14.2: somewhere between being fat and pregnant

I'm in a weird stage where I don't quite look pregnant...I just look like a swollen blob of fat walking around. One day I'll be one of those glowing preggo ladies...just not today! Baby is currently sitting on my sciatic nerve which causes me severe lower back pain that shoots all my down my right butt cheeck and the back of my right thigh - it's so painful. So painful that yesterday I could no longer sit at work and knelt down on one of my pillows at my desk while I took phone calls. I decided to sleep on the opposite side to eliviate the pain, and now the pain is on that side, causing me to limp all day at work today. Want to know the best part? My sciatica is not going to go away untl the baby is born! Isn't that great? 5.5 more months of this! The doctor said I could take Tylelnol (which I'm not going to do), or I could do physical therapy (which I'm not gonna do), so I'm going to try prenatal yoga to help me out. (Le sigh)...but it will all be worth it. On a lighter note, my makeup shop is open, so you should stop by. If you want to earn money back from your purchase you can hit the sign up button (which is free) and put in royalist_unfranchise@yahoo.com when it asks who referred you.

13.3: i have no waistline...

I'm really starting to feel pregnant here people! My denial is officially over and out the window! Last night I went to a business meeting and it was so dramatic for me.

First, we didn't have time to me to eat dinner between leaving work and the time of the meeting and I almost lost it! I started getting a headache and knew that I wasn't going to make it till 10pm in that meeting. We were in Flushing, which is majority Chinese - so everywhere was Chinese food - and Baby is not a fan. Husband ended up walking around the neighborhood until he found a Burger King, which wasn't the best thing, but it had to do.

Then I had a pee a million times! The last time,the bathroom ended up being closed for cleaning, so I had to go downstairs to the lobby to find out where another one was. The receptionist gave me a key and told me to go in there anyway. So I go back up to my floor, open the bathroom only to be greeted by a cleaning man who told me I had to get out. I was about to use the pregnant card for the first time - but I ended up on the 7th floor to find another bathroom. Then I got lost trying to find the reception area before getting back to the meeting.

To top it off, the chair we were sitting on had no support and after 2 and half hours, I couldn't take it anymore and we ended up leaving half an hour early. My back was killing me! I could barely walk to the car...it was painful. Did I mention I also rested my head on my husbands lap and took a nap in the middle of the meeting - it was bad!

My bump made an incredible appearance today! Freaked me out! I'm showing! I had to send a pic to my hubby at work, he was so excited and has been obsessed wth my belly since I got home today. I guess the secret will be out at work soon since I won't be able to layer when it get's warmer, lol.

Besides my bump, there was nothing else to smile about at work today - our system was down and my back was still murdering me - I felt horrible and walked around like an old lady.

I'm off to have some ice cream and a back rub - enjoy your night!

my 2nd trimester! wooohooo!

Today marks my 13th week of pregnancy and 1st week of my 2nd trimester!

Allegedly, this is supposed to be the easiest of the 3 trimesters but that remains to be seen. Although it's not huge, I've been noticing a little bump since the weekend and it's blowing my mind. I swear there was nothing there last week.

Now in my second trimester, I'm looking foward to getting my energy back and am enjoying the last two weeks of being able to sleep on my back. My Baby Book says that once you hit 15 weeks, sleeping on your stomach or back is absolutely forbidden. They suggest sleeping on your left side which is the position that gives baby the most oxygen.

My back has been killing me. It seems to be due to the fact that I work sittingg down all day. I usually get up every half an hour or so to go potty, but even those frequent trips seem to do no good. I also have a pillow I sit on and one for my back and I'm still in pain just about everyday...still, pain!

But I'll live.

Wishing you all a beautiful week ahead,

things I miss about South Florida

  • driving 20 minutes away from home and suddenly feeling like I'm on vacay
  • eating food across the street from the beach
  • road trips (south to key west or north to orlando)
  • mommy...especially now that I'm pregnant
  • balmly evening walks with my husband
  • little sis
  • my moms church
  • my married friends
  • being able to wear dresses everyday and not wearing jeans
  • flip flops and sandals almost everyday
  • late night beach nights with the cousins
  • my aunts cooking
  • after work workouts and jumping in the pool right after
  • being able to drive off without having to warm up the car or shovel snow first
  • not having to wear bulky jackets
(le sigh)...wait till I get my money right

12.3: The 12 Week Checkup!

I went into the 12 week appointment very excited to hear Baby's heartbeat, but after running late to the appointment and then having to wait an hour to see the doctor - I just wanted to go home and sleep. The doc told me all my bloodwork from the previous visit was great but they've yet to get back the pap smear results (yup I said pap smear!). Then she asked to see my belly and poked around the uterus to feel the baby. My husband almost had a heart attack but we assured him that the doctor knew what she was doing and wasn't hurting the baby at all - lol. But it was uncomfortable and I continued to be uncomfortable for the rest of the night. Unfortunately, Doc told me that I wouldn't be able to hear Baby's heartbeat until the next visit ((insert "let down" here)). She said 12 weeks is right at the border line of when we'd be able to hear it and the instrument they had wouldn't do much justice for us at that point.

We also learned that I've been gaining and loosing the same 2 lbs throughout my pregnancy - so now I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight...but I'm sure I'll make up for it in the next few weeks.

I felt pretty good today and even took the time to think about what I was wearing to work and put some makeup on, lol. I got lots of compliments at work today which made me feel great since I've been in a slump for the past few weeks. Well...except...I almost fell asleep in a company meeting today - not because I didn't care about about what was going on...but I can't sit in one spot for too long without moving around or I'll fall asleep, lol. One of my co-workers caught me dosing off and thought it was hilarious - I just kept praying that I didn't get caught. 

"Lord, please keep my eyes open", I kept saying to myself. 

I've also been praying hard about having to give blood AGAIN next visit - I HATE needles! At that visit they'll be checking to make sure Baby doesn't have any genetic defects.

I also have to do a chest x-ray soon. Because I was born in Jamaica and vaccinated there, I tested positive for Tuberculosis - although I don't have it. But of course they just want to check to make sure anyway!

We also checked out apartments today...but that's another story...let's just say New York rent prices make me sick to my stomach...

Until next time...

12.0: I Feel Pregnant As Hell Today!

I hit the monumental 12 week mark today and all of a sudden I feel super pregnant. For the past couple of weeks, if it wasn't for the exhaustion and few other symtoms, I'd forget I was pregant - not today! Although Baby is just a few ounces, my belly felt heavier today - I actually feel like I'm carrying something in there now...and if I'm not mistaking, my belly is a tiny bit bigger. I think the nutritionist was lying to me when she said I only gained 2 pounds, because I feel like I gained 20...but I've heard its normal t feel heavier than you actually are.

Prior to finding out I was pregnant, I was hitting the gym pretty hard and shedding pounds - although that won't be my intent for the next 6 months, I do want to get back in the gym as soon as possible. I want to be fit during my pregnancy - I know exercise helps with delivery and makes it a bit easier to shed the pounds post baby. I'm going to see the doctor tomorrow, so I will ask what I can and cannot do and how much I can do for now.

Speaking of being fit while being pregnant, I came across the cutest photos of hot preggo mama Mel B with her family today:

I love that her hubby can't seem to keep his hands off her :)


Hope you're enjoying your Monday.

video: working on a rockstar photo shoot & makeup update

I have to say that I do miss the constant grind of being a freelance makeup artist. Since moving to New York, I worked on a few projects including a music video and independent film - but it seems I've been transitioning into a new role that I'm very excited about I'm still very much into skincare, makeup and helping other in this area! I know I've been saying this forever but I do plan on featuring tips and tricks here on the blog as well as answering any questions you may have in this area.

My former makeup mentor alerted me that she finally posted a video of our last photo shoot together before I left Miami. I have to say, I got a little emotional watching this video because I miss all the fun I use to have working with her and all the amazing opportunities she would send my way. Although this shoot was bittersweet, it was the most fun I've ever had on set - these guys were so much fun. As usual I'm not in front of the camera, but you'll hear my voice and laugh throughout the video.

11.3 : The Nutrition Appointment

i love this photo
credit: le coil

Our car has been in the shop for almost a week now, which prompted my dad to ask me to reschedule my appointment today, but I refused. I'm so obsessed with going to the doctor now. I always want to make sure I'm doing the right thing and that Baby is fine. Determined not to miss the appointment, I had my dad pick me up from work and drop me off a whole hour and a half hours early while I waited for my husband since I had no car. It gave me time to catch up with my mom over the phone, so I didn't mind.

This appointment was to go over what I should and shouldn't be eating as well as a weigh in. I've only gained 2 pounds so far which is great. 2-4 lbs of weight gain is normal during your 1st trimester and then 1/2 pound weekly gain for the rest of the time.

I was told that I'm on the right track as far as eating, but I do need to incorporate more fruits and veggies - besides that I'm good. I was doing Weight Watchers prior to finding out I was pregnant, so I've been eating the same things just in slightly bigger portions:
  • whole wheat
  • low fat dairy
  • lean meats
  • staying away from fried foods
  • lots of water
The things I'm forbidden to eat aren't foods that I normally consume anyway, so that list wasn't a big deal.

I'm still getting used to the fact that there's a person in my tummy. Strange. I saw the cutest baby girl in the doctors office today. I couldn't help to imagine playing with my own child the way this mother played with hers. For some reason, whenever I imagine my Baby, I always imagine it to be a boy that has my features - I have no feeling about it being a girl for some reason. In the end, I'll be happy with whatever gender God blesses with me with, but I'll be shocked if it's a girl.

I also can't believe these are the final days of my first trimester - where is time going?

style inspiration: WILD THING

Teyana Taylor gets wild for her style editorial in the latest issue of Vibe.



I'll be at work all day today, but I enjoyed a small celebration with my family yesterday.

Baby is also celebrating 11 weeks in my belly today.

natural high.

Yesterday I made a lengthy and frustrating trip via train to The Bronx and back to get my hair done by my cousin. Between trains not running, broken tracks and overall disorganization of the New York transit system, I didn't make it home until almost 5am this morning. Baby was not happy and I paid for it in uber exhaustion (more than usual) and nausea throughout the day. Anyway, I found this hair called "Afro Marley Braid" that my cousin twisted in my hair. I love it, it kinda gives the illusion of dreads - and even better, I won't have to deal with my own hair for about two months (praise God)!

a cool mama and an even cooler kid for a good cause.

Happy Saturday everyone!

While we are off to start our weekends by heading to work, relaxing or getting ready to hang out with family and friends. Parts of Japan are still reeling from the devastation that took place just a few short days ago. During my usual blog readings I came across this great cause by my favorite naturalista, Solange Knowles and her little boy, created in an effort to help victims of the earthquake:

JULEZ FOR JAPAN is a watercolor designed t-shirt, inspired by the recent tragic earthquake and Tsunami in Japan. My 6 year old son, Daniel Julez. J. Smith, was highly affected by the devastating footage he witnessed of the catastrophe.

After a series of questions and conversations, he decided he wanted to contribute in some way.

Using a scan of his watercolor interpretation of the Japanese flag, (he did this ALL on his own:) generous shirt donations from American Apparel, and a sleek logo designed by Clark Butterfield, we created the "Julez for Japan" shirt.

Please visit our partner BIG CARTEL to purchase your "Julez for Japan" t-shirt.

Peace Winds Japan is an amazing non- profit and rapid responding disaster relief organization in the Asia Pacific who are actively on the grounds in Japan now delivering relief items to evacuation centers now.

Thank you for your support,
Solange Knowles & Daniel Julez J. Smith

If you're interested in reading about a first hand account of what happened as well as the aftermath, please visit my fellow Jamaican and blogger friend THE GIRL FROM DUMFRIES IN JAPAN as she shares her experience. Be safe and grateful this weekend everyone :)

summertime preggo style inspiration via Miroslava Duma

Although spring/summer seems like it's never going to happen here in New York, the calender is the only assurance that it should be here soon. I'm thankful that majority of my pregnancy will be in the warmer months, because I'm not a fan of the cold. This week I was surprised at how snug my work pants were all of a sudden, resulting in me wearing leggings for the remainder of the week. It was definitely a daunting moment, but one that reminded me that I need to go shopping sooner rather than later.

Miroslava Duma is known for setting trends around the world, and pregnancy did not slow her down one bit last year! I'll definitely be drawing some inspiration from her as I build my spring/summer wardrobe. I'm focusing on items that will work during and post pregnancy, because I'm not willing to waste a penny, lol!


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