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With all the financial responsibilities that come with adulthood, it seems that my wardrobe is suffering a horrible and slow demise. On a month long hiatus from work, I've been in a mall a few times a week (when I was feeling well), with my sister who was preparing for an upcoming trip. Although I've managed to shop with my eyes only, I succumbed to the pressure once strolling through Century 21 and H&M earlier this week.

I was so excited to be in an H&M that wasn't crowded and actually had a variety of sizes. I've been to H&M''s in Manhattan during the past few weeks - between being overcrowded with people and the ridiculously long lines, I'd always leave discouraged and empty-handed. With this location out in Long Island, in a quaint little mall, I was actually able to see the clothing, try everything on and only be on line for about a minute. With the exception of items for the husband, all the items I purchased for myself were $7 or less (per piece) - and they were all full priced (gotta love this place).

Century 21 is amazing, but sometimes I get overwhelmed by the amount of stuff. After telling myself that I wasn't going to buy anything,I spotted an awesome little jacket as I followed my sister to the fitting room - which was amazing and turned out to be only $9.99 after the discount.
I also purchased a pair of sandals from Nine West that were on sale for $19.99 - which I almost purchased full price a few months ago (glad I'd initially walked away).

In all, I was able to pick up a few things to spruce up the wardrobe at affordable prices. Although the bills must be paid and money must be saved, I had a quick reminder this week that there's still a little wiggle room to treat myself once in a while.


JIN @ The BrownBerry said...

i love h&m - I've been to one in the UK as well and I did get some sweet deals :)

Cheeks said...

Yes you are so right about the look good feel good thing! I've been feeling the same way. My fiance and I both moved out of our parents' houses a couple months ago and now we are planning and paying for our wedding... bills are suddenly REAL and we are feeling the same way about not being able to "treat" ourselves the way we used to!

Well it looks like you got a great deal shopping! Seems like a lot of stores are having great sales this month so it's a good time to stock up on the essentials :)

Nikki said...

Excellent! You deserved some 'retail therapy'! Looks like you picked up some hot threads. I saw Jilly at MSG last year and she was Awesome!!!! You and the hubbs should definitely take a trip to Jones to see her.

major said...

You have GREAT TASTE! your blog is a great mix and i loooove it. Thank you for entering my giveaway and goodluck :)




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