a june baby.

It's been a hell of a week - work has been so stressful!
I like my job for the most part, but because it's not in the field of my passion, I get
bored very easily. It doesn't help that I'm constantly on edge about being fired, because the
people that I started with have been dropping like flies - it's like a friggin' episode of Survivor - you
don't know who is going to be next. My probation period is up this upcoming Thursday, so let's see if
I can make it till then...I'd love to take advantage of my benefits package atleast! lol.

On the brighter side of things, for some reason all (well a lot) of my cousins birthdays
fall in June and are actually one day right after another. To celebrate a group of about 14 of us
when out last night to Benihana's for Cousin Kim + Cousin Steve's birthday...
The birthday girl + I
I'm not a fan of soup, but I was surprised by this Onion + Mushroom Soup (of all things)
It was so good..good thing I was in an adventurous mood last night or I would have missed out...
A Heart...
Onion Volcano...
Kimi + I had Fillet Mignon + Seasame Chicken w/ white rice
Kimi's Birthday Sorbet...
... I love this photo...

...sail away

We were sad to go but we made the best of the 4 hour trip back home. I look Lil Sis to

the game room where I watched her play Wii for a whole hour, and we also explored the ship.

Somehow we ended up really high up and at the front where we could watch our journey back to land.

It was actually pretty magical - we really enjoyed it...although all I kept thinking about was going back to

work the next day...blah! I didn't touch my bed until around 3am...and had to be at work 9am.

Great vacation!

Bahamas | beach + pizza

...just need you guys to know that this is my artistic talent

showcased here in the sand...Lil Sis, Dad + Me

After the beach I was so dizzy from the sun that I had to lay down for a good

half an hour to get myself together - it was soooo hot. We got dressed, checked out

 and headed across the street to a local pizza joint for lunch.

Ok...one last post about my vacation coming up, lol...the trip back home...

breakfast + beach arrival

With only night on the island, I made sure everyone was up early the following

morning so that we could make the most out of the trip before heading back to the cruise

ship. There was a resturant located next to the hotel so we went there for breakfast first things first.

I had a Western omlette with toast...yummy...

After breakfast we walked back over to the hotel and caught a shuttle to the beach...

We actually got dropped off at another hotel and were told to

walk to the back we're we'd be greeted by the beach...

...and greeted by the beach we were...

My sister and I ran into the water - it was so beautiful! We practically had the beach to

ourselves. It was so peacful, the water was calm and so clear...

I loved how quiet and peaceful the beach was. No crazy drunk people running

 around - just Lil Sis, Daddy, me and a few other people.

 I spotted the cutest little boy and had to snap a photo of him...


china by way of bahamas.

Once we got off the ship, we caught a taxi and made our way to the hotel.  I've been to

Grand Bahama Island before, but this was my first time exploring this particular area called

 The International Bazaar - it's divided into sections according to different cultures with resturants and

shops reflecting each nation. My dad travels here a lot and knows the place like the back of his hand.

He recommended one of his favorite Chinese spots, so we braved the heat and walked on over from the hotel.

We sat at this outdoor table and had some good ol' chicken wings, fried

rice and sweet & sour pork - so good. I liked that this place had less of a tourist feel. All the

customers besides us were locals...most tourists stay close to the beach, but we were like 2 miles

inland which was fine with me...it was very quiet. We also chatted with the owner for a little bit

and told him how much we loved the food.

...more to come..


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