the splurge that wasn't

We haven't had as many date nights as I'd like since the move. Between getting re-adjusted and my weight loss plan, we haven't been out to eat in a long time. After meeting with potential business partners and discussing a weight loss plan that I may be distributing, I decided I wanted to actually try it out first. I can't sell something unless I know it works, so since I plan on testing it out myself this week prior to offering it, I decided to splurge a little at lunch. The weird thing is that I couldn't eat nearly as much as I use to, nor did I want to. As a matter of fact, I had so much food left over that I split it between lunch and dinner today - the portion sizes at restaurants are ridiculous!!!
We wanted to see "Hall Pass" but opted to watch a movie at home instead, and as usual I ended up falling asleep,lol. Yesterday was so beautiful in NYC that I didn't even need to wear a coat! I wish days like those were more frequent. In other news, I started training for my new job today but all I could think about was this business venture that I'm about to embark on. I can't wait to tell you guys about it and share it with everyone. It was all I could think about - I think I'm obsessed! The best part will be that I get to work with makeup again...I can't wait! I barely slept last night as my mind began to race with ideas and I began picturing myself in my dream home. I don't know if you've ever read the book "The Secret" but it's all about the law of attraction and visualizing the life that you want for yourself. I'll discuss it more in another post. If you have read it, let me know what you think!

i've found my dream home!

I'm a big believer in speaking things into existence!

 Some people around me think that I live a fantasy world but I don't see what's so wrong
with believing wholeheartedly in ones goals and aspirations.

On that note - I've found my dream home! It's not a mansion, the price isn't something you would have to sell your right arm to pay off - with hard work, I'm sure that in a few years this could be a reality. As much as I enjoy New York, I would love to eventually move back to South Florida, especially when we start having children. There's nothing like beach and pool adventures year round, along with outdoor family gatherings and other activities. In just the few months that I've been back in New York, I already miss it. But anyway, I'm hoping to own a house like this one in a few years:

 I moved a lot as a kid - country to country - state to state - I never grew up in just one house as my husband did, and I wish I had that. With a house like this one we'd have more than enough room to grow, have space for guests, my home office, and the husbands "man cave" that he's already declaring! This house even has a game room which would be an amazing room but put toys in and wreck...and all we have to do is close the door and it goes away,lol.

A few years ago we were very interested in this house, and started preparing to purchase after the wedding, but once talk of NY came up it was out the door! If I'm not mistaking they have a few left and are doing a builders closeout, but it wasn't meant to be I guess.

What do you envision your dream home to be?


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