What A Week

Between bouncing between two jobs everyday this week, still aggressively applying for work (because I'd like to have one great job instead of two so-so), obsessively writing down ideas for a business I plan to start, reaching out to people who can help me get started, baby-fever, grieving (I cried at work this week...embarrassing), abandoning my cleanse and a million other things...I'm so done. Nonetheless, I'm counting my blessings and have been attending church 3- 4 times per week. Since relocating and not having insurance anymore, I'm not able to see a therapist as I did before, so church has been extremely helpful. I did research a few therapists in my area, but as expected, the out of pocket costs aren't affordable for me. However, I'm lucky to have a great Pastor who is so amazing and has been beyond supportive during our time of grief. Can you believe it's been over 8 months now since Jolie's passing? I still feel like it just happened yesterday, but I'm proud of my progress (for the most part, lol). I'm still struggling with the flashbacks...but it's getting better.

I also learned from an old friend that I recently re-connected with, that he and his wife went through the same thing last year. She randomly went into labor and their son died at birth. Jolie fought for her life for almost 4 hours, I couldn't imagine giving birth and saying good-bye in the same instant. But we are stronger than we think, right?

I'm so excited to be off today. I'm hoping to finally put my birthday plans together and run some errands. Still no rest for me, but that's ok.
How was your week?


Special K said...

My week sucked, me and my bf brokeup (insert sad face). Hopefully it'll be better next week. This is in no way one of the hardest things I've dealt with but it was unexpected and my feelings are hurt (thanx for letting me vent, lol). Hopefully you'll get that 1 job you want/need. Just when we don't expect it and become fully reliant on God, that's when he releases his blessings, pressed down, shaken together, and overflowing (see encouragement for the both of us). Take Care

Toot said...

Hey Jin, you are unbelievably strong! You have no idea how much my head is swimming with all the things going on in your life right now! Keep your head up, keep moving forward, and keep having faith. Everything will fall together nicely for you!

Happy Friday!

ABOUT ME said...

you're dealing with a lot girlie. Only god can really bring you through it and to it. Praying for your sanity. In other news really enjoying your blog, and have been for a few yrs just never said anything to you about it. {lol} I always look forward to your posts!!!

alana said...

I know how it is girl, the rollercoaster of life, but you know God has an awesome plan for you. Let that motivate you!


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