My sisters mouth fell wide open last week when she asked me when was the last time I got a mani and pedi - my honest response was, "my wedding day". By the way, that was back in November of 2009 - yes, I'm that bad at taking care of and treating myself. During a beauty supply run, we learned that a spa had recently opened upstairs. As good marketing and promotion would have it, there's a monitor at cash register which flashes photos of the spa - beautiful photos. Of course my sister and I found ourselves up there out of curiosity (just to check prices...well that's what we told ourselves). Once we got off the elevator and saw how beautiful the place was, it was inevitable that we'd have something done. We checked out the brochures - I decided to have my (dehydrated) feet done as well as my (bushy) eyebrows.

My pedicure turned out great, however I thought it was a little pricey (at $19) for what it really was - just a manicure. In the future, I'll have it done again if it's included in a package or if I get one of the specialty spa pedicures (such as the ones infused with blueberry, sea kelp or green tea). The young lady did a great job but regrettably, I don't remember the name of the OPI nail polish that I choose (but I love it).

I'm more than pleased with my eyebrows! Everywhere else I've ever gone has always made them way too thin for my liking. I'll be returning regularly for eyebrow maintenance.

The best part about my experience at the spa was the free massage that I received as my toes dried (tips are welcomed to the massause of course). I wanted to ask her if she could follow me around forever - I didn't want it to end.

My sister enjoyed her manicure - she got the Shellac nail polish which supposedly doesn't chip and lasts for 2 weeks...we'll see.

Overall, we were pleased which the service and the amount of the attention to detail provided by the staff. The spa was spotless and as a former student of skincare school I made sure to observe the level of cleaniness (I observed a nail tech meticulously cleaning down her station after a client had left...that gave me a good piece of mind). We filled out information for a membership card that we received a short time later which offers a reward program to customer.

I'm looking forward to returning for eyebrow maintanence and am eyeing their Acne Facial which I'm in desperate need of.


Sn3akrFr3akr said...

I need to show my nail spa some love, I'm there every two weeks - good idea!!

Special K said...

Wow that's a better price than here in Va. Every place I've gone to is $19 and more (totally sucks coming from Ga prices mani & pedi $23-$25). You visit a lot of places and eat out a lot, do you Yelp? If not you should. BTW, I've been spending all day reading your blog lol.


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