DEAR READERS...a little baby shower help please?

From what I hear, it's good to have your baby shower at about 7 months - while you're still comfortable, and it gives you an ample amount of time to take inventory and plan for baby. With this 5th month quickly running out, I know I'll be 7 months in the blink of an eye. Now that I've decided not to find out the sex, coming up with a theme is proving a little more difficult for me. Would you happen to know any good blogs or sites to find some inspiration? I'm addicted to The Hostess Blog, but I haven't found anything that I'm absolutely in love with as yet.

I did really appreciate the photos below. I really love yellow and gray together:

Can you share any other inspirational blogs or suggest any themes or color combinations for a unisex baby shower?


JIN @ The BrownBerry said...

I love that idea Jeana - I love gray and I'm obsessed with elephants, so that may work - YAY!

De Su Mama said...

This is a beautiful, gender neutral baby shower!

But also, I wanted to say how beautiful I think your blog is! Seriously, its one of the most chic and tactfully creative blogs that I have ever come across!

Alida said...

love all of the photos...what great ideas!!

Kerissa said...

Congratulations on soon to arrive Addi! I love the grey and yellow as well. I keep thinking of the dress our FLOTUS wore. Wish I could point you in some direction but my son is 12 and I'm done! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll be back to check on you and the baby :0)

Totally Inspired said...

I read The Hostess Blog often too and in my opinion, thats the best resource.
is another site, but she doesnt update often. When I was looking for ideas, I also checked out baby/children birthday party ideas too.

Im actually doing a shower that is a little nontraditional... A Rock and Roll theme! It was inspired by a Valentine's Day Party from The Hostess Blog. So, you can get inspiration from anywhere.

Also, I looove the yellow and grey. (My nursery is going to be yellow black and white - with some grey) I like bold color ideas too for the shower. The Hostess Blog had a cute Royal Wedding inspired party - complete with printables... thats cute too.

The sky is definitely the limit on ideas.
Mrs Hall In Training

Brandi said...

beautiful inspiration pics. lovin' all that gray and yellow.


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