the night that was birthday eve...

When we were kids, my bestfriend and I created "Birthday Eve" so that we could celebrate our birthdays for a whole extra day lol. We still keep the tradition going even as adults, and lucky for me one of my best girlies was here to spend Birthday Eve with me along with my cousins and friends. Cousin Kim tried to help me organize a fun night, but in the end, I figured the cheapest thing to do was have everyone meet up at the beach, eat some food and chill. I baked some smore cupcakes as well as some mini yellow cupcakes, packed some cheese and crackers - and headed down to the ocean. We just stuffed our faces and cracked jokes...that's all I need to have a good time..
My cousins and I are infamous for hanging out at the beach after hours. I don't know what it is, but being at the beach once the sun is down makes for a more interesting experience, lol...
... Birthday Eve was awesome!
We ate
We laughed
Whipped Cream was involved
I went on to have a great dinner the next day, I love celebrating my birthday!

the quest for the perfect sofa

This past weekend we made another stop in Ikea, and for the first time we ate at their resturant. It's so cute! It's set up like a cafeteria, you have to get your tray, pick your food, and you may have a few ladies serve you some food depending on what you order - then you pay...brought me back to high school days...but yummier (is that a word) food - and of course, very affordable.
I had the Chicken Ceaser Salad

For dessert, myself, mom, husband + Lil Sis split this slice of chocolate cake - amazing!

My husband locked my sister in this chair...
all the other customers thought this was hilarious...

We found a bunch of little items in there that we're going to need and while I was eyeing a few couches, I left empty handed. I love Ikea, but I really do think their sofa's are overpriced. I do still have my eye on this dining set below, but I'm not buying a dining room table until we actually move in:

After Ikea, we randomly decided to stop in Jennifer Convertibles on the way to check out a deal I saw online at another store, and ended up finding EXACTLY what we had been looking for...
We saw her in the window, glanced at each other and knew she was the one. Once we got inside the store, she didn't let us down - this sofa was the best price out of anything else in town! They're having a crazy sale right now! Since we're not moving for another couple of weeks, and have nowhere to store it, we paid a deposit and will pick it up a few days after moving in.We ordered it in a light ivory color (not pictured). It's everything I wanted, a suede sectional with a chaise, that wasn't too big for our little place. We didn't get the ottoman - I have other plans!
(random photo of me from that day)

I was finally able to bring my husband over to the apartment to show him the exact unit that we got, since he had only seen an upgraded unit. He ended up seeing a completly different model that he liked even more and so we had to change our paper work to a completly different floor plan. The unit that we will now have has a bigger bedroom (5 feet larger than the one I originally chose) and has 2 walk in closets instead of one. I really don't know what I was thinking with the previous floor plan because we cannot share closets. Our fights about sharing a closet got so bad that we ended up getting him his own closet from Ikea that he uses at our current place, lol. So now he will finally have a real closet again, and continue to have one less topic to argue about. The new floor plan also has a bigger terrace. This was the floor plan that my mom told me to choose, but I was so overwhelmed that I just picked a random one.

By the way, here was a great sofa we spotted at Rooms To Go:
It has a pull out bed and retails for $788 (it's on sale right now). I really liked the sofa, but something told me to keep looking around...and I'm glad I did.

As a result of choosing this new floor plan, we'll now be moving next month instead of in June. Although I'm excited to get in the new place - I hate to pack, I hate moving! But it has to get done I guess...

How did you spend your weekend?

a townhome of my own...

I'm very excited to have officially gotten word that my husband and I will be moving into our townhome/apartment this summer. The anticipation was KILLING me. I called for an update yesterday (which I think annoyed the lady in the leasing office because she told me it would take one or two days) and then instead of faxing over my income verification sheet, I went on over on my lunch break to drop it off in person...and ask about the progress, lol. This is my first time going through this process, so I was just very impatient and antsy about everything. About half an hour after my quick visit with them, they confirmed that everything was ok ::big sigh of relief::

I'm just very excited about the nesting process with my love...and of course decorating! I found the most gorgeous Brooklyn brownstone, photographed by Emily Gilbert and I just had to share. I can only hope to own a fabulous piece of property such as this one in the future - by my modest, tiny, one bedroom place is perfect for now...


Ahhh, apartment searching - so exciting yet so frustrating. I stumbled upon this hidden gem last night while surfing the night, and decided to check it out early this morning before work. I fell in love (of course) so during my lunch break, I brought the husband over for his approval. I was caught by the reasonable price that I saw online, only to find out that the one for that price doesn't feature the upgrades (these photos from my phone show an upgraded unit). I saw the apartment without the upgrade but knew that I wanted this one so I didn't take any pics. However, with my husband being more of a practical person,  he didn't understand why we would pay more money for the same amount of space just because I want stainless steel appliances, updated cabinets and tile downstairs instead of! They always bring you back down to reality! I realized he was right, and so we are planning to get a unit just like this one...minus the upgrades...

This is the unit with the upgrades, we're not getting this one :(
A 1 bedroom townhouse...just enough space for us...
I can't beat the price for this place

my birthday | easter sunday

As it often does, my birthday happened to fall on Easter Sunday this year. The good thing about my birthday falling on this Holiday was that I was guaranteed that I was going to be able to spend it with my family. I did want to hang out with my friends as well, so the day before for my Birthday Eve, I organized a late night beach session/picnic on the beach with my friends and my cousins which turned out to be a lot of fun. For my actual birthday, my aunt planned a dinner party at her house for me, which I appreciated so much. Everyone came over and we spent the hours laughing and stuffing our faces.

I love my aunts cooking, she cooks healthy meals but they taste sooooo good. I love watching her in the kitchen - if I can learn to cook like her, I know I'll be on the right track...
My aunt made this drink - I believe it was beet root + apple..or something like that. I just gave it try because it matched my outfit, but it actually tasted pretty good, lol.
Check out my birthday gift - so excited!
Here are my birthday cakes - decorated by my aunt...I loved the oreo cake! Creative!
I had a great low key birthday + Easter Sunday - fun, food and family, that's all I need to have a good time. I laughed so much yesterday! My family is made up of a serious bunch of characters.


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