new purchase: Black Boots!

My shoe collection is garbage right now! Living in Florida for the past few years, my shoes were mainly consisted of slippers, flip flops and the occassional boot for when it got a little chilly. Now that I'm back in the Big Apple, my closet is very limited and in desperate need of revamping. Lucky for me the husband gifted me with these boots this morning, as we killed time before I had to go to work. They were on sale at Bakers! I love a chucky heel (since I'm not too good at balancing with super skinny heels) and since they're only 3.5 tall, they're super comfortable and feel more like sneakers!

My clothes need revamping as well, but since I'm loosing weight, I decided to make due with what I have instead of wasting money on clothes that won't fit in a couple months!

I'm loving my new boots! Hopefully I'll actually leave the house this weekend so that I can wear them :)


kimvan said...

love 'em too

Jaryce21 said...

omg Jin. Those are adorable! I was sold when you mentioned they felt like sneakers! Now that is what I'm talking about!! ;)

Lissette said...

Those are so cute! I grew up in Miami so moving to NYC was a treat for my feet (shoe-wise, anyways).

PS Love your blog!

likeitsgolden said...

Im in the process of revamping my closet. I dont know if it its because im getting a little older but i just didnt like my clothes. Im trying to have fun with it.

The boots are cute!


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