shots of the city

This week I went into Manhattan to check out a cosmetology school that I've been eyeing. I made the mistake of packing my DSLR in my handbag and after a while I thought my arm was going to break from the heaviness of my bag. To give myself a break, I threw the camera strap around my neck and figured I may as well snap some photos since I had my camera out. I love the madness that is Manhattan! I also loved the fact that right before walking out the house that day, I took my heels on and wore flats instead - oh the power of intuition!


a fresh coat

En route “home” from JFK, I had no idea of what home was really going to be. My husband told me that the previous tenants left the place in disarray, but I had no idea what he truly meant until I turned on the light switch. Let’s just say that I was so put off that I demanded we get a hotel for the night after doing a quick survey of the apartment. However, after some DEEP cleaning (I mean an entire day of cleaning), the place started coming to life and didn’t need to be quarantined like I initially thought, lol.

Now that we’re all cleaned up and done unpacking for the most part, we’ve decided to give some areas a fresh coat of paint. First up are the baseboards and doors in the living/dining area. At first we were going to change the color of the room entirely, but at this point it’s more cost-effective to address the real problem first.
It’s coming along and looking much better so far! It’s amazing what a good clean and a fresh coat of paint can do. Now I’m starting to think about possibly painting the entire room – the rest of the paint is starting to look so dull, lol. One project at a time…

should have listened to that psyhic!

With my life pulling me in several different directions, I randomly decided to visit a psychic last year out of sheer boredom and a hint of panic. My usual partner in crime and I drove to the address on the card and proceeded to converse with a “psychic” for about half an hour. I told her that I wanted to move back to New York and I was thinking of going that November. She said that although returning to New York would be a good thing, I wasn’t to relocate until 2010. Of course I didn’t listen her and hopped on a plane a few weeks later anyway. Within 24 hours of my arrival, I realized that I had made a huge mistake. Having signed a contract for a makeup job months before knowing that I had to move, I had to return to Florida for the gig and quickly realized that I had no way to even get back on a plane.
A year later (almost to the date), I find myself back in the big apple with an apartment, a car and have already done a makeup job within my first week of being here. With things transitioning smoothly, my focus is to revist the goals I set my myself and to get through the Holidays. It’s been a hectic couple of days to say the least, but I’m ready for all the new adventures!

my life consists of 18 boxes.

the husband and i had a grand scheme of how we were going to get our belongings out of florida.
soon realizing that plan wasn't going to work (or be cost effective), i started to panic
luckily my dad knew a friend of a friend who was able to transport our things to new york
of course this was all last minute and in about 8 hours, we packed everything up in the house
thank goodness my mom was able to help me, because i get overwhelmed very easy
we passed out when we were done and this morning my calves are burning from the countless
trips up and down the stairs. i'm terrified of the thought of my personal items being in
the hands of someone else - but i have no choice - i'm just going to pray, pray, pray my butt off, lol

i'm a little sad because i didn't get to really enjoy my first place
all i did was work and sleep during my time here, and by the time i quit that job, the hubby
moved ahead of me and i barely stayed's just so lonely without him

i hate moving.

today we celebrate 6 years together

photo credit| fuckyeahgirlythings
on this day 6 years ago, i asked a life changing question
" are we boyfriend and girlfriend or what?"
and in a couple days we'll be celebrating 1 year of marriage


Growing up in Jamaica - we didn't have Halloween and even when we moved to The States my mom said I couldn't because it was "the devils day", lol. In high school I convinced her to let me do something with my friends one year and as an adult I've gotten dressed up and gone out my cousins maybe twice. I don't have many Halloween memories, lol. Oddly enough, in attempt to become a little more Americanized or for party promoters to make even more money - there are quiet a few Halloween parties in Jamaica now - costumes and all. It's definitely more for the adults than the kids though, lol
Thanks to assimilation, Lil Sis gets to dress up thanks to the function that they usually have at her school. Although she had already attended 2 Halloween parties (at her dance class and at school), we figured she would still want to trick or treat. Instead of going around the neighborhood, I came up with the idea of going to a local promenade so that she could trick or treat and we could grab dinner afterwards - win/win for everybody. There were tons of kids there all dressed up - some parents were dressed up as well. The cutest thing was a little Asian baby girl with one tooth who was dressed as a pumpkin - we couldn't get enough of her.

I had the Herb Chicken - so yummy!

Finally! I will be moving back to New York next week, celebrating my 1 year
anniversary and seeing my husband for the first time in 6 weeks.

I can't put into words how much I've missed him and I'm so excited that this time apart is finally coming to an end. I couldn't even bring myself to go to the airport when he was leaving and the first couple of days alone, I thought my world was going to fall apart - it was so dramatic - you would have thought I was never going to see him again, lol. But what can I say? I love the guy!

How was your Halloween?


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