I have a serious girl crush on Vashtie Kola. It's been pretty serious for a few years now. I think what drew me to her was the fact that she does so many different things - she directs videos, snaps photos, designs her own clothing line as well as a Jordan sneaker, dj's sometimes - a million different things. As an individual who has always had many different interests, and pursuing a variety of things simultaneously in the name of art - I can relate. I also love the fact that she's a tomboy but turns the glam all the way up when neccessary! She's currently modeling for Karmaloop's Ladies Spring Lookbook and I'm liking! A lot! Curly hair, nude lipstick, bright lipstick, colorful outfits - all the things I love!

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Jin said...

wow, she is gorgeous!!! oh, and I love karmaloop!!!


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