This Year I Am Thankful For...YOU!!!

Thank you for helping through the toughest few months of my life

Thank you for reading my thoughts
Thank you for commenting and leaving words of encouragement
Thank you for tweeting me just to say hello and ask how I'm doing
Thank you for the heart-felt emails
Thank you for your prayers

Thank you for motivating me to keep going.

May you and your family have a safe and happy thanksgiving.

The Glitter Guide's Nail Lacquer Obsession On Instragram.

The Glitter Guide is one of the most glamorous places on the web, featuring lovely interviews from stylish gals about town (my favorite section) as well as beauty, fashion, trends, etc. Browsing through the editors instragram page, I quickly realized that these ladies are fully immersed in this lacquer life. From OPI, to Deborah Lippman to Revlon - these ladies don't discriminate...
all photos via The Glitter Guide's instagram page

When A Black Girl Goes To Therapy (Part 2)

I ate @ Panera Bread for the first time this past Saturday after my session
I've attended a few sessions now since being recommended to attend therapy...that makes me sound like a crazy person when I read that...anyway...I took the liberty of recommending a few people in my life to now attend therapy as well. For example, my best friend who had a melt down when I broke the news to her that J.Cole has a girlfriend - my husband who is addicted to Call of Duty...and the new CEO of my job and everyone that he's brought on should go as well, since they decided to lay me off. So I haven't told the boss to his face...but I think it every time I see him...maybe I'll do it on the last day of working...or maybe since I don't drink, I'll pretend to be drunk at the Christmas party, get on the mic and then tell him then - and then drop the mic and walk away when I'm done (extra dramatic)!!! Nah...I probably won't...

The biggest lesson that I've learned is that therapy is not going to fix you. Yes it's nice to have someone to talk to who is removed from your situation and they may even assist in guiding you - but you have to do the work. I was so far gone when I initially met this lady, I literally thought she was just going to tell me what to do and make everything better. In my mind, she was going to wave her magic wand and my pain would go away...

(sidebar)...before I go on, let's discuss why my husband should be going to a therapy because he's playing this game right now and I'm ready to break it. If your man is into video games, chances are he recently purchased Call Of Duty MW3. This game is literally the demise of (possibly) millions of relationships across the globe - it's an epidemic! Every male I know is addicted to this game - just purchased the latest one and is driving their spouses up a wall. Much to my dismay, this guy (the husband) walks into the house with a huge headset thing the other day - not for djing (which is his hobby) - but I find out it's so he can hook it up to the game and talk to other players all over the world or some crap so they could play together. Now I have to deal with him talking to these random people all the time (sigh). He needs therapy for an addition and I need therapy because we only have one tv and he's always hogging it with this game...

(and we're back...) It's been just over 4 months since everything has happened and I'm doing much better. My therapist even commented on me looking "less tense" when I saw her. Funny enough, my co-workers have been telling me that I look more refreshed and happy. I'm still grieving but I don't think I'm carrying around that self-pity and anger anymore, largely in part to the balloon release and a segment I saw on Oprah's Lifeclass where a mom experienced neonatal death as well. Listening to her speak, I finally felt like someone understood exactly how I felt...and the way that Gary Zukav explained "the soul" cut through me like a knife. I had a real "aha" moment - I'll never forget it. I know for a fact that episode saved my life.

Everyday is a process, but I've created a new normal.

While I've been doing extremely well over the past few weeks, I've been feeling myself getting a little emotional lately with The Holidays coming up. I thought Jolie would be here for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. I was looking forward to getting her, her first Christmas dress and have a tree filled with toys for her. I really thought we would be celebrating as a family of 3 this year. But I am utterly grateful for the time I was able to carry her, hold her hand after she was born, watch her daddy give her a kiss, and spend a little time with her.

Who knows things may be different this time next year.

Instead of me attending sessions once per month, we've decided on every other month for now. I'm going to get through the rest of 2011 and then go back in January. Things change so much day to day, I'm curious to see where I'll be in January...

...and as always, thanks for your support :)

Unfortunately, you may know someone who is going 
through a similar situation, here are just a few helpful resources

NOTD | Tips of Glitter

OPI: You Don't Know Jacques + Milani: Gold

I love glitter, so of course I paint them on my nails any chance that I get. However, I get quite annoyed when it's time to wipe them off - it seems to take forever and requires a bit of strength. I have heard though that E.L.F's Nail Polish Remover Pad's are amazing at removing glitter, so I'm going to have to get it a try - especially since it only costs $1.00 !!!

BIRCHBOX + CURLBOX (the art of product sampling)

You've heard of Birchbox, right? In case you haven't, it's a monthly subscription to receive 4-5 highend beauty product samples on a monthly basis - kinda like the cosmetic version of Netflix maybe? The products sent out to you coincide with a quick questionnaire about your skin, hair type etc. This subscription is only $10 per month by the way! Of course, I'll share my treasures with you each month - I can't wait!

...and for all the naturals out there...there's a company called Curlbox (that will go live soon) that will send you sample sizes of natural hair products each month (same concept as Birchbox from what I understand). Seriously, how much money do we spend on these products? Don't you just hate when there is so much hype around a product, only to realize that it doesn't work well for your texture? Now you'll be able to sample before making an investment...and as we know, products for natural hair are an investment. I almost started praise dancing when I heard about this company - especially since Eartha (my fro) has been acting up lately (she hates cold weather). You can register at to receive word when the site goes live or you can follow them @curlbox to receive daily updates.

what do you think of this concept?

vlog: My Favorite Drugstore Body Lotions For Fall/Winter's going nothing...

As shy as I am, and as much as I hate hearing my own voice on video, I
decided to step out of my comfort zone and make a vlog sharing my favorite body
lotions for cold weather. If you guys don't think I'm a complete failure at this, I'll try
to do more videos once in a while to spice things up around here. Hope you enjoy...
...and don't laugh at me...well, it's ok to laugh if you have to... :)

Deborah Lippmann Holiday Lacquer Party

Between the fact that I'll be laid off by December 31st and Jolie not being here for Christmas as planned - I'm not sure I'm going to have as much Holiday spirit this year. Nonetheless, I'm sure a little luxury in lacquer will cheer me up a little. I was browsing Deborah Lippmann's site today and couldn't stop drooling over the wide variety of glittery shades that she offers - perfect for Christmas and New Years.


- all shades available here-


Hi friends! I know this blog has been through many name changes - but this is the final and permanent -! Besides, I learned that Brownberry is actually a bread, I couldn't continue to use that name. I will contiue to blog about my loves (the hubby, my friends & family), my loss (Jolie) and my obsession with lacquer and other beauty products. Please adjust your blogrolls accordingly. I believe everyone should be redirected by Google over the next 3 days. If you have any questions, feel free to send them over to Thanks for your support.

our 2 year wedding anniversary (and party)

Today my husband and I celebrate 2 years of marriage and a total of 7 years together. Over the weekend we hosted a party at our house for about 30 family and friends. We ate (a lot), watched the Pacquio Vs. Marquez fight (I love boxing), played Taboo (it was my first time but I did great) and danced. Originally we planned on going out to dinner or a club and all that, but I'm glad we had our own thing at also helps that my husbands bestfriend is a dj - we had a helluva party. Since I was having so much fun with everyone, I unfortunately didn't remember to take any pictures. All I have are these that the hubby snapped of me when I was opening my gift from him - a gold Micheal Kors watch (which I've always wanted). Lucky for me, I'm sure my girls snapped a few photos that will be posted on good ol' Facebook.
Nail Polish: Lapiz of Luxury by Essie

great find: WARBY PARKER

My glasses are my thing. Having to wear glasses since the age of 6 years old, I've always embraced them and was never the kid who'd hide their glasses in their book bag at school to avoid being teased. I actually like wearing glasses - however, I did have a small meltdown about them in preparation for my wedding day (which is so dumb when I look back on it). Having said that, I can't imagine the amount of money that has been spent on my glasses over the past 18 years. The "affordable" options always looked horrendous - I'd always gravitate towards the designer frames. Couple that with my horrible eyesight and always having to speacial order my lenses - glasses can easily run me about $500 (worse case scenario).

The folks over at Warby Parker have come up with an affordable solution - $95 frames (depending on eyesight, there is a fee for lens). Artisan crafted and vintage inspired - these styles are right up my ally. The cool thing about the company, is that you can choose 5 styles to have sent to you and try them out for a few days - glasses are returned to the company via pre-paid shipping. How cool is that?

Sticking to my thick black frame - nerd aesthetic, here are the ones I've chosen to try...
...well, I threw the Crosby in there just to try something different. When my trial pairs arrive, I'll post photos so that you can help me decide.

Happy 11.11.11
hope you made a wish at 11am

Tom Ford debuts Nail Lacquer that ONLY cost $30 a pop...

...and I say "only" with every sarcastic bone in my body. Granted, if I'd won the Powerball over the weekend as planned, I'd probably buy this - but since I didn't win and my job announced on Monday that they'll be moving to Georgia and we'll be getting laid off at the end of this year - it's definitely not happening. At this moment, feel free to shed a tear for me...but not too many. In any event, just like anything else Tom Ford touches, this line is the epitome of luxury and elegance. Not only does this man know how to make a product - he always knows how to package the heck out of it too (it took me so long to get over the lip stick packaging)! I would imagine the consistency to be incredible and the color long lasting - but I may never know...unless I hit Powerball this week. As much I love adding to my growing lacquer collection, I'm going to have to sit this one out. But best of luck to you Mr.Ford - though I'm sure you'll be fine. Cheers to the dude from Austin,Texas who made his dream come true.

what do you think?
Is $30 way too much to spend on nail polish?
what's your limit?

daily beauty must-have's!

Maybelline: Volume Express "The Falsies" | I'm one of those unfortunate souls born with barely any eyelashes. Even more unfortunate, I have a husband with lashes so long that they're constantly bothering his eyes (yes I'm jealous). During a drugstore run, I decided to try a different mascara than the one that I usually purchase. My eye landed on the bright purple packaging of "The Falsies" and I just had to try. I must admit, this is the first mascara I've ever used that has made my lashes appear longer and thicker with not a clump in sight. Unbelievable!

Neutrogena: Makeup Remover Cleansing Towellette's: Am I the only one guilty of going to bed in a full face of makeup? I can't be. These towellette's have come to my rescue during those lazy late nights and stressful days after work, when all I want to do is fall into bed and pass out. I'm typically able to wipe off a full face of makeup with only one sheet - but I suppose that depends on how pigmented your makeup is (so your experience my vary).

Shea Moisture: African Black Soap | My love affair with African Black Soap started years ago before I even knew its benefits (which I'll go into at another time). My best friend is African, and I would often see black soap in her shower whenever I spent the night. Of course, I would use it just because I was so taken back by seeing black soap. In any event, I started purchasing it when I lived in Florida, and although it worked pretty good,I was turned off by what a mess it made. Shea Moisture has managed to keep the integrity of the soap without the mess. I haven't had one breakout since I began using this soap and my face is the softest its ever been. I couldn't be happier!

Are there any beauty products
that you must use on a daily basis?


I don't know how I could have forgotten to post about my nails this week when I've been getting so many compliments on them. Granted, the above photo doesn't do my nails any justice - but I can't seem to get it right,lol. During my usual Duane Reade run, I chose Essie's Lapiz of Luxury as my color of the week but I needed something a little extra. A sucker for glitter, I also purchased a bottle of Milani Nail Lacquer Jewel Fx that I put on over the Essie and I couldn't have been happier. I really wish my pictures looked better. Everywhere I've been this week, I've been asked about my nails - especially since I talk so much with my hands. The girls at work have already threatened my life if I don't bring the Milani Lacquer into the office on Monday.

the anniversary party dress.

This month the Husband and I are celebrating 7 years together and 2 years of marriage...even though I feel like we've been married much longer (in a good way). I'm going back and forth with a few ideas but we do want to celebrate with friends and family as a way to say "thank you" for everyones support this year. Today I began the tedious task of finding the perfect dress for the occasion. I reached my goal of dropping 10 lbs for the month of October, but I'm still self conscious about a few body parts, which resulted me in coming home empty handed. The dress pictured is from H&M - I liked it, but it wasn't to die for. The search continues...


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