Painting Nails With My Niece

I've been babysitting my 4 year old and 2 year old niece this week since they're school is closed for The Holidays. Knowing today was my last day with them, they kept asking if they could get their nails painted with the polish I bought them for Christmas. You're probably wondering, who buys kids nail polishes - but my nieces are little divas in the making. Since they do like nail polish, I got them a kids brand that doesn't have the harsh smells and chemicals as the ones that adults would typically use. It's basically like water color and peels off instead of chipping. The little one was napping with napping with my Lil Sis while this was happening, but she made sure to get her nails done before she went home,lol. They made me paint mine as well, so I quickly slapped on a coat which started coming off within an hour, lol.

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Sol said...

One of my nieces LOVES nail polish too. Everytime we get the chance, I do her nails and I let her do mine.
Happy New Years!


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