BIRTHDAY RECAP | Friday Night Miami Lights

Necklace: Random Cart in The Mall | Blouse: Forever 21 | Shorts: Forever 21 |
Shoes: Dollhouse | Bag: Louis Vuitton | Lacquer: Age of Aquarius by Color Club

The festivities kicked off with one of my best friends coming into town, and then we met up at Kim's house to go to Miami. She was meeting up with some friends for dinner, so I decided to tag along and make it part of my birthday celebration. I was quite surprised that we'd be dining outdoors on the water (you know I love that). There was a DJ playing the best music, and I even taught Kim and a new friend how to do the Cupid Shuffle (which I learned from watching "Jumping The Broom"). Good food, good music and crazy people made for an amazing night.


Kimani Fisher said...

I had so much fun! Hope you enjoyed your birthday festivities!

JIN @ Love,Loss + Lacquer said...

no THANK YOU!!!!


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