being able to keep my breakfast down (TMI), I was determined to get some fresh air. In the midst of a day out with Mom and Lil Sis, we spotted an Applebees and decided to take advantage of their 2 for $20 menu for our lunch.

We got the boneless chicken for appetizer and Lil Sis + I shared the 3 Cheese Penne while having a serious debate on whether or not Justin Beiber is cool or not. She "hates" Justin Beiber but loves the Jonas Brothers - she's crazy! Since staying with my mom since I got sick, Lil Sis also got me into Hannah Montana. I use to think it was crap and couldn't understand why kids were so obsessed with her, but her show is pretty good! I'm now addicted to the Disney Channel by the way + I'm not ashamed to admit it :)

I think I lost weight since I got sick, but me and the scale aren't on speaking terms right now, so it's only speculation at this point - I am looking forward to getting back in the gym though and having Jillian Micheals kick my butt via my livingroom television set...I'm gonna have to start from Day 1 with that 30 Day Shred...again... ::hangs head in shame:: ... I promise I'm gonna finish this program if it kills me!!!

I also met up with my awesome wedding photographer to FINALLY order my photos - this was HUGE PROCRASTINATION on my part. Too many "I'll do it tomorrow" added up to almost a year later. I also ordered our wedding album which I'm so excited about - it's so fancy! I ordered the kind where the photos are embedded into the page with cool designs and graphics which is so great. West Indian families are notorious for swiping photos so this is perfect. The pages are some sort of material...I forgot to ask what it was called, but it's not paper so I don't stand the chance of someone accidentally ripping the pages either or having finger prints all over the pages. It was quite an investment but this is something we're going to have forever, we'll be showing this to our grandkids one day...ha ha, grandkids...let me not get too ahead of myself here...


What did you do this weekend?

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I BLEED PINK said...

That food looks so yummy right now. I love applebees and a huge fan of their Wonton Tacos, so yummy!!

Also, regarding your post about doughnuts I am starting to think they might be the new cupcakes. We have this amazing doughnut trailer here in Austin that I could eat at everyday. (if the thought of gaining 600 lbs didn't terrify me...LOL)

Eve said...

Oh so sorry you had a stomach prob, hope it's better now. I'm sure Applebees helped :D

Great pics of lunch, mmm, yummy. You take great shots too.

Not a thing wrong with watching the Disney channel with your grown self. I still watch Little House on the Praire on DVD!


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