LACQUER LIFE | a polka dot case study

When I saw Essie's "Case Study" on the shelf, I couldn't help but take it home with me (after paying of course). I know I said I was going to leave Essie alone, but this color looked so yummy - I couldn't resist. "Case Study" is from their new Fall Collection, which consists of a myriad of rich hues that compliment the seasons. Initially when I put it on, it seemed too close to last weeks color. It didn't help that my husband asked me why I bought the same color again (men!). I ended up painting that previous color on my ring finger and realized that there was a clear distinction between the two. Once it dried, I then decided to paint polka dots to tie it in together.

I've yet to purchase Top Coat - does it really help? Is one better than the other? I need recommendations.


Sn3akrFr3akr said...

Top coat really helps to keep the color on longer. Because I type so much, it's a must when I get my nails done. I like Sally Hansen "Hard As Nails" topcoat, but any one will do. NYC polish is in CVS and works just as well.

Wait, what's wrong with Essie??

Michelle's Style File said...

Love it! The spotty nail is fabulous.


JIN @ The BrownBerry said...


@KIM : Essie is cool - but I find that it chips easier than OPI

Brown English Muffin said...

how did you make those wonderful dots they look fab!!!

Audrey (FutureWifeBlog) said...

Hey Jin. Just dropping by to say hello and check out the blog. Since I'm taking a break from my place, I can browse some of my favorite blogs like I want to :-) Thanks again for the great feature. Loving this nail look.


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